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  1. i just checked that Rain Reach's videos... i really wish there was a way GUN could "Mr Happy" his ass, and take him into the back room at the Tangiers lol.
  2. i was coming here to see if anyone was experiencing the same shit i was with the servers - just skimmed through the pages, and didn't realize it was as huge a deal as it was - damn.. but i'm glad to see we may be getting a patch for it soon.. keeping fingers crossed that it will fix things.
  3. i was chasing these 3 counselors around Packanack as Part 4 Jason - they were well coordinated, and trying to kill me.. they had their chance outside one of the cabins, they had Tommy, The Sweater, and even got my mask off - i thought i was fucked.. but i was able to turn at the right moment and position myself in the door frame, with my back to all 3 of them, right as the chick with the sweater hit the Stun - so there was no way they could get around me through the door to execute the kill.... i breathed a huge sign of relief, and then laughed and said GAME ON MOTHER FUCKERS!! over the mic.. it was like a Hulk Hogan Hulkup moment 😆 i then proceeded to slaughter all 3 fairly quickly to end the match.
  4. i usually run Part 4 a lot - i like the mobility and the destructibility... the only Jason i really don't like to use is Sackhead - for whatever reason i am just shit with him lol.
  5. i do feel like if the Ax or Machete are requirements to kill Jason, then they should only spawn 1 of each into the match - if it gets used, oh well - then your fucked, and you can't kill Jason - doesn't mean that you still can't win the match in other ways.... i think this would put an extra importance on having to trek and find those specific weapons - thus making it more challenging to kill Jason without having to adjust much in the way of hit points or anything like that.
  6. see i've always took teaming as a personal challenge.. oh, so you are getting help from your buddy, cool - now i'm going to beat both of you lol.
  7. i'm going to say 1 - 10% i think efforts should always be made to try and kill Jason, but i think it should be a challenging task - not impossible, but hard as fuck to accomplish... i think right now, for experienced players - it's a little too easy.
  8. sorry i'm confused by the phrasing of the question... are u asking just for a percentage of times that Jason should be killed based on those parameters? or how many counselors he lets get free? i feel stupid for asking lol.. but i wanna understand..
  9. not sure if anyone else has run into this problem, or if it's been addressed - sorry if it has, but seeing as how i havent played this game in probably 6 months, turned in on tonight, and discovered that this is still here, means that it hasn't been addressed by Gun themselves... sorry for the picture quality, i snapped them with my cell phone since PS4 wont allow you to upload shit anymore unless its Youtube or Twitter... this glitch i've only noticed on PINEHURST, and to my knowledge it only happens at this one particular cabin when the back door is locked.. when it's locked, Jason cannot break it down from the outside.. when inside the cabin it can be broken down, but standing outside, all Jason does is knock like an annoying solicitor lol.. anyone else experience this glitch?
  10. i just played an offline round myself and this happened to me... i caught AJ and Chad coming out of a Cabin - AJ hauled ass, so i went and killed Chad, but had a bitch of a time trying to locate AJ, because obviously her stealth is really high, and she got stuck in a hiding spot.. but it wasn't in the upstairs closet in the Main House at Higgins' Haven, it was in one of the 3 cabins North of the main house.
  11. i agree.. but i think that just comes from the nature of the game itself.. i know this one twitch streamer was complaining about the lack of being scared in the game, after the like 100th time he's played it.. and i told him, how many times have you watched a certain horror movie, and does it scare you the same as when you first saw it? No, because you know whats coming.. the same applies for this game.. at first, when i was playing the game, you hear that Jason music hit, it felt tense and kind of chaotic - but now, since we all know what to do, and what the mechanics are to the game, that music hits and it's like "ok, i got time to grab this, grab that - let me loop him through this window and around this table etc." ... so, like anything, it loses it's impact over time... but in terms of being scared by a jump scare in the game?.. i will admit - a player as Jason scared the shit outta me once - he morphed through a door as i was closing it, once i turned around he appeared right in front of me outta thin air and grabbed me XD.. that got me pretty good.
  12. well man, that falls on you as Jason... not trying to sound like a dick, so don't take it as that.. but rule Numero Uno as Jason, is trap all the objectives first.. when i'm Jason, first thing i always do when i spawn into the match is trap #1. Phone Box #2. The Cars ... then, start hunting counselors down - if you can knock out the power to Tommy's Cabin before they call him, then do that and trap that box as well... you may not be able to prevent all objectives from being completed, but you can by yourself time..
  13. i agree - i would like to see a single player story added - even if it was something as simple as the challenges.. but i would like to play through a story mode as a counselor trying to survive a night at Crystal Lake. yes, i just recently played a round of offline again, since its been a while - and it is laughably easy.. i think additional game modes is an absolute must.. i would've loved to see what Paranoia would've been.. but even though i dont like JGTH, i think a mode where you infect other counselors as Jason to kill other counselors would be kind of cool.
  14. i chose the neautral option.. because right now, i think it is fine.. but.. if a change were to be made, i'd be okay with it.. i havent played in a long time, so i dont know if it's getting harder for Jasons - my only complaint that i've had with the game from the jump is that at times, it feels like you HAVE to babysit the objectives too much - and it seems that is where most of the trolling happens.. someone mentioned a while back (cant remember where) about maybe giving Jason his "stalk" ability first - to make it easier to sneak up on people at the start of the match.. that would be a switch i would like to see.
  15. i will usually never message anyone first, unless i know they are either exploiting a glitch, or they are obviously teaming - but i still manage to either get away as a counselor, or kill both as Jason.. and usually what i send is nothing more than a "Nice Try LOL" but i have gotten some really nasty shit from people.. one time i killed an entire lobby, and one guy message me and said that i was trash - LOL - so i messaged him back with a screencap of me killing his counselor, and my message only read "if i am trash, then you must really suck XD"
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