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  1. FinalBoy

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I'd be SO down! I do wonder how they'd counter him not being able to run though assuming the victims would be able to run and whatnot?
  2. FinalBoy


    I don't really mind being slashed when I'm dualing with a Jason. At worst I just find it a bit cheap. If I die fine, but give me a cool animation at least!
  3. Really depends on what Jason you're going against. Part 4 and part 2 for example have a TOUGH time catching the boat.
  4. This is why I bitched about having a Jason AI. I find playing as Jason clunky and boring, so when the servers are gone I and most of us who prefer playing as a counselor are screwed.
  5. FinalBoy

    Winter Maps

    I think that looks awesome! A snow map would be cool and they could release winter clothing along with it. Nothing stupid like elf or Santa costumes please just general winter wear. Blood on the snow would look pretty badass..
  6. FinalBoy

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    Even if they did continue updating the game I doubt this would be on their list of things to add. Nudity wouldn't bother me in a F13 game, but I feel like a lot of the people who suggest nudity and or sex really just want something to jack off to..
  7. FinalBoy

    Do you like Tiffany?

    I like her enough. She isn't my favorite, but she can be fun for a few rounds. Her repair is ass but I enjoy her stamina.
  8. Hopefully they strike up a deal and we can move forward with F13. I doubt that though.
  9. Eh, not sure. Personally I don't find Last Year all that appealing if I'm honest..
  10. FinalBoy

    Hide or Die - PC Game

    I hope so. I need another game to play /:
  11. FinalBoy

    Level 150-200

    But what would the incentive to level up even be if they don't add anymore content? If they came out with more recolors or something else to unlock I'd say yeah, raise the level but for me I don't see much point.
  12. Hopefully they consider this idea when it comes time to address balance changes. If he's so enraged I'd think adrenaline would prevent him from reacting to a potential stun?
  13. The blue and pink option are alright.. but she is pretty much wearing pajamas. It's a real shame they never released clothing packs that included characters outside of the original ones.