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  1. Who knows how long the lawsuit will actually last, probably quite some time. In a perfect world though when it IS over with, they'd mass release all the content we haven't been getting.
  2. That'd be great. I wouldn't get my hopes up though considering the lawsuit. Sigh.
  3. I don't think this sort of game should be evenly balanced. The scale should always tip in Jason's favor.
  4. Seems random to me honestly. I doubt there is any level bias. However honestly I wouldn't mind if there were. Coming back as Tommy is usually a chore for me personally. Either because I simply do not feel like playing or because everything that could be done already is.
  5. Keeping it short I still think part 8 is the best. Maybe Savini is better but I don't have him so I wouldn't know 😞
  6. Original Halloween was great. I had a lot of fun rooting for Laurie throughout the film. Personally though I find most of Zombie's movies to be total ass. Although I really did enjoy 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects a lot.
  7. Playing on Steam and was able to get into a few full games. Although it seemed to take longer than usual..
  8. Cross platform would be awesome but I doubt it'll happen. I still really hope that if the lawsuit were to end soon, they'd just finish up and mass release all of the content we've missed out on. Until then they seriously need to focus on the bugs at least.
  9. I had my bots on Jarvis not move at all. Also happened to me on Crystal Lake. The small maps seem to work though for some reason.
  10. I can't connect to a game and the bots are unresponsive. They just stand wherever they spawn. No running, looting, fixing, nothing. On Steam btw.
  11. More content. They can fix bugs later after the fact. I'm still mad that we never got Uber, Grendel, Pajama pack and a freakin skip cutscene button for single player challenges..
  12. FinalBoy


    Hopefully soon. I at least want some official statement from them.
  13. To me it only makes sense to let us at least pick the counselors and outfits they wear in bots mode. I mean I'm honestly very surprised that this hasn't happened yet.
  14. She's my main so this is pretty noticeable to me. However her recolors are probably some of the worst in the game tbh. I wish she had gotten at least a proper DLC outfit. Whatever.
  15. I appreciate the small maps because I think it's fun having everyone clustered together honestly. Seems more chaotic that way which I like. Luckily since coming back to the game I haven't had to play packanack small at all. That being said I also haven't been thrown into the EU servers to that's probably why.
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