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  1. Even when crouched, if your stealth is too low, you'll still make noise. So it's preferable for them not to be around.
  2. This solution changes the very foundation of the character design which is something I doubt the developers are willing to do. Also, it would make anyone who isn't Vanessa or Tiffany a terrible runner and they would never be able to get away even if they tried. It removes characters from the game (which some people have paid to have themselves made as counselors) which also reduces verity. Not to mention the M/F counterparts to each other are quite different from each other. Chad can run but Jenny can't Jenny can stay calm but Chad can't Adam can fight, A.J. can't A.J. can hide, Adam can't Tiffany and Kenny are very different from each other. Vanessa is a runner, Buggzy is a fighter Each of them have their own unique traits which separate them from their other gender counterpart, except Deb and Eric. Deb can kind of run, Eric can't? This is a problem since Eric is a less popular choice Stat balancing is important and necessary to ensure fun and fair counselors to play. I don't think we should lower his intelligence since his trope is based around intellect. Lowering his stealth and composure for strength and luck as I've suggested before would be a be a better fix from my pov. Vanessa is a sprinter not that much of a fighter. She doesn't spend time training in areas that would help her take down a 180-200lb man even if he is also rather weak. She can't fight him but she can sure as hell run from him.
  3. Either way, the manner in which Eric's stats are distributed as of now still make his strength crappy. He's far from strong so any extra strength when compared to Deborah is rather dilatory in his case. They're both weaker than Kenny so it's as if they were beta characters anyway. I really see a stat change as a necessary step in ensuring that he is a desired character to play during the full release of the game.
  4. Deborah is already very balanced and fits into her trope quite well as of now. I don't think that adjusting her stats will do her much good. I and a multitude of other players would be upset if Deborah and Eric ended up being reskins of each other. It isn't easy, you make a lot of great arguments. First, some criticism, increasing Deb's composure recreates this same problem, but this time with Deb and A.J. so we can scratch that off the list. Now, I really like your idea for Eric's balancing, I think the changes are a bit drastic, however and that although Eric is... heavy, he shouldn't be as noisy as a jock or almost as strong as Adam. Nerds are quiet, that's their trope. I agree that he should not be as stealthy as he is, and not as stealthy as Deb for sure, but he is not a naturally noisy personality. instead, I would suggest these edits Stat Eric Composure 3 (-1) Luck 7 (+2) Intelligence 10 (0) Speed 3 (0) Stamina 2 (0) Stealth 5 (-3) Strength 5 (+2) The increased luck and strength allow him to fight Jason off which is something Deborah can't do, while Deborah will run off which is something Eric can't do. Let me explain why I think these stats are original by addressing the concerns of another user My suggested build (Plox's edited build) doesn't make a second Adam for two reasons 1. He's too slow If Jason has someone grabbed he won't run over and save them since he wouldn't have the stamina to run away after hitting him which means that his strength is for self-defense only, which complements his trope. He simply doesn't have enough stamina to be a fighter like Adam. 2. Low-composure Adam has a solid composure which lets him stay calm while Jason is near, Eric is lacking this which makes him easier to kill the more you mess with him. Eric's strategy is not to get caught and if he does then to leave ASAP without stopping for anyone or anything else to keep his fear in check. Adam and Eric play differently with these stats. Adam is a defender who stays calm and can also repair things, Eric is a repairman that can hide and fights only for himself. (At least with Plox's edited stats) I hope the difference is more clear. Taking away from his strength and speed just make him a pitiful choice since there's no way for him to put up a fight against Jason. At all. Nice catch on avoiding the re-creation of the same scenario between Adam and Eric though. Eric's strength and stealth are now equal to those of Kenny's. Kenny is a bit strong and noisy because of his muscle while Eric is "strong" and noisy because of his weight. I can't see Eric being any stronger than Kenny however. He may be heavy but he's a nerd, he doesn't work out nor is he in shape. Remember the stronger he gets the farther out of his trope he falls In conclusion, Eric should use his average stealth and stay low to keep off the radar. He can repair things quickly and then hide out. If he gets chased he has a chance to put up a fight and then break away, if he lands a hit on Jason he gets a second wind from that extra stamina gained from his high luck and the heightened chance of a stun from the average strength. He may be able to pull this off multiple times if there's a good player behind the screen since the weapon is also more durable. However, the longer he is chased, the thinner his chances run due to his low composure, he'll stumble and it'll be hard to tell where he's going or where Jason is without the mini-map. Once his weapon does break it won't be long till he's caught due to his inability to run and no more stamina boosts. This is very different from Deborah, Deborah can't fight Jason. If she lands a hit, it probably