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  1. Well its been a year now almost, guess i'll try my luck again with writting a support ticket to the email, SEEING AS I'VE TRIED THREE TIMES without being replied to as i STILL havent been given the tom savini skin i bought.
  2. A very awefull way to do it then but where to i report people then? so they might actually for once do something for this game.
  3. i am so god fucking damn tired of seeing trolls in this game in -every- single match. Either its butthurt leavers of 2 people leaving early on before game starts. Or the Teamers, the worst fucking kind, the people teaming together, one gets jason and the other helps jason. I see this alot lately, like FUCKING ALL THE TIME. The teamer will hog the keys and keep them on him or block the door so you can't enter the car, or straight up enter a house and open the door for jason to let him walk in and kill people and then block doors for jason so they can't escape him. Now that TKing is gone. Can you please ADD that god damn Report function you promised seeing as you are too lazy to take ANY form of responsebility for your game? I've send you 3 recordings of people doing this and you've still done fuckall. as i still see them frequently of the ones i filmed openly teaming which YOU stated on twitter was a bannable offense. But again you lack any form of responsbility for your own game, instead you focus on another stupid ass zombie shooter and 2£ swimsuit DLCs. Take some god damn responsebility for once!
  4. True and they've had a long and hard road. Its just sad to see when they do a very poor decision like this. But hopefully they'll eventually realise their mistake and bring it back. So far i'm just happy to finaly have a patch after three empty months. They really made alot of nice things this time and its shaping up nicely ^^
  5. Tkers suck, but it happens, its still fun sometimes and jarvis is always an option. they promised a report system, they never gave it, they heard there was a issue, so they removed the entire thing to prevent having to work on it. I love them for making this game, but watching them make mistake upon mistake and the over zealotus fans going all out attacking anyone who writes the truth is starting to tire me out.
  6. 3 patches that did little to nothing at all. I'm just really tired of watching so many trolls. I'm now into 15 games with a troll in each game just focusing on ruining the game. The Tking atleast gave you a way of fighting back. Now it's pre determined. If you've got a troll, games over.
  7. I'm prolly sitll gonna play the hell out of this game because of how much i love it and still wanna support the devs but taking out the TK was a premature way of saying "We don't wanna fix this issue, lets just take it away" And you'd be suprised, after seven games in a row with the same bollocks happen all over with trolls glitching or teaming up and no way of fixing it, its kinda sad theres nothing to do about it anymore. Besides don't tell me chose tommy jarvis shotgun -rescues- didnt have you chuckle atleast abit hehe.
  8. So F13th has been RAPIDLY dying due to the long months of neglection, but we finaly got a patch of awesome stuff! Yet what does it matter. They completely ruined their game due to the neglecto f adding a PROMISED REPORT system. And instead removed Team killing. Now leaving trolling to FLURISH like never before. I got into the game after patch, and 7 troll games later, i'm putting the nail in the coffin. 7 games, 7 trolls. They hold essencial stuff, and they do nothing with it, or team with jason and troll, or just run around with it and letting jason kill you. As much as i want to love this game, the dev's denial on fixing issues and simply putting half cared denials in to fix it has completely messed up the game balance. The Tking allowed for random fun moments too, a big charm of the game just died and now the trolls are ROLLING in. I love this game, but given it took 4 months or so to do a single patch, i really doubt i'll last another two months of denial and trolls destrying the game : /
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