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  1. While I am someone that believe Jason should be a little more powerful (and/or the counselors a little less powerful) - and I have felt that way since launch, not just after the last patch changes to grab range... I do also believe that too many people get too focused on their overall gaming meta. And when things change a little, they only weight the balance within their meta (and, often times, the shared meta of their peers). I'm not attacking, nor defending, anyone in particular here. It's just clear that people, sometimes, think too highly of their personal preferences/habits/meta/penguins. Well, maybe not penguins. With the current stun times, I don't mind pocketknives too much. It definitely works well as a brief annoyance (from Jason's perspective), but will still usually result in that couneslor's death. It does buy time for the rest of the counselors to get work done though. And that's the point. Still, I do think that Jason should have a slightly easier time in handling all of this. I think there are a number of ways they could achieve this though - not necessarily through the reduction of stunning items (but it is ONE way).
  2. Can customers/players just be okay with NOT having seasonal and holiday additions to video games? I just don't get this obsession that has become rampant throughout all games. "You could make it work by..." Yeah, we could cook up a number of ways that it could work, but how about no? Why spend resources and time working on that? Just MY personal opinion, but I wish this game had no such additions. Whatever seasons and holidays are going on in my reality do not need to be represented in my Friday the 13th game playing sessions. It's like every damn game needs to wear matching pajamas, because, yay, holidays! Actually, I take it back... dress up all the campers in whatever ridiculous holiday attire you can imagine, and let me kill them all... It turns out it might be cathartic.
  3. Forum Theme in Progress

    Nice! We got switched to the white and blue so long ago, I actually forgot what the forum used to look like (and how much I missed it)! Thanks for working on this! And I, too, would love to get the visible user likes back. Or just remove likes altogether. Although, I understand that's more feature than function, so no worries for now!
  4. What we can and can not say.....really?

    Haha, I was not involved, but reading up on this... You called people nazis and got upset enough that the word was removed to make a thread about it. Is it possibly you that gets easily offended? Ant not those who apparently took issue with your choice of name-calling? Try not to get defensive about that and actually think about it. Honestly, I think the mod may have goofed in only removing the word, instead of removing the 'offending' posts. As it's name-calling and insulting and wasn't really contributing, which is what forum mods try to fix, when they deem it necessary. Better results on message boards may come without name-calling... especially poor results come from using a bigoted fascist state name against another forum user! Just my thoughts! Not trying to be a forum ISIL.
  5. We're done with the game

    I don't disagree with the call for Jason being more powerful and all that. In fact, I'm not here to disagree at all with the original post or anything else. I'm curious - is this actually due to the changes made, or has it always been this way? (I am not asking that as though I think that I know the answer and I'm bating anyone!!) I've found, since launch, after a certain period of adjustment, that players did not have fear of Jason, that a lot of players did not enjoy playing as Jason (due to it being "too difficult" and there being "too much pressure" on them), and I found that players could pretty reliably gang up on your average Jason (and a range above just average) and manage to escape very often. Now, a playerbase of people that play the game regularly, nearly every day, are typically going to turn into players that don't fear Jason and can manage to escape fairly often. And, of course, there are players that still get 8/8 kills as Jason almost every time. However, I'm not sure these players are the ones the game should be balanced around. It's my opinion that the game should be more balanced around lesser-skilled players being pretty successful as Jason, and the extreme skill side should be on the side of counselors pulling out escapes and victories. Anyway, the only reason I say any of this is because everything detailed in the O.P. just read the same as what I saw from regular players playing the game since before the last patch (which, I do not like, for the record - so, I'm not defending those changes). At first, I was thinking maybe it was the newer players from the physical launch and hype, that were now catching up to where the rest of us have already been with the game (no fear of Jason, etc.). However, I'm seeing longtime players expressing this now. Is it just that much worse? Has it just been this way too long and going the wrong way? Or is it pretty much the same and just not going in the other direction (buffing Jason and nerfing counselors)?
  6. Yeah, I completely agree. I honestly dislike the Halloween pack and what it has brought to the visuals of the game. I've never been a fan of this consumerism-complex video games suffer from these days, in trying to put something out for each and every damn holiday, but I think that this game suffers more from it than most, due to its excellent atmosphere, to start with, and the horror and fear nature of the game itself. I also felt this way about Retro Jason though, so, judge my views however you wish (so long as you view them as the almighty holy word that all things must adhere to, of course).