won't stun due to horrible strength and won't regain much stamina due to low luck. She'd run from Jason and then hide to try and juke him. It is possible for her to sneak around him since she has very high stealth and average composure. Her high intelligence lets her repair things and then dash away before hiding again. Her strategy is also not to be caught by Jason which is easier for her due to her higher stealth and composure. The difference between them is their reaction once Jason appears and how careful they both have to be. Deborah can jog around more while Eric has to keep low to take advantage of his stealth. These two things make a big difference and keep both characters unique. This is just a suggestion however. Thank you to everyone who has responded as of now. I'm glad to see other's who care so much about this issue! Thanks for reading another one of my long posts. EDIT TO RESPOND TO NEW POST The thought of a challenge counselor is interesting but is not what Eric is intended to be. Also every counselor's stats must add up to 35, yours falls short. You were closer on your last posts in my opinion. (God bless RNGesus)
  5. It has come to my concern that two of the counselors are very similar in their stats and style of play. As shown by their stats on the "Counselors Stats (Near Final)" by wes. I love all the counselors, they are all very unique and I would hate for one to be picked over another simply because one is "better" than the other, rather, one should be picked over the other due to style of play. Which is why I am concerned for Eric Lachappa. Many people have noted that Eric and Deborah's stats are blatantly similar and that the only major difference is that Eric is slightly slower than Deborah. I quote two popular youtubers: "My personal recommendation for those who want to play the bookish girl: Just hang out with ol' Eric Lachappa because you don't always have to be the fastest player to survive you just have to be faster than Lachappa when Jason's around" -CharminEXSoft Gaming "I wonder what's gonna make him stand out, you know what I mean, like, he's slower than Deborah meaning he can get away less faster. I mean the 1 strength boost or 2 strength boost that he has over Deborah... I- I don't really see him being played a lot, I gotta be honest with you, I think Deborah is the better pick all around... So I'm going to go ahead and say that Deborah is a better choice." -Skilled Apple I'm not saying that these two people are "the all-knowing sages of stat balancing" but what I am saying is that I'm not the only one who has seen this problem and my concerns are shared and valid. (Btw they're both pretty cool so you can watch some of their stuff if you want) The stats for comparison's sake are Stat Eric Lachappa Deborah Kim Composure 4 5 Luck 5 3 Intelligence 10 10 Speed 3 4 Stamina 2 3 Stealth 8 9 Strength 3 1 Basically, the difference is that Eric's 2 extra points in strength are Deborah's 2 points in speed and stamina (shown by the red numbers) Eric's 2 points in luck are from the 1 less in composure and stealth when compared to Deborah. (Shown by the blue numbers) That's it. 4 points moved around in an uninfluential way. There is hardly any difference between the two. At least not anything drastic enough to make them feel unique. I am a fan of the intelligence characters, I played mostly as Deborah when I unlocked her during the beta, I really don't want people to feel as if Eric is subpar or that Deborah is subpar. Neither should be above the other. I hope that others agree with me as well. Something should be done and this is the best way to make it known. Adam's stats were balanced due to a character issue. His stats were not on par with his personality, this is fine and I'm overjoyed to see the way that the team balanced him. It was a tactful and swift resolve. I'm hoping that something similar will be done for this issue. Not simply because I'm unhappy about it, rather it is an important balancing issue between two characters that are so similar that one seems dilatory due to their overbearing resemblance. I've made good points, brought in direct quotes of others who agree with me, and been civil all the way through. This issue merits some sort of attention. If you agree or disagree feel free to discuss, after all that is the point of a forum. If you can think of a way to balance them out then also feel free to share. I'll be following this topic closely since I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. The problem with upping Deborah's composure is that we'd re-create the same problem we had before only this time rather than having Deborah and Eric being too similar Deborah and A.J. would be too similar.
  7. The trap triggering perk looks more like a gas pedal on a car. It probably has to do with faster driving speed instead. The grease monkey icon probably has to do with fixing cars since there's not going to be any grease on the phone, likely a faster repair speed on car related repairs. The Finial girl icon looks more like someone in a closet from my pov. It might have to do with hiding though I do see the final girl in the icon as well so idk The radio has little lightning bolts around it making it look like it's broken, maybe this perk will let you fix broken radios instead. The wrench likely has to do with weapon durability since a wrench is a hard weapon to break The fist makes me think more of resistance so it might have to do with escaping Jason's grasp instead of fear The high-fiving hands make me think more of a fear reduction when around other counselors These are what I see ins some of the icons but idk I could be wrong.
