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  1. I just lost all my levels!!!!

    I would be pissed. I hope that you can fix it.
  2. I've been max for awhile now and for me I play for fun now, not to win. Though it was a lot of fun unlocking recolors, I wish they'd add more..
  3. Myself and so many others would be pissed if she were SP only. I want every counselor added to be a playable counselor. Otherwise what is the point? I'm a bit nervous now lol
  4. I agree. I think it's odd tbat you have to start it before anyone can get in. You also can't move the car when someone is in the process of entering, which has screwed myself and I'm sure plenty others before.
  5. It really would benefit from different game modes, customization options and Jason AI.
  6. Texting someone irl while my character was standing in the phone house.
  7. Jason AI above anything else. Multiplayer will not be around forever, and playing as Jason just isn't fun for me personally.
  8. I'd be excited regardless of if she'll be Melissa, or just inspired by her. If she is only inspired by Melissa, you think the chances of her having long hair are good? I only ask because perhaps the engine update makes hair physics a lot better.
  9. I have never seen them actually escape in the car. It ALWAYS seems to get stuck. Bot AI needs more than just a few minor tweaks tbh. I like a challenge but these bots really can't give that to ya.
  10. Was hoping to get a teaser for her today on twitter, but nope.
  11. Nope. I'm bored as well. Still love the game but I have nothing keeping my hype going. If they'd tease some new things for us counselor players, maybe it'd revamp some of the hype for me. The upcoming patch seems very Jason heavy. Meh.
  12. Roy's Coveralls

    Interesting. Still waiting for a more counselor-centric update though.
  13. What platform? We'll play together.
  14. Can never be enough, keep em coming I say.
  15. Catty girl names

    Blaire Woods.