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  1. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  2. I'm gutted for Gun, Ill, the backers, and all the fans and players... I'll switch right to the temporary bright side... Right now, the only thing the game needs is bug fixes, optimization, and dedicated servers for the console systems (those poor miscreants). So, for the next couple of months, this changes nothing as to my personal expectations/wants/desires for the game. I say that purely from the blind gamer side of this... I hate that this is happening to this project. It sucks. It's bullshit. And it's, overall, fucking stupid and pointless (there shouldn't be a pause put in place on them. If/when the legal case is settled, they could have worked out the particulars, if Miller's side needed to be compensated - and, really, that shouldn't affect Gun). ANYWAY, since we don't make these fucking laws and rules, and, of course, it's never that simple... here we are. Just repeating, however, that, for the time being, fixes, optimization, and dedicated servers are all that is reasonably needed and expected.
  3. I think the game captured what the team was shooting for quite well. And I think it has the intended, fun, thrilling effect on players (new players, more so, of course). I always thought that the fear factor was one of the greatest elements of this game. Namely, how the counselors react in tremendous fear, despite what the player may be feeling. And that simulated fear adds to the player's experience (and can influence their felings as well). Brlliant. However, I think the fear results (screaming, stuttering, tripping, stumbling, impaired vision) should be more frequent. Certainly instead of Jason "speeding up", as had been suggested, the existing fear components of counselors stumbling should be made more prevalent. The fear of Jason should be greater. We can't force experienced (and, often, jaded) players to fear Jason, but their counselors can simulate it more. Of course, ever since launch (perhaps in beta, as well), I saw countless complaints about their counselors freaking out, being too scared, and that "godawful" stumbling. People swore, up and down, how unfair it was that they can't survive on their own merit, and have to get screwed by the fear aspects. I always disagreed, and still do. Anyway, that's my two cents. Also, OP, you should really edit your post to remove the falseness of saying that Gun Media made a poll about the hiting through doors issue. False claims make any points really questionable. No big deal - we all make mistakes, of course!! Just saying, it'd help your overall intent.
  4. And here I thought he said it that way intentionally. ?
  5. Was it though?? Was it? Are you still employed there? All kidding aside, fun stream! Also, if you are now looking for another job, best of luck! ?
  6. Agreed. I didn't even realize that something prompted Wes to chime in on the subject of Reggie. What the hell did I miss?
  7. One of the things I remember was him kind of attacking the 'Mean Girl' request threads, trying to make the case that adding Reggie was more important than that request (much more aggressively than I mentioned Megan, in my previous post, hehe). It's all good though. I remember this stuff, but don't truly hold it against anyone, personally. It was just unnecessary and resulted in a lot of back and forth, and I imagine it tarnished the Reggie campaign for some (and that was my only point in including it - as part of the answer to "why so much resistance?"). As I said though, all good... what good is a forum without some back and forth?? The ideas, and presentations, just didn't convince me. I'm still a mild fan of young Reggie. I just don't see him being in this game, but it's not like Gun Media couldn't pull out some surprises that I wouldn't enjoy. Keep dreaming, I guess!
  8. I don't disagree with any of this, but there is one aspect of Reggie being added that some may have some resistance about (more so than other existing characters). He was a child. If they were to include Reggie as an adult, then they are altering the character, altering the timeline, and altering the existing lore - most importantly, not adding the character as he was, but reinventing him to be NOT how he was within the movies - which is kind of opposite to how they handle this game). I'm not saying any of that is unacceptable, but I'm not sure how many fans, and players, really care about having the character added in this way. Combine that with some of the ways the request campaign for this character has been orchestrated, by one person, and I think there's an element of fatigue and a sense that it's not really all that interesting or important. That being said - if they ever added Reggie, I'd be nothing but pleased. If it was a young Reggie on a crane, I'd get a great kick out of it. Otherwise, it's not really anything I'm, personally, concerned with. We all have favorite characters, though, and diferent interests. I also think that Part V isn't a particularly popular movie among the fans, so it's just not a hugely welcome addition - especialy when extra measures are required to fulfill the request. No wars needed though, lol... Although, if there's a battle between Megan and Reggie, I'm on team Megan (from Part VI). ? She deserves a lot more love and recognition! P.S. I hate the keyboard on this Macbook and always need to make a ton of typo corrections, lol (because thoroughly proof-reading BEFORE I post is unacceptable).
  9. I think they will announce a set date when things are finally set for them, through the random chaos of everything that needs to be done. So, set after the random date? And I don't know if that is set or random...
  10. Phew, I was hesitant to check this thread out, because I thought it might have been a turnabout on the stated goal with perks (just slight bonuses, but not complex game adjusters). I like the lack of focus/importance on perks (compared to many other games). I know many people use them for their meta, but it's not necessary, and not all that huge of an advantage, either which way. And I like it that way. Plus, this gives some new stuff for those, so inclined, to chase after.
  11. <--- unknown user #1138 Hehe, one of these days, I might take part enough in a community to be recognized... one of these days...
  12. Ah, cool. I figured it was going to be a musical cue, but wasn't 100% certain. Sweeeet!
  13. YES!! Things are headed in a great direction. I'm really glad to see this fantastic game smoothing out and reaching the point where you can start to tinker with these sorts of things, and address some of those obvious desires (keybinding!). Looking forward to it........
  14. I've been very positive and supportive of this game and the people running it, but... I'm done. Due to the misspelling of February, I am uninstalling the game and asking for a full refund. </s>
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