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  1. I'll take any measure of fixes sans the customary utter fucking of the game that comes with them.
  2. Absolutely not. Between the mismanagement of the game, the disrespect of its backers, and the shadiness of the Savini code sales, I'll never touch anything related to either company again.
  3. I didn't back those games, but if I had, I can assure you that I'd be offering the same criticisms. That said, other companies' mistakes don't mitigate how poorly this game functions in its current state.
  4. I'd call half the perks shit, but even shit has usage. The system could definitely use a change.
  5. A year since release is more than enough time to get the game in working order. I'm not interested in another year (the game should be so lucky) of this "please, please, please, just another week we promise" fuckery.
  6. I facecamped a survivor in DBD once for having the audacity to throw a pallet down in my face. Sometimes you just have those days.
  7. I'll take Dead by Daylight's gameplay any day over Escape Early and Watch Everyone Else Play For 15 Minutes: The Game.
  8. This is absolutely correct. You can stealth every major objective even with her 2 in repair.
  9. Yes, we call it human emotion. The whole "super cool emotional zombie" shtick is done to death.
  10. Medic is stupidly unbalanced in comparison to every other perk in the game. When they actually work, a med spray should be a way to recover from the occasional mistake, not the one-size-fits-all answer to traps, slashes, throwing knives, and second story leaps with zero thought whatsoever.
  11. This is good news. I love the new content, but the bugs will kill this game if left to fester like they have been. I sincerely hope that we see these words backed with action.
  12. The update's awesome. I know I love healing five times in a row and not getting any actual, you know, healing out of it.
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