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  1. I get what you're saying, and I agree with it. However I'm pretty sure it would need to wait until the lawsuit is finished or until they settle out of court. Personally, I think they should settle, because court could take a VERY long time..
  2. Combat doesn't feel fluid to me at all, never has. I rarely engage with Jason though unless he's grabbed someone, or I absolutely have to.
  3. Trolls usually stick to high speed characters. I have noticed that a lot of gay trolls (No offense, I'm gay myself) use Tiffany. They're under the delusion that Tiffany is the prettiest girl and that she doesn't have a rat face. They also insist on talking shit about what your character is wearing if you're playing someone other than Tiffany. It's.. gross.
  4. I will. Maybe if people continue playing, and chatting about it on the forums for months to come, they'll continue on supporting and (if it becomes possible) giving us more content down the line.
  5. Yeah but the thing is, court cases can take years. And if this happens to take years, there will be no incentive for them to keep up with the game because the majority of the player base will have moved on. ):
  6. Yeah, that's the thing. Even if they end up winning the lawsuit, if it's been a year or more, no one will be left to care. All we can hope for at this point is that the case is ruled in Guns favor, or they settle out of court swiftly.
  7. I will not allow myself to feel anything until a dev posts confirming this. *intensifies*
  8. I see you post a lot and I always appreciate your opinion so I wonder, do you think it is possible that they could continue releasing maps, clothes, ect. So long as it has nothing to do with the franchise?
  9. Assuming they actually ever come out with any again, sure. Not sure that'll be happening though.
  10. Yeah I mean damn. I was looking forward to the new content we'd get down the line, especially Eva. I know she wasn't confirmed, but I had hope.
  11. I think they should release modding tools to allow modders to make recolors at least. I just can't believe it's over 😞
  12. FinalBoy

    Is the Game over now?

    Such a shame it ended this way. The game still feels incomplete to me and without any future DLC, I think I'm finished now for good.
  13. That's honestly what I'm hoping. I've said this before the lawsuit, not everything needs to be canon to the films. And now that it CAN'T be, I see no reason they shouldn't work on original content. This game seriously lacks enough content as is and it would be a shame if they stopped pumping things out.
  14. Interesting. The way they were talking it not only sounded like they couldn't release more content, it sounded like they didn't even want to.
  15. So in theory, they can continue on with making clothing, counselors and maps, they just can't be from the movie?