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  1. Maybe it refers the damage required to knock of the mask? Which may be one of the steps to actually 'killing' him For instance J2 and J3 may require 10-12 hits before mask comes off, and J9 only needs 6-8 hits? Just a thought Damage and stun do seem to be independent; from what I can tell there is -Defense (possibly less likely to block or stop damage in combat stance), -Stun resistance (greater chance of being knocked down/stunned), -Less hit points (working towards his death)
  2. Could you imagine the backlash and outcry if they had a kill like that in game
  3. See this is what I was talking about, they don't release information...bitching. They do release information, bitching. Look I'm pissed about the wait too, but what is the point of bitching and moaning now. Its coming, its not getting here any faster if we reach a certain complaint level. Take a deep breath and let it go. 1 month til the slaughter commences.
  4. Is there a line forming for this..if so, it starts behind me.
  5. I love the ash and cinders coming off of him as he walks. Also, if that's the TS-theme with operatic tones over the chase music, I LOVE it. Its part Hellraiser, part Terminator, all terrifying. Also, good news guys, it looks like the drawers STAY OPEN...no more re-searching stuff. I don't know if this was mentioned earlier, but its the first time I'm noticing this, so score!
  6. Coming here/reddit/twitter every day looking for news is like being the final guy/girl, seeing all your friends bodies scattered everywhere, tires deflated, phone line cut and doors broken down everywhere you look. You know he's here, you just don't know where. You almost want to see him so you know which way not to run, but the silence is deafening. Was that a snap of a twig? Was it just my imagination? WHERE IS HE!?
  7. Agreed, though I personally feel like maybe its the head that's too small or not round enough. He was sort of...bulbous in VI
  8. Love it! I'm also a fan of Jason just walking right through them when Rage is active *Mimetic Polyalloy God help us if Jason has access to that stuff!
  9. Look, don't get me wrong, I know for the most part what is contained within this forum is idle chatter when compared to the blazing infernos of bile and anger being spouted in other venues and forums, and believe it or not, I actually agree with you for the most part. I do feel let down and remember telling people that I'd be enjoying this game October of 2016. I even saved up some vacation time for end of last year because I wanted to play all day when it dropped. I used it on Xmas and got the beta during that time anyways, so it wasn't wasted, but I digress. I am disappointed, plain and simple; doubly so when you figure that the movie was cancelled as well. But nearly everything they have shown us about the game since than has been awesome and my level of respect for the devs has gone up because of all the various ways that have adjusted to setbacks and how they have turned negatives, not fully into positives, but pretty damn close. Even that recent post about possibly forgoing presale on Ps4 so we can get it sooner, just another way they show how hard they are trying to keep to their schedule. So I'll keep expecting the worst, hoping for the best, and regardless of next week, next month or hell, next year I'll still be playing this game. I'll probably just be a hell of a lot more vicious when its my turn behind the mask the longer I wait.
  10. Ok, just 'parents'; does that make the analogy any more accurate? There is no belittlement intended, I'm just pointing out that a wide variety of people contributed a wide variety of dollar amounts. I have to hope that no-one is so dense as to spend much needed food or rent money on a frivolity such as a video game, and if they are, it doesn't mean their contribution is more special than someone who wipes their ass with hundreds. I don't believe anyone was forced to donate to the kickstarter, nor does the act of donating guarantee anything to be done. The money part of the analogy was just to specify that there are a lot of people with various levels of investment in this game, even those that didn't contribute financially, and for better or for worse, they all have a voice and an opinion. I just feel bad for the developers that have to face said voices & opinions that continually ask for the same things that the developers are unable or unwilling to provide.
  11. I totally agree that there are valid concerns, and I strongly suspect that if the devs had one wish (aside from it being done), it would be to go back to their announcement in October of last year and just drop the 'early' from the release date, and just say '2017' Of course that would cause its own problems, but at least people wouldn't be getting out their calendars and calculators just yet. But you're right, there are valid concerns, and I share them, as I'm sure we all do. The last thing I want is to hear about a delay, and I'm looking forward to playing this game more than any Christmas in recent memory. My understanding is that everyone involved has lots of previous experience in the game industry with different companies, and perhaps their experiences lead them to believe certain dates and milestones could be reached with less friction. Perhaps they were part of bigger teams before or on less significant projects which lead them to have a somewhat rose-tinted view of the experience and the lengths it could go to? Or perhaps with all the custom tech developed for this project, it just lead to more challenges than expected? Either way, perhaps it was a case of biting off more than they could chew, but I respect them for chewing through this hunk as best they damn can. Maybe they'll finish on time, and maybe not. But it does break my heart a little to see someone stomp on what is essentially a passion project (A big name and brand project for sure, but passion project none the less) It also grinds my gears to see the same things said over and over, and it bothers me that I'm essentially doing the same thing, but on the opposite side of the coin. A valid concern is a valid concern. A valid concern mentioned for the 27th time is just complaining.
  12. Ok fine... then picture a car with 50000 kids in it, some having paid 10000 dollars towards the vacation and are now featured as attractions at the park were going to. Then there are other kids having pitched out 40 bucks for a ticket, and other kids pitching 250 for a ticket plus some other goodies and treats when they get there, and all sorts of other numbers pitched out in between. Not to mention there are a lot of freeloaders who paid nothing, but are anticipating getting to the park and buying in person at the gate. Some of those kids are asleep, some are patiently waiting, and some are repeatedly saying 'when are we getting there?' I suspect this is also coming from people who have not yet pitched out a nickle (sorry, pennies don't exist in Canada anymore) Now picture the parents in this hilariously overcrowded clown car that must employ some sort of time-lord technology to contain this group. Imagine how they must feel when they keep getting pulled over by officer Microsoft and Deputy Sony and told to slow it down. Especially when Sheriff Steam keeps telling them there's a shortcut through his town that would get them there instantly. They promised the good kids in Console-town the scenic route, and that is what they are going to do! Imagine the poor parents driving this car. You want to drive now?
