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  1. Jason harpoon

    I love this idea actually. It would keep counselors on their toes that is for sure. RIP Vera.
  2. I could never bring myself to play this game on consoles. I truly feel for you guys, hosts quitting blows!
  3. Where is everybody from...

    Living in Dayton, Ohio currently. It is cold as hell here lately.
  4. I'd love an option to play in first person mode. I think it'd make it the game scarier.
  5. Post your Jumpscare moments!

    I wish I had some to share, but because the music changes when he is near it's hard to have a legit jumpscare unless he is in stalk mode.
  6. Eric. I just can't stand his whiney voice and he just looks annoying/weird. Maybe I am being a dick though..
  7. Seeing recolors of any of the dlc outfits would be welcome for me.
  8. I'd say it all depends on who is playing as her as opposed to the character itself being useless. She could use less composure points and a few more speed points though IMO. Throw one in repair and a lot more people would play her.
  9. I'm a counselor main and I completely agree that the window mechanic needs to be removed. Playing as Jason seems frustrating enough already.
  10. I actually think she is the prettiest one in the game by far. I do agree about her hair though, I wish it looked more like her concept art.
  11. I am sure that over time they will add at least a few more. I would like to be able to break a counselors back over the porch railings in the game.
  12. True. Jenny just has a good face honestly. I also wish she looked more like her concept art. I guess the hair physics prevent the devs from actually making longer hair. I believe Adam was meant to have long hair as well.
  13. I won't lie, I'd buy any clothing pack just for the variety. But I would like some casual wear for the counselors. What I really want though are hairstyles. Jenny would look great in a tight ponytail.
  14. Unpopular counselors

    Recently I have been playing with Tiffany and Chad a lot which has been fun. I also have a bit of fun with Jenny, mainly for the challenge. Eric I just cannot get into at all. Bleh.
  15. Suicide to escape Jason

    I have seen some people do this. Pretty dick move. Though I have also seen people do this even when Jason is not after them. I have no idea why they do it.