  8. Since the stats need to add up to 35 I think that these numbers would be better NOTE: I've only changed Eric's stats I only added Deborah's at the side for comparison's sake Eric Deborah Composure: 7 Composure: 5 Luck: 6 Luck: 3 Intelligence: 10 Intelligence: 10 Speed: 3 Speed: 4 Stamina: 2 Stamina: 3 Stealth: 4 Stealth: 9 Strength: 3 Strength: 1 I believe these stat changes give Eric a new feel since now with extra luck and composure Eric has a better chance at fighting (it's still a bad chance but hey it's a lot better than Deborah's odds) It means that Eric will have a harder time staying hidden from Jason but a fighting chance if he does show up. While in Deborah's case Jason better not come anywhere near you if you want to live. Having this low stealth also makes it so that Eric will have to crouch and sneak a lot more than his stealthier counterpart. It makes a different experience and thus a more appealing choice than just "watered down Deborah" It makes his weak point distinct from that of Deborah. They both suck at running but Deborah is more likely to lose her cool while Eric is more likely to be heard. This is just an idea though.
  9. If you compare the two stats they are almost identical between Deborah and Eric Resolution is right, something needs to be done for these two to make them play differently. Else, what is the point of having both of them; It seems trivial and will result with players choosing the "better" one when they want to play the stealth-intelligence hybrid. Each character has something that separates them from their similar class character For speed characters, both can run but Vanessa more so since she has higher speed and luck (less stumbling/faster sprint) while Buggzy can fight which is something Vanessa has less of a chance of pulling off For stealth characters, both are great sneakers but Tiffany can run if she needs to but she fails at repairs while A.J. excels at repair things but is bad at running away For luck characters, Chad can run but gets scared very easily while Jenny can keep her cool but is hardly as good at running Kenny is in his own group Adam is a stealth-strength which no other character has But the intelligence characters, are practically identical. The only difference is a little bit of composure here and a bit of luck here. There is nothing that will change gameplay between them significantly and I hope this will be changed. I'll get off my soapbox now lol.
  10. From what I see being discussed there seems to be two ways that the traps can be used and three ideas to deal with disarmament "Objective traps" These are traps placed around nearby or directly in front of the car, phone box, or boat. These are easier to spot since counselors are more alert around these spots. or "Surprise Traps" These are traps cleverly placed in hard to spot places or places where counselors will run unassumingly towards while being chased. These are more difficult to spot. If a Jason is using objective traps then they are relying on their traps as an alarm system letting him know when a counselor is trying to escape. If a Jason is using Surprise traps then they are relying on their traps to catch unassuming counselors or lead counselors into his traps during a chase. Now three ways to address counselor relationship to the traps are "Helpless" Even if a counselor spots the trap there is nothing they can do to disarm it "Spring" If a counselor spots a trap they may trigger it using their weapon but they'll lose said weapon in the process and alert Jason "Disarm" If a counselor spots a trap they may disarm it using a skill check. Upon disarmament, Jason will be alerted. Now here is how they balance out when everything is taken into perspective. Surprise+Helpless- Counselor sees a trap in a clever place, *Moment of relief for not stepping in it, leaves it alone and remembers where it is so they don't step on it later, Jason keeps the trap for a more oblivious counselor. Suprise+Spring 1- Counselor sees a trap in a clever place, decides that having a weapon is more important than disarming this trap, Jason keeps his trap and the counselor ignores the trap Suprise+Spring 2- Counselor sees a trap in a clever place, decides that disarming this trap is more important than having a weapon, loses weapon and Jason loses trap, Jason is alerted but trap is not a threat anymore Suprise+Disarm- Counselor sees trap in a clever place, decides that they don't have much to lose by disarming trap, trap is disarmed and Jason is alerted, counselor losses nothing Objective+Helpless 1- Counselor sees a trap in front of an objective, cries a little.jpg, steps in it because this needs to be done, Jason is alerted and counselor is hurt but now the path to the objective is clear this counselor is pretty screwed though Objective+Helpless 2- Counselor sees a trap in front of an objective, cries a little.jpg, leaves it for someone else and leaves. No one is alerted and no one loses anything but path to objective is still obstructed Objective+Spring- Counselor sees a trap in front of an objective, has a weapon and decides to disarm it to clear the way to an important objective. Counselor loses their weapon, Jason is alerted, Jason's trap is now harmless and way to objective is cleared. Objective+Disarm- Counselor sees a trap in front of an objective, disarms it because of the important objective. The way to objective is clear, Jason is