  13. tone-deaf? that laughable. If you had kids in the back seat of your car every 5 minutes saying 'are we there yet' and you're driving from Toronto to Miami (about 2400km) by about the 4th hour, you would have already stopped acknowledging their existence. Yes it is a lose-lose-lose situation at this point. Please tell me how they are to proceed, if they don't have a concrete date, in a manner that minimizes grumpiness? What possible thing can they say that doesn't cause backlash?
  14. Take 2 points from stealth, add one to strength, the other to luck. Not a great combination, but works for the trope.
  15. I'd like something iconic like this: Any of the promo art for the game would be awesome as well.
  16. Has anyone considered they are doing exactly what people were complaining about months ago. Look back at the early parts of this thread; weeks would go by with not a single peep of info. Now we are getting practically daily news and screenshots, details about previously vague game mechanics, stats, etc. & they just updated the VC. It really seems like they are basically done and either waiting to make an announcement or waiting for the green light from one or two sources before an announcement. It seems like the VC was put on the backburner for months because all their attention was focused on the game, and now its been updated. My thought would be that whoever was working on it now had some free time because either their regular workload had significantly lessened, or they are in stand-by mode. IE: Having submitted a final draft that seemingly will go gold. They know people are going batshit insane and they are trying to do everything possible to appease people without giving them the one thing they know we want. Coincidentally the same thing that they have no control over. So here are some possibilities. Situation 1. They give us a guesstimate date: They say 'Ok guys, we think April 25th. April 25th comes around, no game. People have seizures of rage Situation 2: They tell us they're pushing it out, to prevent the above situation. People lose their minds because its delayed. Situation 3: They keep being silent, working their asses off and hoping to hit their target, which they do, even if its April 30th, People complain and bitch and moan every day until release, and then a bunch of twats keep pointing out that 'Well, they BARELY made it, so they basically lied/cheated/etc' Situation 4: They keep being silent, working their asses off and hoping to hit their target, which they don't, and on April 30th they apologize and tell us they will have it out asap. People revolt and throw shit at the walls. Situation 5: They give us a guesstimate date, and actually hit it. People whine and complain that the release is so late, that they doubt they will hit it before release. Post release they whine that it took so long. So many delightful possibilities.
  17. I can see a dream team of Adam, AJ and Brandon, Brandon and Adam running interference for AJ while she takes care of repairs, and if she gets targeted, it still leaves Adam able to ably repair, Brandon can go try to protect AJ, or AJ can try to lose Jason with her stealth/composure.
  18. This whole thread has devolved into people idling in front of a Stop sign and asking 'When do I stop... now?" " Do I stop here, or back there?" "Does that stop mean everyone, or just certain people?" "Why is the stop sign red? Why not blue?" Meanwhile, people behind the first group of people are just saying "You've stopped. Congratulations, now get the hell out of the way'
  19. Not a bad idea, but as I recall the last minute or two gets increased excited/chase music, regardless of proximity to Jason, that really got the blood pumping if you made it that long. I feel some of that adrenaline rush might be lost if the suns coming out, especially because you're using every nook and cranny to hide at that point, even if it only buys you a few seconds.
  20. Well, I would imagine they want us to have a few 'Oh cool!' moments when we discover something new or unexpected. I imagine the alt clothing may have something to do with being homages to existing characters from the movies. I would be happy to discover that when I install and browse them then know about every detail months in advance.
  21. I know some games have big head modes, but we should have a big butts mode.
  22. I've been thinking about this all day and was just getting ready to write a long winded argument for the ability to disarm the Jason traps, only to come here and see that this thread has been created. Seriously Wes, thank you for being so in touch and responsive with us. I really like the idea JyusannichiKibou mentioned: allowing 3 different choices with different pros and cons, but allows for quick, meaningful, situational decisions to be made that vary greatly from game to game, even from one minute to the next. I'm also in agreement with VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, that it has to be a bit of risk/reward for both parties. Jason has more than enough tools in his disposable, but each one carries a little weakness for him. That is what the councilors need, that glimmer of hope. Love the idea of using the pocketknife to perform a silent disarm of the trap, and a weapon (or foot) to do a loud disarm. If there were a skill check, possibly could be strength based instead of intelligence? Gives them something to excel at, and also stresses the importance of a balanced team. Perhaps luck or strength can also influence whether the pocketknife breaks or not, so its not always a sure thing to lose the most valuable item? Perhaps to make up for councilors being able to destroy or disarm the traps, you could allow Jason to reuse silently disarmed traps, if he notices that it has been disarmed of course. If we are going to be set on 100% guaranteed pocket knife breakage to the councilor, then the silent disarm should either be unheard by Jason, or if he does hear it, it shouldn't automatically indicate which trap has been disarmed. If Jason has set down 3 traps, he would have to guess which one was tripped. Of course, if only one was in play, its a moot point. Also, is there a cool down on the trap setting ability? Can Jason just drop them all in quick succession, or is there a little wait?
  23. I feel like you were channeling some George Carlin-esque rant in there, and if so, bravo! All hail the Master Server.
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