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  1. The icon in the second picture seems to be a wrench and screwdriver. Perhaps indicating the location of a tool or component for a repair? My secret hope that my long lost request for random, interchangeable map landmarks has been answered, this one representing a tool shed.
  2. Two issues. One...I don't think a single person here is happy not to be currently playing the game. No-one here thinking that they are happy to push the game out as far as possible; those people are not interested in the game, and therefore not paying attention to it. Two, and the core issue: Waiting with or without bitching. I want the game, like....NOW. But I can take a breath and say...ok, a few weeks, a month or two...I'll have it then. Move on. Other people: When is the release date (daily, if not hourly) Why don't we have a release date. This is bullshit, this game sucks, the devs suck, where is the release date. We were lied to, the game is delayed, its never coming out. I dont have any faith in these devs, watch, they will come out here and say its delayed til 'Mid 2017' or 'late 2017'. Where is the release date. ad nauseam. Go on twitter, reddit, steam, anywhere and you will see these new posts made all the time. Too many mouth-breathers come to one of these locations and ask a question thinking they are the only person clever enough to ask a basic question, without first consulting an FAQ or search field. These poor guys have to sift through endless miles of this crap, so you can imagine how tired they are getting of this stuff.
  3. This may just be my thinking, but perhaps the 'about 30 day window' doesn't fully apply anymore. My reasoning is that they probably were getting estimates on launch timelines. For example, they needed to be certified (gold), they needed to get it rated by various groups (Pegi, etc) they needed to finalize box art, and they needed to get physical copies of merchandise ready (the game discs on various formats, the game boxes, the books, soundtracks, etc) The 30 day window was probably an estimate they got about how fast those things can be churned out once game has been certified. So now they have admitted that the physical game are to be delayed, and come up with a more than satisfactory (in my opinion) compromise by getting everyone digital codes. In my mind, if they go gold, all that would be required would be to distribute that completed copy of the game to Steam, Xbox and Sony to be uploaded to their stores and made ready for preorder/preload/release. So maybe that 30 day window can be shortened, and the full game can be available to launch sooner than expected, because there is already an understanding that the physical copies are en route as soon as they are ready. Maybe not, because there is all sorts of other things to do as well, just off the top of my head, getting host servers up and running, set up a monitoring center, finalize any last little tidbits for a day 0 patch, testing, etc So maybe I'm talking out of my ass and this is just wishful thinking, but hopefully we can get into the game shorter than the 30 day window.
  4. These guys are more AAA then AAA companies. Cheers Gun/Illfonic!
  5. Ha, my description was basically how Wes described it as well, so glad we're getting this ability.
  6. Perfect, exactly what I was hoping for. This truly makes Jason overpowered, just as it should be. I'm just curious about the environmental sounds for Jason; we know this removes the chase music, but are Jason's movements still causing noise or is he in silent running mode? For instance, if Jason was in a room and a councilor wandered into the next room, would they hear Jason's footsteps and movement in the next room, or would they be completely oblivious to his presence until visual contact? Another question, is this ability disabled while within view of a councilor? That way you can't accidentally trigger the move only to have it immediately cancelled and cooldown activated? Thanks for the update and for all the great work Wes, all the best to you and the rest of the Gun/Illfonic team in the homestretch
  7. I'm in favor of no lock symbol at all, and if it does appear, its only after the door has been tried and then you find out its locked; both for Jason and councilors. I like the idea of running for a door because a window isn't nearby, and maybe you're running low on stamina and you turn the knob and realize its too late because he's right behind you. Maybe to give the councilors a slight advantage, that once a door is locked and tried, the lock symbol will remain for that councilor (unless of course its unlocked) and for Jason it will fade over time. This could result in Jason trying the same door a few times over the course of the match, buying councilors a few extra moments. If it does stay in the current format, I know I was able to escape Jason a few times because I would be in one of those inescapable rooms (bathroom or closet) and hid successfully after not locking the door, because they wouldn't see the symbol and move on.
