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  1. Hopefully the nerf doesn't go too far, there are already far too few perks of value. I dread having to roll so many times to upgrade my already epic perks, but at the same time, my 110k of cp is getting awfully dusty. Jason doesn't really need perks to make him more lethal, because everyone would stack the same ones (shift speed, damage, stalk length, hp boost, multi-target attack) etc Therefore, if you're talking Jason perks, I suggest giving Jason cosmetic perks. Clean new mask, worn and chipped, etc. Or Dripping bloody weapon, or brand new/shiny weapon. *nothing tacky like gold* Flaming/muddy footprints, leaving a fog or mist after a morph, or a fog trail after a Shift, etc. Stuff like that, doesn't really affect gameplay, but gives you a sort of your own signature look. Speaking of which, I hope they eventually roll out different variation of skins for weapons.
  2. I've mained AJ since launch. Shes fantastic for the first 10 minutes of the match, and decent for the last 10. I play her to rush objectives and get out of dodge somewhere between shift and rage. I run Epic Marathon for stamina boost, Medic and Epic 3.5 min Dad is a Cop. I hate the stereotype of AJ hiding in a closet, or under a bed the whole match as 80% of the time I spectate, its Kenny, Vanessa or Tiffany in a bikini. Usually with several PKs/Spray and shotgun. She has one of the better speed/stamina combos of the repair group so shes not bad at getting far away parts and then getting them installed quick. That being said, I have been left in the dust after repairing the car myself by so many people, it begs the question why should I ever bother doing another repair unless I have the keys. Her stealth/composure combos is fantastic for spending time alone and outside. That being said, I always try to stop and pick up people and try to go at least 3/4 full in the blue car after becoming an off-roading/shift-dodging pro. I highly recommend being a great driver if you pick AJ, the start time is abysmal thanks to luck being used in this manner (which is still a terrible idea) and with rubber-banding you can kiss your ass goodbye if you do get stopped. Her ability to fight is weak, so shes best served with a 1 hit wonder weapon (bat, gun, flare) because the others wont be effective, and if they are, not for long. Or team up, preferably with Tiffany or Shelly. Avoid Venessa, they always ditch after bringing Jason to you. I try to play escort for people to the cops, and several times I have fully repaired the boat and let other people take it to focus on car/phone because I had a key or fuse as well. Stealth does work...in the sense that you can usually go about your business without too much attention. IE: disarm traps and dont mess up repairs. For reference, I have been TJ 56 times, and hit my 1000 matches as a counselor several weeks ago, so stealth works...just not for long. Pick AJ, enjoy the thickness, get some things repaired and get out asap < The best way to play her.
  3. I hope Uber has the same strengths and weaknesses as Savini so people will shut up about the stats and play style already. Give him a long weapon too, so people will know the joys of getting stuck in every door frame, window frame, lampshade, couch, table, wall, painting, statue, tree branch and sign, while whiffing 90% of the time in combat.
  4. Jason feels better now than he has in months, however the only other tweak I would make (and I suggested it nearly a year ago as well) is DIMINISHING RETURNS ON STUNS. If Jason is stunned one time, normal stun. If he is stunned a second time within about 6-8 seconds = half a full stun duration If Jason is stunned a third time (again within about 6-8 seconds of the previous stun), quarter a full stun duration. After that, no stuns (only interrupts) for maybe 20-30 seconds). Attacking should be a last resort; if several counselors round Jason to have a stun party, they should have their shit ruined. De-masking and killing Jason should require effort, not 3+ people stun locking Jason (with no counter-play for him). It would make for a more run and gun style, which allows for more variables and chances at good or bad decisions on either parties part. For instance, If J feels he is being lead towards a fight, he can choose to pursue or go do something else. If counselors feel they are running low on stamina they can take the chance at giving him a smack, or keep jogging away. This also allows for fear to mean something again, because they'd be using stamina to run when he was stun immune, which again discourages this sort of gangbang behavior. Seriously, is my memory wrong or back before stuns were reduced in duration, wasn't Jason immune to further damage and stuns for a while after say, taking a pocket knife out of his neck?Granted he couldn't do anything except walk around, but to me that was a better option than knowing you're going to get stunned the moment you get up and not having a single thing to do about it? Jason should be immune to all damage and stuns as long as he is unable to move or react due to the sitting up or turning out of a stun animation finishing. Please note this only means immunity from coming out of combat stun animations. If he is in another animation (picking up a knife, breaking fusebox, grabbing someone) he's a free target. But being stun locked in combat shouldn't be a thing. I am completely fine with Jason being open to hits when he rages through a door. Its a little cheap but fair, considering he has an alternative by breaking the door manually. I can take or leave stunning Jason through a door, doesn't bother me too much and he can hit counselors through the door as well...so I think its fine. PS: If the above was added in, I'd be fine if 1 more PK and medspray was added back; lately I've had plenty of games go where I only get one or two in the neck and it just feels too easy to activate kills now. Plus I've seen a lot of limping counselors jogging about...takes the fun out of hunting them so I usually let them go unless they were about to call cops/start car. TL;DR: Jason feels like he is in a pretty good spot, but still see too many rounds where killing Jason is the only priority. I would leave everything as is except modify the one or both of the combat items noted below and add 1 more pk/med spray back to each map. Jason should have stun immunity while coming out of stun, at least until he is able to move/swing or block again. Stun locking shouldn't be a thing. Multiple stuns in a short duration should have diminishing returns on duration to prevent deter gangbangs
  5. I would think around level 75 would be good. Halfway point of levels (for now), halfway between 50 and 100 is satisfying as well, encourages people to stick around and earn xp. A good deal of time to have earned it, but not too extreme. Either that or hes exclusive to Grendel map and always available on that map...which I could understand, but it would suck only being available on 1 map. Slightly off topic thought process> That would be cushioned if the Grendel map itself is very modular, in the sense that I assume parts of the map are ship and parts are VR camp, and it would be nice that the map (although its a single map) had more variance in the spawn points and cabin/room. For instance, all the current maps have basically the same layouts with variation in spawn points of objectives and rarely an extra or missing building here or there. I hope that Grendel the ship remains this way, and Grendel the VR simulation is different each time by having very different configurations. It would add alot more variety and replay-ability if the map sometimes had 3 big cabins, and sometimes 5 smaller ones, and sometimes 1 big and 3 small...etc, because there really is no "hero building" like in the other maps, there isnt a need to showcase anything specifically, so let the randomness of the VR allow for different situations. Slightly more on topic > I saw a post elsewhere on Uber's stats and it got me thinking and I think I can kill several birds with one stone. Lots of people bitch about Savini and his stats being so OP. *I know they are strong, but not night and day strong as some people would have you believe, and that damn pitchfork gets stuck all the time and whiffs on everything else, but I digress. Let Uber have the same strengths and weaknesses as Savini, and with a machete as a weapon. This would technically make Uber even stronger because of faster swing time. This gives everyone essentially access to a Savini clone, while keeping the look, music and uniqueness as a backer exclusive which, as a backer, I think would appease most people that clamor about him being OP and P2W. Alternately, if Uber *is* exclusive to just the Grendel map, I would even go a step further and give him a fourth strength, stun resistance. Since he cant be used elsewhere it wouldn't create a situation where everyone has him set to default, its just if you get picked as Jason on Grendel, no matter which Jason you have selected, you're Uber. That said, I hope Uber is available on all maps, and same goes for other Jasons on Grendel, I just want his stats to really speak to his character.
  6. Still happens, saw it a few days ago...walk into water, should take care of it.
  7. Yeah getting real tired of this. 3 of my last 5 matches as Jason have ended by host leaving and Ive lost out on 4/6/3 kills and all associated bonuses and points. Additionally played maybe a half dozen matches this week while either still running, already dead or escaped and the host leaves, leaving me out several thousand more xp for sure. This needs to be fixed asap, one little prick leaving early should not punish 7 other so harshly. Wrap up the match and hand out points for whats already happened if you must, if host migration isnt working currently, but get this done.
  8. I either get nice reactions and people asking how to get the skin, or P2W comments lately. Hes strong, but depending on your playstyle, not the best, and certainly beatable. Groups that move together and defend one another can cause massive headaches for him. No denying his strengths are good, but to be fair, all the Jasons are more than capable to destroy the whole bunch of councilors; hes not leaps and bounds over others. I personally get more worried with part 8 showing up.
  9. Im fine with it, assuming bear trap kills stop counting as betrayals. Be more careful when shooting and try not to run people over. If you do kill others on purpose, I have no sympathy.
