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  1. Ah, cool. I figured it was going to be a musical cue, but wasn't 100% certain. Sweeeet!
  2. YES!! Things are headed in a great direction. I'm really glad to see this fantastic game smoothing out and reaching the point where you can start to tinker with these sorts of things, and address some of those obvious desires (keybinding!). Looking forward to it........
  3. Double XP

    I've been very positive and supportive of this game and the people running it, but... I'm done. Due to the misspelling of February, I am uninstalling the game and asking for a full refund. </s>
  4. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    People, the music for Jason Part V was absolutely too loud. It's not a subjective opinion, the volume was objectively much louder than the rest of the Jasons' music. Haha, it was a mistake. And they fixed it. Everything has to be turned into an argument about "crybaby whiners", lmao.
  5. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Nice. I'm very glad to see the bear trap fixes included in this patch! I knew the window barriers were being addressed, but I was only hoping that we wouldn't be left with those buggy bear traps during the next few months.
  6. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Thanks Shifty! Yeah, I remember seeing you mention that the window bubble bug could be seeing a fix in the pipeline, so I figured there may be some sort of patches between now and then. The current state of the game should be able to survive this period. I think the game is currently the best it has been, all things considered (a lot of bugs have been eliminated, and the balance is back to where it was, combined with the added Jasons and Maps and Counselors).
  7. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Interesting news! I hope the engine update goes smoothly and swiftly. Will there be any potential bug fixes, through patches, between now and April? Or no updates/patches at all?
  8. It's not about what you or I seek... it's about what the game designers and developers wish to create. They were really clear about what they were going for, while working on the game. And it was pretty damn close to what they said, during beta and at launch. They seemed to slip up with the balance, afterward, but, now, just ONE day after a balance pass that puts things closer to how they were, you want to split it into different difficulty modes. I'm pretty sure this game is supposed to be an experience. We're not running a generator repair simulator. They weren't trying to make a normal game. We're controlling characters that scream, curse, cry, run, become blindingly afraid, and, quite often, die. This ain't Tetris. I find it weird how important "winning" is to some people. Fortnite Battle Royale is an immensely popular game right now. However, only 1 out of 100 players WIN a match (or only 1 TEAM wins, in duos and squads). No one there seems to complain that they die (LOSE) most of the time. And it is pretty popular.
  9. That "Hard Mode" is the original intent of the game designers and it is what led me to this game. Not because it is "Hard", but because that's what being a counselor in a Friday The 13th movie should be like. Game designers/developers create something that should have a character of its own. And that shouldn't be compromised for the sake of tryig to appeal to people who don't like it. Based on the sales of the game, at launch, I think people are up for a true horror game that makes survival against jason Voorhees extremely difficult. And I think it should probably still be more difficult. Hop on, enjoy the chaos. Scream, laugh, and try to survive. No big deal if you die... you can keep trying again and again.
  10. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    You just know these changes at camp took place due to some overzealous lawsuits... (love the direction you guys are headed with the next patch!)
  11. Jason V (Roy) - Stats

    Very interesting! So, the obvious questions: Will this "Jason" bring about any changes in other aspects of the game - Mother's voice? Sweater-use? Or are we just going with Roy being so delusional that he is Jason that this all plays out the same (zero snark inherent in that last bit. That'd be the justification I'd go with without altering all those aspects of the core game). I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Roy's, but that weapon and his pros and cons actually appeal to me. Nice job, ya bastages!
  12. Is this the right thread for an argument?
  13. It's not a huge deal to me, but I have always thought that "suicide" deaths should reward xp to Jason. Most often, those deaths are, at the very least, influenced by Jason. It's another death, a loss to the counselors, and one step closer to Jason getting rid of them all. If not full xp, half or something. That's just how I've always seen it. You can argue it both ways. In the end, it's just a 50/50 decision that the designers of a game get to make. Or, you know, the same people can constantly go back and forth about it, trying to establish that they are RIGHT and the opposition is WRONG.
  14. Anyone notice that all those dots are blue??