  8. Agreed, not only is the game richer from having two vastly different gameplay styles, but you can be a better overall player from seeing both sides and experimenting with different strategies and playstyles. I feel like full time Jason players would be great at certain aspects of play, but terrible at others, from not having equal experience on both sides of the coin. Even if they are evenly matched, I don't ever want to run into a scenario where username 4evaJason kills me a few times, or at least tries to, and I never get a chance for revenge. That's part of whats special in this game, most of the time you are the tiny mouse, and you will be scared and run for your life and sweat and cry. But every now and then, you get to sharpen your kitty claws.
  9. Fair enough. Light-hearted wasn't the best description, but I didn't think it was malicious in nature, just frustration leaking out. I suppose I meant that because we have all the been on this topic for a long time, and there is very clearly a line in the sand between the opinions, that we (regular forum members) are aware of the arguments on both sides. Paired with the pictures actually representing the countdown, it more or less inspired an eye roll from me, but saw it more of a way of expression, even if I don't agree. The danger creeps in when said expression can be misinterpreted as truth, which is why I'm in favor of any removal of information that is is misleading.
  10. I assume I was misquoted, because if you check, I have been explaining why prematurely calling the game delayed & the countdown were bad ideas.
  11. Well, I believe the purpose was to direct the questions about release date and delays to the original post of this thread by Wes. That original post explaining why not to release information without having a solid date, and the console cert stuff is fairly enlightening. Unfortunately, now that this thread has nearly reached 40 pages, if someone decided to skim through all the different messages, there would be an astounding amount of varying opinions, arguments, mixed reactions and assumptions. Like I said, I think stopping the countdown (that we regular forum goers understand is meant to be light-hearted) to prevent any potential rumors or bad new circling around the release. Especially if they are very close to putting something together for us.
  12. No of course its unavoidable with people and the internet. My impression is that yes, it probably was causing that sort of issue. Or at least the threat of it happening was large enough that nipping it in the bud is the easier solution. Why do damage control if you just silence the information? People look at this forum as an official sounding source of information. If someone told you a release date was posted on the steam forum, I bet you would be skeptical and probably check here or twitter before believing it. But if you read on twitter that a post on forum.F13game.com announced the release date? You and I would log in here and check, but again knowing that there aren't that many users on here, most people would just read that and accept it as truth. Again, they just posted this picture (which is awesome, by the way) and theoretically a lot of people might be coming here to look for new information. I would imagine the 'silencing' is a pre-emptive strike against release date and delay rumors. And thanks, I served my time with her before she was shifted elsewhere thankfully, the other survivors and I laugh about the nonsense now...we look back on her BS and laugh. I call us survivors because my team is usually in the 10-12 person range and over the course of less than 3 years she fired 6 people and 4 more left to other roles/companies. The only reason I stuck around was because I was on a special project (the development project I mentioned way back at the beginning of this thread) answering to different manager.
  13. Then I assume you've never worked for a heartless bitch who is to employee management and career development as Jason is to councilors. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky. But allow me to shift perspective slightly on the matter. Manager = News outlets like IGN & Gamestop, general fan reactions, general PR Bad news (imagined, implied, assumed, perceived otherwise, or explicitly stated, etc) can all be treated the same way. That's how the internet works, its broken telephone. "I think you can play as Freddy in this game" Turns into "I heard someone say you can play as Freddy in a DLC or something" becomes "Future DLC will include other playable character like Freddy from FvJ" becomes "DLC including Freddy from FvJ to be released later this year, possibly when previously announced single player is to be released" becomes "Gun/Illfonic announce no plans for Freddy inclusion at this point, citing licensing issues" becomes "I heard they cancelled Freddy in the game" "What? This game blows"
  14. You're 100% right. Unless of course, they are certified and haven't told us yet.. Maybe they confirmed all the details with various groups and partners and they would only need 20 days from cert to release, so technically we have until April 10th. Maybe they got certified already and are busy setting up the distribution of rewards from the various tiers. Maybe they are working on getting the physical copies produced. Maybe they're still not certified and are currently on the phone with someone from Microsoft trying to get the Xbox certified. Maybe they all went home early after reading a few threads of anger and hate and called it a day. Maybe a lot of things. You can't just state something as a fact when there are variables that you are unaware of. At best, it should be "if we hit April 1st and it comes and goes without a release date announced- we're probably delayed." Gun just released a group pic of the councilors on twitter and somewhere in the responses, I believe someone posted a link to this thread. Now you have a bunch of people that probably didn't know about the site coming to look here for the first time after being excited about the new picture only to see the word delay everywhere and an unofficial countdown to delay going on. I wonder why Gun wouldn't want that to continue? Imagine some guys emailing your boss after hearing from someone else that you will be up late at a concert. 'Yeah hes probably going to come in late to work" Now you get shit from your boss for something that HASNT EVEN HAPPENED because of someone overhearing something, making assumptions and claiming them as facts.
