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  1. So the rollback doesn't really work? During the beta I did a rollback and it didn't help me at all, but I don't remember what I actually rolled back to cuz it has been a while. I don't want to waste time doing it again if it doesn't work though
  2. I got so excited seeing the Retro Jason but sadly we won't be able to enjoy it I guess.
  3. I wish I could refund, but unfortunately I was already over the time limit. And I doubt I'd be able to refund my Savini Jason and DLC clothing regardless. I'm stuck waiting for the issue to be fixed and by the time it is (if that ever happens) the hype train and excitement will be completely over, everyone will already have everything unlocked, etc.
  4. I understand, and thank you for acknowledging our frustration over being unable to play. I know there's a lot going on.
  5. I can confirm that the UE4PrereqSetup fix did not work for me.
  6. It's tough because I did get 7 or 8 matches in yesterday with no crash. But of course last night the game crashed on the second match of a single session. So it feels like it helps but in actuality I dont think it does. It feels random, like you said. For a while I thought it happened more when Jason was around. But lately it has happened when I was talking with another player or trying to install the phone fuse. It hasn't happened to me at all in the 4 games I've played as Jason. Random random random.
  7. yep, same! Was working for a while but now I got the same crash again. thank you!
  8. Yeah that is crap. Made it through 7 matches total, 1 as Jason, no crash. If it's a legit workaround then great, maybe this will work for others, but it's still unacceptable as I really hate windowed mode to begin with and we should be able to play in full resolution. But if it is the problem, maybe it will give the devs somewhere to start.
  9. Hmm, trying not to get too optimistic but I'm on match #5 of 1600x900 windowed with no crash.
  10. Occasionally I will get the crash to desktop without the error message as well, but yesterday I actually let it sit like that for a long time with the music playing and eventually an error message did come up (only it had "RESET" at the end of it instead of "HUNG"). I've seen the matches last longer than they should as well; once I died as the last person but Jason still had to wait for the timer to run out because the game seemed to think someone else was still alive. Now, to everyone -- I've seen that another game has issues with AMD called Little Nightmares, and it seems some people were able to play by lowering the resolution to 1600x900 and playing in windowed mode. Another potential fix for some AMD issues is apparently rolling back from the current Amd Crimson to AMD catalyst 15.11.1 (I hope I said that correctly). I am not an expert on any of these thing but I did want to throw out some potential things to try in case anyone feels up to it when the servers are back
  11. Yeah, unfortunately I'm done with the game until this gets fixed. I actually had 2 matches in a row no issue, then a third was going really well until I was about to escape in the car after an intense match. It always seems to crash at the worst possible time. I know it's futile especially since someone with a nvidia card has also thrown their hat into the ring, but I did send a message to AMD about it as well. I'll try to continue contacting the devs wherever I can to make sure we're heard. I'm sure they do pay attention to these bug reports to some degree but as I said previously, I did report the issue back in December and it's still happening in the release build.
  12. they'll probably just assume you rage quit. had that happen to me when i ended up in a lobby with some people I crashed on. oh well, they got their 500 exp and whatever else they get for surviving.
  13. Another AMD report. While I don't want a ton of people to have this issue, I can't help but feel like we won't get this addressed unless the devs see that it's not just 1 or 2 people having the issue. So if you see anyone posting about this anywhere let's try to show the devs. There are a lot of people posting about it on the Steam forums, some have offered "fixes" that have not worked for the rest of us. The issue is on the side of the devs. I get that they have a lot of other stuff they're dealing with right now. But it's beyond frustrating to have a game constantly crash halfway through a match. It's unplayable at this point.
  14. The boat is 2 seater. You should have been able to get on after it was started
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