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  1. I mean there is no reason for it. The people who helped support the game already got it the first time around, and no new player would waste their time and money on a game that isn't going to get supported after this. This really is for collectors only but again what's the point?
  2. If they actually cared about the series and the community as they claim they do they would! If it's true that they are no longer going to work on the game (whether the lawsuit is done or not) they really have no reason to keep it. Give it to someone who has the passion to work on the game and continue to help support the game. As the others devs for the series will do once the lawsuit is finish.
  3. As a backer its nice to see a post like this, but i cant help but see this as a "PR" cliche! and its mainly because of this statement How exactly are you guys going to "rectify" the issue? The game has already been out in stores for over a month, and for backers like me we are STILL waiting for our physical copies to get to us. I get that you guys aren't responsible once you have it shipped out, but to wait this long just to get something that wouldn't have been possible without our help is just so unprofessional and just down right sad. We don't deserve this, but to claim you guys will fix the issue when its impossible just as a backer doesn't seem sincere. Again I'm thankful for a post like this, despite it being this late, I just wish this wasnt another post basically blaming other people.
  4. Personally im not going to be buying them. I dont like playing as Jason regularly, and even then i dont like playing as Part 4. My only concern is how this will affect the game in the long run. Will new Jasons not have any (unique) kills and will be left to only be available as DLC? Just seems like a bad move. They either should have combine the Clothing pack and kills as one dlc, or at the very least made the kills available for all Jasons to use. Just seems like a waste of money to me to only get 4 kills for only one Jason.
  5. Sadly it seems like even after the update/hotfix, it doesnt even give you those tapes you found. Oh well!
  6. I dont mean like 100% indoor map, but like something that isnt a camp/wood. Like you said Jason X would be a nice idea as ive seen people talk about a spaceship map, escape pods (like the car and boat) calling a rescue ship (cops) and having the Android (Tommy) could help it mimic the older maps. They could also go the Ship or just Manhattan Docks just to change it up a bit. I understand it needs to be at the camp because thats kind of the point. But it does tend to get a bit boring when its just all the same places!
  7. While i understand its suppose to be outdoor, i would love to have the next map be something else away from the camp.
  8. This is just getting really annoying. Its people's day off, and i thought especially since the hotfix i could get some games in. Apparently not! Its either unable to even get into a lobby (empty or not) or even when i do finally get into one, the connection is just down right horrible, usually ending up having every one leaving.
  9. Thats what im thinking too, Its too late now for them to come here and say its delayed, so i wouldnt be surprised if they release another trailer with a release date in October, or later. They did that in the past and i dont have my doubts they'd do that again. Only time will tell.
  10. Honestly while i understand the point of the Panel yesterday, they really shouldnt have stated there would be surprises when in fact there wasnt any. I think thats the main gripe people have, Don't say you are going to do something and not do it . let alone this is Pax, where there is at least some new type of information for your game/dlc that is about to be release (or have been released already) At the very least they could have said something about Single Player, we have less than 20 days left in Summer. If they dont have a release date (or even a rough estimate of when they will at least give the proper platforms certification) then the least they could do is stop telling us its still plan for Summer Time. This is the launch all over again. We got the whole Early 2017 for months and were told everything was going as plan. Only to have them tell us via a trailer that the game was delayed (yet again) This tells me they knew well beforehand that they wouldnt have been able to make the "Early 2017" plan, and instead of actually tell us personally just throw a trailer at us and expect us to be happy! Its just tiring from not only a fan, but a backer. I enjoy this game, but the way these Devs have been acting towards us (no matter if its valid) is just so unprofessional. People dont like being kept in the dark. I get that they dont want to tell us stuff that doesnt have a hard release date. But then why even bother telling us about stuff like that to begin with? Just it makes no sense to tell us something is coming out soon, then we wait weeks, months all of which (in my opinion) doesnt mean soon.
  11. Possibly, it seems like the one coming on soon is only 15mins. So it could be something quick, and tonight is a much more detailed information of new content.
  12. Ya its really confusing. Im currently on Pax twitch, and it shows Friday the 13th in about 45mins, but on their schedule it shows it on 9pm PST. So is there two different panels/stream?
  13. At the end of the day its basically a matter of whose fun should it mainly focus on. People team kill because its fun to them, but im sure the people who get team killed (especially early in the game) dont find it fun. So why is the team killer fun more important than someone who just wants to play the game? To be fair as well you cannot just "leave" especially if you are the host, and since it happens constantly to some people you can go multiple matches/lobbies with TK, or even worse the same TK who is following you. you are screwing everyone else over just for one person. Its not right, and again goes back to whose enjoyment/fun is more important for the game.
  14. While it was a nice feature, it wasnt something that worked. Ive heard people say people invited them pretty fast, but i seem to have bad luck. Joined about 3-4 communities on Ps4 and only was invited to one match that didnt start too well because the Host DC.
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