  15. Gun posting a video of of a streamer/you tube personality's opinions does not mean everything in the video is 100% accurate. He even said in the video several times that he didn't know for sure, and it was guessing and speculation on his part. Maybe they were just promoting him because he promotes them. Maybe they just posted his summary because it had all the relevant details in a concise video that could be distributed without any effort on their (Gun's) part.
  16. Pamela could work as a stealth killer, being able to 'blend in' with councilors, have the same basic functions as a councilor (with buffed stats and a little more health) and be able to undo councilor progress, or sabotage escapes. This could also work with the body hopping Jason from JGTH, where Jason's spirit would inhabit a councilor and behave like them, but also get a set of executions. Roy would be a blend of both Jason and Pamela playstyles, no shifting and uber-strength executions, but buffed stats and the ability to behave like a councilor (climb through windows, hide, etc) Both of these types of playstyles would have to be a separate game mode that people select, otherwise you would piss off people wanting to play Jason only to end up as Pamela. The other MAJOR caveat, is that this would be A LOT of development time and is not going to be in the current version of the game. Maybe an expansion pack down the road. As for other villians...what villians? Pot and booze? Sex? Those things got a lot of the people in the movies killed..at least indirectly. Creatures, demons, hellhounds, spells, magics, dragons and ghosts do not belong in F13
  17. Well, if the hidden Jason ability is in fact a stealth mode, I hope its something that disables proximity music until an action is performed. Then you could have Jason morph to a location, enter a building and close the door behind him and just wait for a player to enter. If he runs, or power walks, it makes noise as any other councilor would, but any attack or being seen would cancel the effect. Could you imagine entering a building and hearing someone walk in the next room, expecting to run into a friendly face, and when you turn the corner, the hulking form of Jason is standing with weapon in hand...
  18. This is the sort of thing I would be happy with. Start with weapon base weapon, then at level 10, you get another skin for that weapon. Level 25 you can unlock weapon swapping, Max Level: More skins for weapons.
  19. I've wondered that myself, but seeing recent posts makes it obvious. They don't want armchair developers showing up and either suggesting fixes for the bug, questioning why something is a bug in the first place, then further questioning everyone involved with questions/statements like "how did you let that bug happen", "you wanna know how I'd fix that", "just submit it anyways" or my personal favorite "I dont know much about programming/dev work, but that seems like it shouldn't be hard/take long" I would love them to come out here and say "good news guys, this version of our submission is down to 13 bug fixes, 12 of which were sure passed, and the other 1 is a little tricky. Heres hoping, or else it could be another few weeks." Buuuuut, if that happens, just look at some of the previous pages for a demonstration of what it would look like. Additionally. does anyone actually want those guys in here several hours a day to answer all questions? More to the point, what else is there to say other than its coming soon? A} its wasting development time on nonsense. Yes, answering our questions is nonsense; we are a tiny, microscopic subsection of the population waiting for this game. Do you want to explain to everyone that cert might take longer for everyone because a few forum lurkers need constant updates? B} They have shown us A LOT of the game. All characters, lots of kills, plenty of locations. The only real thing missing is the release date. Sure there are some kills, easter eggs and Jasons death to work out, and 2 new maps to explore. But thats for when the game comes out and were running around discovering. Wheres the fun having a detailed map of everything before you've even stepped foot in it.
