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  1. And to limit the overuse. Walkie only uses the ping when it has enough battery to do so
  2. YESSSS!!! THIS! Or maybe dedicate a button that mutes the in-game speech. Otherwise i just shut the F up lol
  3. I get that. So maybe it is an option to use and once you use it it can't be used ever again. Like make your decision wisely on if this is when you want to use it. Like gunning for the police or the boat
  4. I think there should be some sort of adrenaline in the game that compliments the stamina system. Think about this: you're running from Jason and you run out of stamina. You are dead right? wrong! You could have a reserve tank called Adrenaline that lets you sprint past your stamina gauge. The difference in stamina vs. Adrenaline. Adrenaline should only be available when chase music is active. A person only uses their body's adrenaline when they are in danger and the body reacts by escaping using any means. No matter the tiredness of the person, the adrenaline allows them to sprint. What should occur is a screen similar to having tons of fear. No hud, no map, and dimmed screen. Adrenaline cannot be regained and should only be used in a situation that has the player literally running for their life. No one would just stop running because they are tired if a madman is literally inches behind them holding a weapon. Furthermore, make adrenaline purple and place it above the radar. This would give the player that one last gas of escape that could ultimately lead them to victory. Thoughts?
  5. not boosting overal for whole match. just a quick reboost. I.E. you are depleted at 0% then eat a bar, boom, gain 20%. Because jogging away from Jason looks so cool (not)
  6. Haha this is funny because 4 counselors were stuck in a cabin with only one door and two windows. Jason placed traps by all exits and we knew. So maybe burning a cabin could be funny, but i think he has more than enough ways of getting the upper hand on some scared counselors.
  7. Someone suggested protein bars you could find in drawers. That way you can carry one and eat it to regain like 20% boost in stamina. Something they should think about.
  8. Never when I was a counselor did I not have my walkie talkies on me to not communicate with my fellow counselors. Seems weird.
  9. Not really hand holding. Just do it for everyone regardless if they had anything or not. Or at least when the character sees the dead body and reacts to it then it can forever be a blip on the map. I understand using the mic to cover important info, however, let's be frank. This game just came out so everyone is playing with a mic. After some time, games like this one will usually just have players who play just for fun and do not intend on communication through mics. Anyone play evolve after a month, or L4D after a year? barely anyone spoke because the game was just dumb fun rather than skill based competition.
  10. So after playing this and the beta for that matter I realized something. It sucks when you know someone had an important part or item (keys, gas, battery) and they die with it on their corpse. That's fine but the problem is when they die and you have no idea where they died to find that item. I think counselors should be marked with an X on the map for where their deceased body is located. We already show up as O's with or without obtaining a map. At least we would be able to visit a body and pick up what they were carrying. It sucks knowing you have gas and a battery in a car but the keys are way off in the woods somewhere on a dead body you will never truly find.
  11. I like both ideas. And who's to say that starting with a flashlight can't be one of your perks. The candy bar would be awesome or maybe an energy drink.
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