  7. DBD has had, what, a year head start? And, as the OP said, they don't play DBD as much as F13, and the grass is always greener. Sure, some people will prefer one game over the other, and some others will enjoy both (and some neither, too!). We could make a list of positives of F13 that stack up as negatives for DBD, but... it's just silly. Both have things going for them, for what they each are. And they are truly very different games. I am not convinced that the clothing packs and emotes are truly taking away the greater focus for the game, I'm not fan of the holiday and gimmicky themes. So far, I can't say it has ruined the game though (even though Retro Jason and costume parties could easily ruin my stylistic taste, expectations, and love of this franchise - I still haven't felt the game lessened while I play it - except when it is retro Jason, that does make it far less fun for me). I just think those packs are easier, quicker things they can deliver while they're working on deeper, harder coding stuff. That being said, I dislike the idea of them wontonly adding things that will degrade the overall atmosphere. The big awesome things of F13 are the sandbox style of play - it's more of a slasher simulator than a game. And, mostly, above and beyond other games - the fucking KILLS. You have to just enjoy/accept the game for what it is. Sure, there's more it could be, and might be eventually, but it is still something special as it is right now. I, personally, do want Jason to be more devastating in average-to-lesser skilled players, but he's still pretty damn powerful. And I want less silly DLCs and more authentic and atmospheric-minded DLCs. However, the only thing I really want them to focus on is continuing to smooth the game, fix the bugs, improve the product in those ways (including things like making a proper two-seater car, and fixing a few things that would make more sense). Still, the overall game is a classic, in my opinion. I like niche games. Not sure how popular this game will remain (I hope VERY), but I like games because they're fun, different, innovative, and provide freedom to improvise and create variables within the game itself - while still providing fun action. Anyway, maybe someone else would make a list the opposite way that the OP has... regardless, I'll hold this game up for its kills above the Moris and the entity alone. I feel like DBD is like a horror-ish sports game (fix generators while the killer tries to bring you to the entity's base). While F13 is a slasher simulator (stupid people run around doing stupid thiings while a vicious killer destroys them in creative ways). DBD is boxing, while F13 is a brawl. DBD is fencing, while F13 is a sword fight. Some will like the sport more than the sim, though. And that's fine.
  8. I've been thinking this since beta, but never posted about it. Honestly, I always assumed it was something that was being worked on and/or would happen. I imagine it may still be. And there are definitely plenty of two seater options from the movies.
  9. Yes! If I do not win, I will come back here to complain!!! Thanks (in advance)!
  10. Owning Savinia only means that the person knew about it, and decided to get it. That's it. (I mean, besides the people that grabbed him on the 3rd market, or the console leaks, of course) And I'm not downplaying other people by saying this. I have Savini, myself. We were just around, aware, and able to give some money to the project before it was released, so, we have this exclusive gift to show for it. Chaos, chance, and luck play more part to our stories than most other elements!
  11. Being selected as Jason

    I've always thought that it may be better if it wasn't completely random, but included some sort of rotation. It could be better if there was a random seeding, initially, but then it rotates through that secretly chosen order, from match to match, moving players up the ladder, as others leave, and inserting new players within the lobby into the bottom of the rotation. That or just some sort of placed weights within the lobby, where players that have gone x amount of matches without being Jason have a greater chance - and players that have been selected as Jason have a lesser chance. I'm not saying I am 100% convinced it would be better, but I thought that would be the case before we knew exactly how it'd work (and before beta)... and I still wonder about it now. Then again, I'm not really sure what is going on under the hood for Jason selections. Maybe it's fully random... maybe there are other factors. Of course, using private matches and just doing a fair rotation (and people opting out of that rotation, if they so choose) is a great way to play - if you can hook up with people to do that with.