  10. Saw two players in the same match exploiting their way to the roof. Steam users Big man & Sao wave, seemed to be on purpose as they got up there fairly quickly
  11. Speaking of which, if you play on Steam with the same username as here (as I do), I think I played with you a couple nights ago, I was part 9 Jason but you guys got the call to the police off fairly quickly and I only ended up with 4 kills. I didnt defend the phone as well as I normally do because it was my first time with 9 and I wanted to test out his stuff. If that was you, Hi! Hope to see you around and you can hunt me next time:)
  12. Never seen P2W comments with Savini Jason, and Im sorry you had to deal with that. Ive usually seen nothing but nice things like "oh crap its hell Jason" or "dude if you grab me, dont insta-kill me I want to check out that skin" Ive even had a few nice chats, that didnt turn whiney and entitled, about how I got the Savini Jason skin and that its no longer available. People were fairly understanding that it was a kickstarter item. Regardless of that, I find that if the intro cinematic rolls, and its 9, 8 or even 6 Jason, Im more worried than if its Savini.
  13. Its hit and miss for me, Ive gone into cabins that the music was playing, doors not locked no drawers open and a gas tank in the corner, other times its clearly been picked clean. I try not to activate it when anyone else is around and do activate it just as Im leaving, and always activate it when Jason is chasing me or someone near by.
  14. Well someone certainly like to itemize. Yes, for fairness. Do you think you should be able to be picked up while Jason is invisible? You want people to have a survival instinct and to know they are going to have to play tough to survive, not think its a hopeless cause. In my example, I tell you there is no indication to inform you he is around, you are going about trying to complete objectives, what exactly is better positioning when moving between cabins looking for items and then suddenly youre in his grab? The car I can let slide more than being grabbed because you still have a chance to do something after he stops the car, but being in his grab and then having an almost instant execution is not fun. Sometimes itll happen, fine, but it should be dependent on variables such as I listed. Reread my post, at no point did I say I need a constant indicator of his location, I was simply describing a scenario that there was no indication (no visual contact, no chase music, no red indicator on the minimap) of his proximity. You honestly think its silly that a full health or high composure character should have a higher chance of escaping his grasp than an injured or low composure councilor? Dont tell me what I am or what Im not in favor of. I have been defending Jasons OP abilities for months on this forum, even being one hoping for Stalk to be the power it turned out to be, months before it was announced, and applauding every decision that made Jason tougher. I want him to be strong. What I dont want is him to be cheap. If a match becomes shift-grab, near-instant kill animation. What is the fun? There isnt a hope for the councilor, and the thrill of the hunt is lost entirely. I have about 180 matches under my belt and 1 thing is for sure, Jasons are getting a lot better at this game. I played 10 matches yesterday and only twice did more than 1 councilor escape, and only half the matches had any survivor at all. First few days, I played multiple matches where everyone escaped. On the delay, I mean there should be a delay in the executions becoming available AFTER he has grabbed you. People button mash right now and you can have near-instant executions. Again, I already explained this. A full health, high strength or composure councilor should realistically struggle longer before Jason can perform a kill. That would give incentive to hunting and injuring councilors before grabbing them, because there is a good chance if you dont, they will get out of the grip and cause you to be momentarily stunned. Stop blowing things out of proportion, Im not asking for drastic changes to the game. Im asking for the mechanics IN the game to work more in line with the way they have been described to us. Again context; Im not arguing about having Jason morph right next to you seconds into a game, that might happen, does happen and more often than not I survive situations like that, because Jason doesnt have all his tricks yet, so its easy enough to get away if you play smart and get a little lucky. My point was that early into the game, the councilor should have no fear and full health. Right? So if you do get unlucky and he morphs right next to you and you do get caught, isnt it reasonable in that situation for that councilor to stand a pretty good chance of getting out of that grip, especially if they have high composure or strength? Wouldnt it be reasonable to say that person probably should have a better chance of escaping his grip than someone half way through the match, that is injured and doesnt have the highest strength or composure, or high fear levels? Im perfectly happy with the game, and average about a 50% survival rate as councilor and about 6-7 kills as Jason. Im merely suggesting that having a few MINOR tweaks to EXISTING mechanics would prevent those mechanics from being seen as cheap bullshit, but rather powerful tools that can be both used and countered by skilled players on either side of the mask.
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