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  1. Combat Stance

    While I appreciate what it lets me get away with in combat, the stance itself is clunky and cumbersome. Being able to work around it's issues doesn't mean the system itself isn't flawed.
  2. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    @GhostWolfViking, thank you for this video. From the Jarvis house on I don't think I was able to catch a single breath in-between laughs.
  3. At this time, no weaknesses are planned for any of the playstyles for the mock expansion. Rationale as follows: Weaknesses as they currently stand are annoyances at best (Savini) and Jason-cripplers at worst. (Part VII) They are more often defined by their associated strengths (Weapon Strength+, Destruction, Shift+) than their own merits. Strengths (JL vers.) reward the player for taking advantage of opportunities, where weaknesses artificially limit the Jason's potential with a simple turn of a dial. (Less traps, short shifts, etc.) The removal of weaknesses allows Jason to have a baseline to be balanced against. Outlier strengths can be reigned in without affecting more appropriately balanced Jasons. Some weaknesses barely apply to the match itself. Water Speed +/- sees drastically less use during a match with two car spawns.
  4. Assuming appropriate balance changes in conjunction with, I'd like to see counselor-specific abilities make a return. It'd really help with the sameiness they can suffer from at times as far as perks go.
  5. Psycho Jarvis killer overview added. Item list updated with new handgun graphic. "Copycat" Jason Part 5 playstyle added.
  6. Questionable tactics?

    Welcome to the forums! Love the name! 1. Generally speaking, the most common perks I've seen in use tend to be Marathon, Medic, Thick Skin, and Swift Attacker, but one of the game's strengths is that it's entirely possible to succeed perkless. If you wanted to run a counselor that improves people in groups and plays a "leader" type character, I would definitely encourage you to do so. (What's the worst the could happen, you'd die? :P) Just be a good teammate (helping with objectives, paying attention to your map/minimap, saving other counselors when feasible, etc), and you'll already be better than 90% of the lobbies out there. 2. I *always* do this, even if I'm playing Deborah and still searching the rest of the house. It lets anyone paying attention know where one of the parts are and where it's likely to be if Jason also pops up on the map. For a fraction of a second's worth of time, the benefits are incredible. The only argument I could think of off the bat is if you're (unfortunately) playing with assholes you might think are likely to try and TK with the car. In that case, it may be a better idea to conceal any possible part locations for as long as possible. 3. A lot of it comes with experience, and a bit of general map awareness. Obviously if you hear Jason break it you'll know where it is, but even if you don't and your lights go off, you at least know where he isn't, and can cross a cabin off the list. (*Stalk warning here*) I'm on PC myself, with my Steam info in my sig below. If you ever want someone to play with, just let me know!
  7. Your favourite forum member?

    I'm out of reactions today, but thank you.
  8. God, I'm so excited for the Savini possibilities now that he'll have a weapon worth a damn.
  9. Jason needs a buff

    In regards to the chain-stuns, any combat situation in which there is zero counterplay needs to be adjusted or removed. Jason getting 2 knives and no longer shuffling like he has weights on his feet is a lovely buff, but when compared to the bugs that continue to hamstring Jason gameplay, it's a drop in the bucket. This is what Jason needs: Controls that don't get completely locked out at random. Attacks that inflict damage every time every time they connect. An "E" button that triggers the intended action upon one, and only one, key press. As always, the new content is fantastic and the upcoming features look like a ton of fun, but if someone's dying of thirst, don't cram a bag of pretzels down their mouth asking "there, ya satisfied?"
  10. I'm fine with Jason hitting people through doors.
  11. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    Oh hey, you saved me from a Part 2 ages ago! I forgive you. >:}
  12. While I do enjoy swinging through the doors as a counselor when I can, I do feel that it should be removed from the game from their side. Jason I have less of a problem with when it comes to hitting through doors, since he's actually done it in the Friday movies themselves, and the risk of catching an axe head through the door adds to the overall tension of the match.
  13. car issue?

  14. Who has a youtube channel?

    I didn't realize half of you had channels! I'll have to check 'em out. Here's mine, a lovely little place where I get chased around by Jasons (and Hillbillies) for days.
  15. Jason feels better, (the knives and speed help regain lost time) but there are still a couple of key issues: - It remains too easy to run around with 4 Med Sprays at a time due to the Medic perk. (Hypochondriac helps exacerbate the issue but is nowhere near as egregious as "double literally all the healing you come across".) -The hit detection and control bugs function too often as additional "get out of a jail free" cards. It's immensely frustrating to instantly go from having a counselor dead to rights to wasting 5-10 seconds because of the "your weapon missed and now it's stuck in the walls lol" chacha.