  12. I plan to respond to more when I get the chance, later on, but I wanted to say two quick things... 1) This thread is NOT a direct response to any recent changes. I've actually not had a chance to play since the latest patch, and refuse to make any premature judgments about changes. The topic is just something we've all skirted along, in many of our discussions (disagreements and arguments). It sort of hit me in the head, when I saw some people trying to make a point, by claiming that another person just wanted playing Jason to "be easy". And it got me thinking and I realized much of what I said in my original post. 2) We can all argue, endlessly, about whether Jason currently IS easy (too easy, not easy enough, too difficult, etc.). Let's try to remain focused on whether we can even agree on what the balancing measure should be, rather than whether or not the current state of things has reached it. Obviously, there's going to be some carryover between ideas, especially in trying to provide examples, but just try not to make this thread all about your opinions on what the current game's balance is, and more about what your philosophy for this game's balance is. What level of play should find Jason "easy" enough... what is "easy enough"... how can we all send Nomadder money? Important questions like that. OH! And mistakes were made. Somehow, I am already out of likes for the day, so I owe a bunch in here so far... especially @A.J. Mason - you made me laugh out loud. Thank you!
  13. It's obvious that different people have different mindsets as to how this game (and any game) should be balanced. The truth is that there are also wide ranges of player skill, comittment, experience, and capability. And those factors also can skew the thoughts and beliefs about game balance. As always, it is a tricky thing for game developers and designers to achieve a healthy and fun balance, and possibly never more-so than in this particular game. I hope to put aside all angst and opposition between different thought-processes and share my personal thoughts on this game's balance, playstyle, and enjoyment (and, yes, my personal thoughts are 100% correct, and anyone else's are complete bunk, so shut it!! LOL... kidding!! ...mostly!!). I do think that playing as Jason should be EASY to score an average of more than 4 kills per match. Yes, I said EASY. The dreaded word that a skilled player must not ever admit. As Gun stated from the very first days, this game is different, Jason is OP, you will die. And concepts like that are what drew me to this game, immediately. Like moths to the flame, legions of F13 fans swarmed in to perish by the powers of Jason, hehe... and to, more often, experience the thrill of trying not to die to him. Approximately 7/8th of the time, you/we are playing as a counselor. So, we're all in this together... dying and killing, merily for hours on end! Why do I think it should be EASY? The skill, experience, ability of players is all across the board. Randomly, a player is picked to be Jason. By law of averages, you're going to get a lower skilled player (no offense, at all!) somewhere around half the time (shush, I know, that is sloppy math... but, let's face it, among online video game communities, 'average' is lowly!). Those players should be able to wipe out the counselors with fun and ease. Obviously, the more skilled the counselor player is, the more chance THEY will change the overall outcome. The skill side of the balance should mostly, if not entirely, come from the counselor's side. This is not simply for the benefit of the Jason player. Nearly half of the time, the player chosen to be Jason is not going to be as skilled/experienced, and the resulting match is going to be less thrilling for all. I believe that an easy-ride train-of-death Jason, in the hands of the least skilled, makes this game more enjoyable for all. But what about the Skilled Jasons?? It will be impossible to survive and/or those players will be bored! Obviously, there needs to be balance to take this into account. However, it's never going to be impossible to survive and escape. We've all escaped from the greatest of players. It happens to the best, and worst, of us. The skill side will still be on the Counselor's end, and strategy is always key, especially so when outmatched against a monster killing machine. Skilled players as Jason should also be seeking more advanced techniques to entertain themselves - and the other players. Jason was a creative killer. The better players should find their challenge in the artisty of their kills. I know some of us already attempt to do this. I think there should be slightly less pressure to adhere to the meta (trap the objectives, cut the power, stop the counselors) and more freedom, through the joyful ease of being Jason, to approach things in various ways, to surprise and through off the other players trying to escape and survive. If it's EASY to get killed, no one will want to play. I don't think that is true at all. I could list several reasons why, but I'll just mentioned that Battle Royales have become hugely popular, and only 1 out of 100 wins. I am pretty sure large amounts of players can enjoy getting killed by Jason Voorhees. Jason won't kill this game. Counselors could kill it though. Now, all that being said, it is possible that the current balance is all in line with what I have said, and what I think the right balance should be. From my experiences in playing, discusing, watching, and listening... I'm finding more people that do not like being selected as Jason. Of course there are excellent pro Jason players, and we could already say getting 6-8 kills is easy enough. However, most likely, no matter the balance, players with that ability can get those results with almost ANY balance. That's the nature of games and humans. You need to remain concerned with the skill, ability, and results with the lower side of skill (and comfortability). I am seeing way too many people that aren't enjoying being chosen as Jason. They feel "too much pressure", it's "too difficult", they don't "have fun", and the rest of the players "aren't having fun either, because Jason 'sucked' this match". I don't think it is a bad thing for skilled players to be in favor of something being EASY. I'm willing to say it. Jason should be EASY. Not just for me. Not just for top tier players. Not just for good players. Also for below-average players. Just my opinion!! (which, by clcking on this thread, you have legally bound yourself to be in complete agreement with) Seriously though, what do you think?
