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  1. Not enough blood... lol. nah, looks awesome. I have no idea why or if it's just me, but Deb reminds me of Taylor Swift...
  2. I would like to be able to customize my counselor's outfits in offline mode. Maybe they could wear the same as what I have them set as for online play.
  3. Poor luck. You knew the risks taking the boat. You knew Jason had a water speed advantage. Sounds like you got what you deserved.
  4. Oh yeah, Chad in speedos is worth the price of admission alone... looks like my boy's been working out. Jenny was a bit of a jaw dropper too.
  5. nothing! The community will never be satiated. something will always be complained about, or cry nerf, or unfair I want Savini, etc... As long as good players, bad players, in between players, backers, trolls, toxic players, entitled gamers, frustrated gamers, bored gamers, newbie gamers, and however many other types of gamers and players I've missed out exist - nothing will fully please all parties. You simply just can't please everyone.
  6. I'm in it for the soundtrack, dlc and the art book. All of of which I know are coming. don't regret backing for a second
  7. Yup.Chad's my boy. sweater tying, chad face making, boat stealing, badass motherfucker...
  8. For all the shit, and overblown hate these guys get, it's nice to see this game go from nothing but another kickstarter idea to the success it is now... It's nice to just step back and say Thanks guys. You did good. I'm glad I took that chance, put my faith in the ideas and passion of the team - and I don't regret helping get this game made for a second.
  9. Hey, Chad is awesome... Wears that folded sweater like a badass motherfucker!
  10. I love tipping that boat. If there's a boat in play, the best advice i can offer is just keep an eye on the map. And don't morph to them as soon as you see it moving. wait a little bit... I like to morph further back to where the exit is, so you can get your bearings on where the boat is approaching on screen. It can be a little disorienting when you first morph... Then find it, flip it and enjoy. Jason is relatively fast, but a water Jason is like a damn shark
  11. Hmmm that is interesting. I like that certain horror movie tropes aren't set in stone.
  12. I can't quote you directly, but if you wanna read through the 19 page thread there is posts of that nature in there. I'm not talking about anyone specific, just a general observation.
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