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  1. I reinstalled Windows, and updated my graphics card drivers. AMD R9 380 It was working before, even though it would crash from time to time.. now when I start the game, the opening illfonic and etc. animations lag behind the music. When it finally gets to the menus it's impossible to do anything there's so much lag. I've never had this issue before. What would have changed? This is a fresh install of Windows 10 and steam. There's nothing else installed on the machine.
  2. After having played a bit, here are some suggestions! 1. Shift + Grab. Is there anything that can be done to make this a little more forgiving for counselors, or can an expert explain how to avoid it with strategy because thus far that's how I've died every single time. I wasn't even able to put up a fight because I never even saw it coming. 2. Adjust Breaking Free - As it is now, unless you have a pocket knife, you are mostly screwed. Even with 10 composure it's difficult to get out of Jason's grasp. Shift + Grab + Choke is pretty much unstoppable right now. 3. Make Jason vulnerable to hits while he has another counselor in the grab position. I should be able to injure him if he's not paying attention to me. This would promote more teaming up if we actually had a chance of harming him while he has someone in a grab, but he's completely invulnerable to being hit when he's grabbed someone.. at least in my experience. 4. Players choosing the same counselor should get different outfits so they look different. Just an immersion thing, not really game breaking. 5. The odds of being Jason are too low right now. I played 10 games straight and was not Jason once. I have it set to Jason as preference (as I am sure everyone else does too.) 6. Add more things to do other than "escape." I get that's the main objective, but what if you just wanted to hang out and do other stuff that would earn XP vs. just trying to leave. I don't know, maybe have things the counselors did in the movie as mini games.. Like archery, allow someone to go skinny dipping and get bonus XP if they survive long enough to succeed, allow two characters to "go at it" in a tent, or in a bed etc. You could keep it R rated. it could increase Jason's chance of finding you, but if you "finish" you get bonus XP.. etc. If you're going to go out, you might as well go out in style right? 7. Losing clothing increases speed? I know people are going to rant about this, but Friday the 13th and topless girls go hand in hand.. you can't really have Friday the 13th without sexual stuff, even if you keep it mostly PG-13. 8. Day and Night? Jason didn't just kill people at night. 9. More vehicles? Maybe a motorcycle? 10. Give us Counselor environmental kills! I want to hang Jason from the barn!
  3. It breaks the immersion to have some 13 year old screaming at me while they are playing Jason. Yes, I know I can mute them but I don't think the players who are playing as Jason should be allowed to use voice chat, since when does Jason talk in any of the movies?
  4. Having the same issue. Game is pretty much unplayable like this.
  5. I can play as the counselors just fine, but every time I'm chosen to be Jason, the game crashes after a minute or two on STEAM. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I don't understand this complaint, the music you hear is exactly what you'd hear if you were watching any of the movies. The chhhh chhhh chhh's and ha ha ha's have been a staple "Jason is near" sound effect since the beginning. Suspension of disbelief, it's not for your character's benefit.. it's for you.. the player (or in the case of the movies) the viewer's benefit. Working as intended IMO.
  7. I posted this on FB as well, but now I can't find it so here's a summary of feedback/suggestions. I'll try to keep it brief and to the point. A little info on me: I'm a horror filmmaker. I've been working in the movie industry since 2008. I work on The Walking Dead and I've produced and directed several indie horror films. I love horror and I love Friday the 13th. It's one of the movies that got me into the genre so this game holds a special place in my heart. Overall, I absolutely love it and can't wait to have the full version in my hands. Best BETA i've played in a while and I've played TONS. I'm usually an MMO gamer, so this was a nice change of pace.. but it still had RPG elements like leveling up and XP which were cool... okay that's enough about me. Things I didn't like that I feel could be better... --- Don't let everybody play as the same character. Not only is it not realistic, it makes spectating boring when you're just flipping to Vanessa over and over. I feel like once people start unlocking counselors and more characters are added this will fix itself over time but it's worth mentioning. I still think it should be locked, once someone picks the character.. nobody else can.. similar to games like SMITE. --- I need more incentive to play the other characters. Part of the reason everyone is Vanessa is because she currently has a big advantage over playing as any of the others. Give them better starting items, skills, or increase some of their stats to make them a bit more balanced. Some of them feel like sitting ducks currently. --- I need more objectives as a counselor. The few that are in now will get boring quickly.. there's only so many times I can find the "keys." Maybe add more objectives and have them change every match so it's not the same ones every single time. --- Counselors are too squishy in general. If Jason finds you, you're pretty much dead. I realize this is realistic to the movie, and I don't think Jason should be easier to kill but I also think counselors shouldn't be as easy to kill as they are currently. --- More opening cinematics and cinematics in general. --- Add some NPC's. Where's the old guy who tells you to turn back? How about some other playable characters? Can we play as Jason's mom? A cop? --- It's a Friday the 13th game, where are the boobs? I kid, but where are the boobs? --- I need more game modes. Perhaps a "save the kids" objective game. Or just allow the main game to have different rule sets.. last man standing etc. --- More hiding spaces. Also, if you're going to allow me to hide I feel like I should have a better chance of not being found.. Hiding in a closet or under a bed is pretty much pointless. You're no less visible if you're just standing in the middle of the room, and it's much easier to escape if you're not stuck in a closet. --- Make Jason's cooldown's longer on his "ezmode" abilities like teleport and shift. Not a ton longer, but currently it feels like he can use them too often which can make them feel over powered. --- Jason's sense needs to be nerfed and revamped a bit. It's currently way too easy to track players. I know Jason is the ultimate tracker, but still. --- Allow Jason to be able to pick up other weapons that he finds, just like the counselors.. (or can he already do that?) --- More maps... Manhattan? The Ship? --- Add an all NPC mode so players can practice playing as Jason/Counselors? --- Add more vehicles other than just a car? Motorcycle? Bicycle? --- Can we find Jason's hideout? There should be a bonus or special weapons with boosted stats that can be had if you find it. --- Pitchfork? --- Give more incentive for the counselors to work together. I've found most matches consist of people being lone wolves because there's less chance of being killed if they are not all bunched up together. --- Achievements! I think that's all I have for now. I really enjoyed the beta and look forward to release!
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