  14. Yes, I've been figuring I will actually play it sometime, relatively soon. So, we'll see if I find it different within the game itself. And, yeah, I know they couldn't really get Nancy in there(I mean, maybe, if they were willing to pay for the licensing, and maybe if she wouldn't cost all that much - but, yeah, no way they'd bother - even if I love her and all, haha). Have you ever seen the documentary "My Name Is Nancy" http://www.iamnancy.net/ I really enjoyed that and thought she seems like an awesome and fun person. Plus, it's a great point about her character and how she surprisingly wasn't utilized more. Fun watch, in my opinion! So... what do you guys think of Freddy's implementation? I am pleased and impressed that they went to the lengths that they did to get the dream world into the game. Obviously it is not as great as it could be in a Freddy-focused game, but it, initially, seems rather cool. Obviously, his face is a bit of a - hmm, not surprise, really - just a slight disappointment (for me, more so for others). I'm not convinced they totally tried to replicate the remake version, but the design certainly went in that direction (and maybe I'm wrong, considering the survivor seems to be heavily based on the remake - I just try to forget that ever happened). I don't mind if they went for their own take on him, since Englund's likeness surely would have been an enormous cost. I can understand people's frustration with that though. There's only one Freddy, in my opinion, and it definitely was not the remake version. Still, a DBD version makes sense to me. Anyway, I've been enjoying watching a bit. Maybe I will pick it up, while it is on sale.
  15. Whenever I've tried to comment on DBD, it tends to sound more negative than I intend, or even think of the game. I don't actually play it, but I've been won over by watching someone else playing it. It's an interesting game. It is more of a game though - sort of like boxing isn't fist-fighting, or fencing isn't sword-fighting. DBD is this weird horror-ish video game SPORT. It has its weird rules and strange objectives... and the fun ensues within those lines. It's not really my thing, but it definitelyy grew on me and I like it. I hate to compare, but we all have, really... F13 is more my thing. F13 is more of a horror slasher simulator. DBD is more of a weird sport. Obviously DBD goes into a lot of variance and fine detail with their perks, prestige, and abilities system. And that's cool. It seems to be an awesome game. I love F13 for its more sandboxy feel, which comes from both complexities and simplicities. Anyway, F13 needs no defending! I just enjoy the sort of oldschool man hunt, slasher survival (killer) simulator and find that the work done in designing it was a huge success in creating that feel and gameplay, overall. I'm really glad that DBD has been adding the various killers and licenses. Super curious as to how much they're going to be able to pull off for Freddy's powers, but, I just see the game as more like a death match type game... it's not as deeply connected, or true to, the character or franchise... but it is fun to be able to play a game with those characters. And it's not SOOO far off as to feel completely removed from the character. I look forward to seeing F13 a year from now. And I am definitely curious to see what else DBD adds down the road. Freddy in the game is cool... but a standalone Freddy game, built with extreme devotion to the concepts, action, and feel of the franchise - and with uniqeuly inspired and innovative game design - is something that would be so much more ideal. Not that one should prevent the other! I see DBD licenses as more like allowing them into a Street Fighter game. Sure, use the character! However, no reason that should prevent them from being in other games, especially ones dedicated to representing them more acurately and in-depth. (contract agreements, of course, determine all of that!) Blah, blah, blah... I sure did ramble! MOST IMPORTANTLY... I wish an accurate NANCY THOMPSON was part of this. Heather Langenkamp (and her character) deserve more love and praise!