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  1. Had a match where I actually was jumping between the 2 cars as when I'd pressure one group, the other would start fixing and I'd hear them make their errors when I'm looking at a car with no one at it. Killed all but this one child, and heard the other car being fixed. Dealt with that. Came back and found kid at car, who then began doing his best seagull impression at me as I killed him and his voice went up a few additional octaves. Kinda makes me wish Jason killed the kids in part 6, honestly.
  2. @somakurusu Appreciated. I try to keep a level headed approach to things like this, as I've seen both sides of the coin up close. As someone who had made some investments into various bands/projects before kickstarter/gofundme and the like became popular, and plenty more since then, I have a room full of incentive tracks/signed posters/demos because it is cool to look back and have almost hipster-like "...before they were cool" stuff all around the room. It gives a feeling of minor pride in yourself that you made some good choices in the past, and redoubles your faith in supporting others. It's also not the first time an "exclusive" became a product that was leaked to some of the public for me. It sucks, it makes you consider your future investments with that person/group more carefully, and it can be annoying. What it isn't, however, is something worth trashing all of your products over.
  3. Man, I'm gonna have to go back to lurk mode because I backed this game to, you know, have fun and shit like that. Yeah, I have the dastardly skin in question. I don't even use it. Do I think it's a true shame that it was released? Absolutely. It was an incentive for additional investment before a full product was delivered. It was, in essence, something made with the intent of "We will reward you for placing additional faith and funds with our product." They have the right to be frustrated, and perhaps express that to an extent, but come on now people. Many of you are just going to extremes. I get that people are upset, but in all honesty, enough is enough. It happened, live with it and learn from it by using the past to decide your future purchases. Also, enough with the age group labeling for frustration purposes. There's rather pleasant young adults and some raging assholes that are older. Who cares? Be a decent person, play the game and enjoy it for what it is.
  4. Mr. B. Gone, the Great and Secret Show, Books of Blood, and the Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker were all worth the read in addition to those you listed. Typically, every February I can find a nice horror anthology of the year prior at Barnes and Nobles. Typically pick those up as well.
  5. Spawned near the Tommy Radio, 4 seater, and phone. Using spawn with a walkie perk. Expected Jason to appear immediately, I had 3 major items around me, instead went after a group of 3 by the 2 seater. Called police and Tommy within 2 minutes, as the fuse was next to the HAM radio. Had 2 other counselors rush to me with the parts to fix the car, found keys in house 2 over from phone. Escaped with those 2 and a random we saw on the way within 5 minutes, saw Jason at the very end as we drove off.
  6. Best thing I had the honor of being present for - A few years ago everyone who ever played Jason sans remake and FvJ did a panel at MonsterMania. First audience question lasted 45 mins - "What do you think the best Jason kill was?" Just watching the actors who played Jason argue it out was hysterical.
  7. I always found my head cannon for the situation of V-VI being that Tommy's obsession with Jason caused him to craft a mask, almost as a way to deal with his trauma, and the visit to bury it and confirm Jason's death was his way of moving on. We all know how well that went.
  8. Ok, I've scanned quite a few topics and haven't seen any discussions on this point so I figured I'd bring it up. It seems that counselors can avoid the traps at the fuse box if they approach from a certain angle based on the auto-correcting position of the animation for repair. Never had a player using a mic or speaking English do it or reply when I asked. Yes, I know, I'm an asshole for trapping the fuse box, but that's beside the point. It might be something that needs to be looked into.
  9. I think there might be an issue with interaction moments and the rag doll mechanics placing items in ways that can't be used/interacted with. Was killed climbing through a window with battery, upon death battery was lodged in wall under window and unable to be retrieved.
  10. Damn, man. I'm sorry to hear that. I had the first day, and that's it. Ended up going for a run, and there was a report on it. I'm glad it's fixed for ya though! Have a ton of matches now then, and hopefully the issues of the past stay there.
  11. Wow, you guys have had a world's different experience from me. With the exception of one day, for the most part I've had little issue connecting and only had 1 disconnect error which was when I was loading into a match. That, and having my progress stopped by the level 0 bug one other day, are literally the only problems I've come across. I feel like I'm reliving the early Left 4 Dead days again, while I admit they had 1 extra map and 1 extra mode at the time, but with modern day expectations. I get the disappointment, and that sounds rough with the PS4 overall issues. Here's hoping it lives up to your hopes for it soon.
  12. Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment, Injustice 2, FF14. Other than that, I run and work. I think that's all I can fit into days lately
  13. Logged in, all seemed fine, played 1 match, level back to 0. I was unaffected before this point
  14. If you're willing to dive into PS2 games that are rare and costly at times, however you'd like to do so, the first Shadow Hearts is a truly messed up tale and pretty much a horror turn based RPG. That said, the first sequel is related to the original but the tone shifts. If the first is Night of the Living Dead, the sequel is Return of the Living Dead. The third game does not understand what horror is, unless you count the writing.
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