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  1. you love the combat stance where you can't even lock into a player properly?, the bad hitboxes?, the left mouse button attack that can't kill an ant?, the invulnerable grab animations?, perks that further more ruin the balance?, all these have been spoken about and nothing much has been changed if I'm told not to play, then I want my money back then, I have every right to complain about the product I purchased, I'm not running the show because I'm pointing out the issues
  2. because THEY ARE TERRIBLE, how can anyone be ok with such a restrictive combat system, poor game mechanics and balance the moment I point it out, hey just stop playing the game, well that's fine, then I want my money back if that's the case, backed this game up at Kickstarter and it constantly failed to deliver, its already selling its DLC without addressing the core issues. if I can't speak out of how things are then forums shouldn't exist changes the core gameplay...yes that's the point, it turns it into an actual suspenseful stalking type of the game
  3. yes, its one thing to call out an idea for being bad, that's not the issue but when you tell people who come to the forums to not play the game when they give their critique, then it becomes an issue... you noticed no one else had an issue with me in this thread 20 minutes or not, we can adjust that if things need be, changes I prorposed are only a rough draft, an idea if you will ...and ofcourse other changes may need to take place as well it wont make things more boring, it'll make things more suspenseful you keep ignoring that the counselors would also have a harder time, because they can no longer detect Jason, its a 2 edge blancde
  4. there doesn't seem to be enough feedback, might end up with a dead thread soon
  5. that's completely fine, disagreement is perfectly naturally but a lot of people who are commenting seemed to only disagreed partially, based on what I'm reading, some people like the idea of having stalk early as opposed to sense but are not wanting to remove the counselors music detection but then again some people have either not read the entire thread or did not understand what my vision was for the change
  6. yeah... while glitches and bugs can be fixed eventually wish I could get my money back as well if I had known the core mechanics and gameplay would be this bad
  7. that is how it works buddy, and your arguments stink as well, as you did say "don't like it, don't play it, so the same is applied to you, don't like my thread, don't comment
  8. I'm completely fine with people not agreeing, HOWEVER people are simply not agreeing with it entirely, people seem to like the idea of stalk being placed early on I'm still against sense because it renders hiding in closets and under bed completely useless, and this was to actually assist with that some people think I'm suggesting this simply because of skill issues, which is completely not the case, I'm simply putting ideas out there simply because the game is basically tag and there isn't much depth or complexity past that
  9. its not retarded, or because its too "hard", I clearly stated the game makes it too easy to detect each other if its implemented it would open up more ways to actually play the game instead of just morphing, flick a switch, and then chase the player till he/she runs out of stamina
  10. sense is useless?... whether or not your hero is scared you can be detected, you only have a slight chance of evading sense depending on your stats
  11. mouse makes it easy to look around quick... you have to be really slow to not find him, since you don't necessarily have to spot Jason with your own eyes, the mini map reveils him for you the combat system is still restrictive regardless, its a terrible a system
  12. it is DUMB, don't like my thread then get out... it can also be applied to you, see 2 way street argument you have not contributed any good arguments in any of your replies, and are mostly "meh, I dun lik you idea, it made gem boyrin"
  13. combat system for Jason is terrible because it has a really crappy lock on system, imagine trying to fight multiple players at once its not fun, the system is also really clunky and incredibly restrictive because of it now you are right.... players might just end up hiding to avoid Jason... perhaps just giving sense at late game might be a better solution rather than removing it completely the hearing sense already gives players an idea of where the player might be, as the circles popup and show up to jason yes you do have eyes in the back of your head.... press R, you don't even have to see Jason with your own eyes.... just look around and focus on the mini map, you'll see him there anyway
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