alerted, counselor loses nothing, trap is now harmless Out of all the scenarios, the most realistic and fair in my opinion in both the objective and surprise cases would be the spring method. This method requires counselors to make the decision between losing a weapon and alerting Jason in return for a clear path to the objective for themselves and others Or Risk someone else stepping in it later simply because you grew attached you your 2x4. Jason is alerted if the counselors render his traps ineffective so they still do serve the purpose of exposing a player's location and they're not just some pretty point farms for counselors. This method also requires counselors to first find a suitable weapon to disarm the trap adding an extra layer of complexity to the disarming of traps so it's not awfully simple and it doesn't come without sacrifice. This method also encourages Jasons to be clever and astute with their trap placement. Finally, this also allows players to make that decision between disarming and not which adds more depth to gameplay. Here's why I think the other two are rather unfair or ineffective Helpless makes it so that counselors might be tempted to hide out the whole round instead of actively trying to escape, discourages the selection of intelligence characters since they are the ones who usually need to do the objectives so they'll often be the ones stepping in the traps, it's unrealistic, and restricts the counselors by making traps non-interactable (unless you step in one). I also think that helpless is too harsh since everything I just explained is for traps that have been spotted. If a trap was not spotted then it goes off either way when you step in it, no matter what. Disarm is too easy for the counselors to pull off, there is too little risk involved in passing a skill check for the reward of saving yourself and the other players a literal arm and leg for the simple cost of alerting Jason. It makes counselors way stronger than they should be. Makes traps a trivial thing. Disarming a trap would be so easy a player may decide to do it simply for xp rather than actual in-game reasons. Again this is just my opinion but I do believe it is well formulated and logical. You may agree or disagree but I hope that this at least may have made you think about something you haven't concidered before. Thanks for reading this long post btw, I know how tempting it is just to scroll on by. Stay cool guys
  11. Alright so after digging a little I think I may have a theory. Again this is simply speculation and I could be wrong entirely. As we've heard before there are files in the game that relate to a "sweater" of sorts. This is likely Pamela's sweater. The game is so keen on keeping the sweater from the counselors that whenever one steps into Jason's shack Pamela alerts Jason. There is one file name in particular that catches my attention, that is "SweaterStun" it is likely that pulling off the death of Jason requires a coordinated plan of sorts. I think that depending on the counselor's luck stat the stun will last longer. The counselors with the highest luck stats are Chad and Jenny; Notice both can make themselves look like Pamela quite easily (short blonde hair). Perhaps while they stun Jason the player/another player will be able to attack Jason in a very vulnerable state. This could lead to a series of string attacks or perhaps preparation to one big attack that leads to Jason's demise. It might also be that having the player wearing the sweater attack Jason would put him in a daze on the floor where if Jason's health is low enough and the weapon the counselor has equipped is strong enough (Like an axe or machete) they could bludgeon Jason to death with it (Remember back when Tommy was a kid). However, these are just ideas. Let me know what you think. It'd be cool to see if we could figure this out.
  12. Slower Jasons, in my opinion, will probably have a faster cooldown on the stalk skill. Since they don't fare as well during chases, considering they can't run, this new stealthy approach allows slow Jasons to get more kills without having to shift at least 3-4 times before landing on a counselor like Vanessa and when players see a stealthy Jason at the start of a match they'll have to adapt their playstyle accordingly. Just a thought.
  13. A forum game sounds like a LOT of fun! It might take a bit of organizational skills, but in the end it would be a great way to pass the time waiting. Everyone would create a counselor each with their own perks, flaws, and personality Then someone else could be Jason or everyone else would write in any Jason scenes (FAIRLY nothing op on the counselor's side) There could be voting for who should be killed next based on surveys in the forum or just the players in general if there is no Jason player Or if someone is playing Jason they would have to "convince" the other players that he's got the counselor he's trying to kill cornered and that letting them get away would be stupid and unrealistic There's so many ways to do this and I'd be happy to help plan it out and participate! Dude, great idea!
  14. The real question is if Pamala is a tea or coffee person.

  15. I'd imagine that other counselors won't be stunned by firecrackers since they aren't bothered by loud noises and bright lights. Flares however, will probably knock them down. For obvious reasons.
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