  20. I would prefer a map where you can go around collecting the shards of an ancient weapon. When all 30 pieces are combined, you can throw them into Jasons face (mask off, obviously) and his eyes will light up like the new Savini model, and he will be stunned. The weapon, now imbued with dark magic would be in the ground before you. Once a quick skillcheck (based on intelligence and strength) is passed, you can lift it out of the ground. The new weapon would allow you to summon an attack submarine to arrive in crystal lake and bombard the area.
  21. Jason has killed more people with a pitchfork than mining pick in he movies, so it would be a grand shame if the weapon doesn't become available at some point; especially considering the axe-fest.
  22. Update for the new video. I love uppercut axe, spike-in-the-ground and punch through kills. Oh also, axe-throw is awesome. I was a little disappointed by the slam down onto the tree stump. It felt like a stomp to the chest or head was next but it was just a choke slam. Nice, but it just seemed like more was needed compared to the brutality of others.
  23. I'll be honest, the multiple axes is disappointing if they can't at some point be swapped out. I don't care if that's the default weapon and you can unlock weapon swap at level # whatever, that's fine. But any time I choose part 8, even a year from now, I still only get red fire axe? disappointing. If you were weapon locked, variety would have been better. Jason has used so many different weapons that it seems silly that we basically come down to: Mining pick, machete, axe and spear. Just threw together a quick list of kills, ignoring part V, Remake and FvJ and non-Jason kills in JGTH: For simplicity, any action performed with bare hands (neck breaking, backbreaker) were listed together, unless a weapon was used as well. Additionally, any thrown damage (onto car, through door, onto spike) were all lumped together. Machete - |||||||||||||||||||| Pickaxe - (odd that this is a weapon when he never actually killed anyone with it) Fireaxe - | Pitchfork - || Wooden Axe - ||| Kitchen Knife - ||||| Hunting Knife - || Knitting Needle - | Speargun shot or stabbed - ||| Harpoon - | Guitar - | Sauna Rock - | Mirror shard - | Broken bottle - | Spear - ||||| Cleaver - || Bare Hands/head crush - ||||||||||||| Syringe - | Party horn - | Sleeping bag / tree - | Liquid Nitrogen freeze/headbash - | Sickle - | Tent Spike - || Icepick - | Sucked into space - | Strangulation - | Crane hook - | Wrench - | Garden Claw - | Kaiser - | Tree trimming Saw - | Drowning - || Punch - | Garrote - | Hammer - | Unknown/offscreen - |||| blunt object - ||| Electrocution - ||| Fire Poker - | Hacksaw - | Scalpel - | Throwing Knife - | Thrown/Dropped from height - ||||||| Point being, there are very few axe kills so its very odd that the axe is so common. I would prefer cleaver, hunting knife or even bare hands to replace the multiple axes. Or another good thing would be to have multiple skins of the various weapons. You could have a regular straight machete, one with jagged teeth and curved blade and the uber machete. Kitchen or hunting knife. Fireaxe or wooden axe. Spear with metal tip, or garden fence pole. Sickle or bonesaw Pitchfork or spade Edit: Sorry about the double-post, got carried away making the list.
  24. Could you perform a ritual to be a different attack vehicle? Collect a few books and perform a ritual with the sacred dagger to turn the helicopter into a tank? Or Perhaps an Armored personal carrier to help get the other people out too?
  25. It looks like all the time near extreme heat reduced the bloat around his skin that was on display in JGTH, the heat also turned his skin into basically a leather or jerky. I'm not really a fan of the perfectly symmetrical face, as was said previously, the deformity and irregularity sort of was a staple of the character. However, in a sort of afterlife-lore, isnt your spirit supposed to be freed by the bonds of mortality? You know, if you were deformed or maybe had a missing limb in life, in afterlife your 'spirit form' (for lack of a better term) would be the way you were always meant to be. I mean could you imagine showing up in the afterlife and still being in a wheelchair, or with crutches or a debilitating disease? Maybe this is meant to be the pure version of Jason's soul that ended up in hell, only to be roasted by the fires and demons of hell for ages until this husk was all that was left. This would sort of explain why the damage to his body and face is inconsistent with his injuries in the series, but his mask retains the damage from before. I think its cool to look at it, and sort of like alternate universe Jason. More options isn't a bad thing when it comes to character selection.
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