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  1. FinalBoy

    Hide or Die - PC Game

    I hope so. I need another game to play /:
  2. FinalBoy

    Level 150-200

    But what would the incentive to level up even be if they don't add anymore content? If they came out with more recolors or something else to unlock I'd say yeah, raise the level but for me I don't see much point.
  3. Hopefully they consider this idea when it comes time to address balance changes. If he's so enraged I'd think adrenaline would prevent him from reacting to a potential stun?
  4. The blue and pink option are alright.. but she is pretty much wearing pajamas. It's a real shame they never released clothing packs that included characters outside of the original ones.
  5. FinalBoy

    Hide or Die - PC Game

    Looks interesting but I'll wait until a full release I think.
  6. I try and help out when I can, especially with new players. But sometimes you just gotta watch out for yourself and ensure your own safety if you're looking to win.
  7. I haven't tried this yet. Does it make Jenny a more viable option?
  8. I do hope they at least release everything that's been finished. It's a shame the map isn't done, I'm SO sick of campsites. So sick of them.
  9. FinalBoy

    It's been fun...

    The spectating bug is the absolute worst for me. Half the lobby ends up in spectate mode while maybe 3 people actually get the play. And even if you do play, how fun is it with just one or two other people?
  10. FinalBoy

    So maybe just maybe...

    I bitched for a SP counselor mode from the beginning because I knew that eventually the servers would be gone. I guess for those who prefer counselor play you're just sorta screwed.
  11. FinalBoy

    A petition that ask Victor & Sean to work it out.

    I don't think the devs even want to continue at all so I doubt this would work.
  12. If you think you'll like it, go for it. Personally I wouldn't get it if I could go back in time. 5 maps is not enough for a MP game, especially since they are all pretty much copy paste campgrounds.
  13. FinalBoy

    What is your favorite Map!

    Higgins I guess. But all the maps are so similar gameplay wise that I'm bored with them all.
  14. My concern is for those of us who only enjoy playing as a counselor. Once the servers are gone we're left with nothing. We can't even dress bots in the clothing DLC that we paid for. I knew from the beginning that they should have invested in a passable Jason AI because this day was bound to come.