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  1. Whoa, a Jason with a +Weapon Strength perk is usually using it? We'd better get the devs on this, stat.
  2. I've agreed with this idea before, and still do. The timer as it currently stands rewards fucking around instead of getting out.
  3. Basically, you want your ability to work as advertised and not have a 50/50 chance to dick you over? I'm sorry, this is Friday the 13th. Here's your pair of dice.
  4. This is one of my favorite things to do when playing as one of the athletic counselors. One whack with the baseball bat followed by a think emote and now I've got a Jason on me for fifteen minutes.
  5. I definitely agree with you as far as the movie goes, which is actually one of the reasons I'm so impressed that the game managed to differentiate between each Jason as much as they have. To elaborate on my earlier post, I like how (with the Jasons that we currently have) we're seeing shades of a unique playstyle for each. Part 2 seems to be fairly widely known as a trapper-type, with Part 4 having a more "relentless pursuit" type playstyle. I'd like to see these differences pushed even further in the future, with larger differences to their perks and/or abilities, so that we could have more varied playstyles for each Jason. (Jasons that are good with traps, Jasons that excel at sneaking around, Jasons that excel versus groups, etc.)
  6. The Jasons as they are feel too samey for the most part. I'd like to see each one get a unique playstyle in the future. Say what you want about DBD, but the type of killer you're facing has a major effect on the match, which also helps with replayability.
  7. I would have loved something for Part VI more reminiscent of the movie, like how Part IV's does.
  8. I'd love to see how the game would feel if the counselor dots and the leaderboard statuses were removed. I think it'd be creepy as hell to just hear screams in the night and have to remember what the voice sounded like to figure out who just got murdered.
  9. Thank you! And that's the one! Just the entire atmosphere of that one in particular.
  10. I feel like it may be better to roll both your Detection idea and the Sense bonus together, ("Awareness"?) since I do think that alone it may pale in comparison to some of the other bonuses. But I absolutely love the idea of a perk that provides information (yeah, there's +Sense, but ehh) as opposed to raw destructive power!
  11. Here you go! My personal favorite is the one that happens roughly halfway in, which I always refer to as the Thematic Spooky™. Haha. ᵔᴥᵔ
  12. Right on! I love videos like this. I was surprised at how much resemblance Jenny's actress bears to her character in the picture.
  13. The really good ones (like in the video) do tend to happen more rarely, with situations like "counselor goes through window while Jason saunters up" definitely happening more frequently. (Although it's been my experience that the real spookies are worth the wait. >:}) I'm about to head out to work soon, but I'll slap together a compilation of some of my favorites for any of you guys interested later. Worth a few laughs! ᵔᴥᵔ
  14. Thank you. I can sit here and whore out badges, clears, or whatever other bullshit metrics the people here want to toss out, but it drives me to distraction when people try to look me in the face and tell me to get better when I'm watching my weapons pass through flesh like air.
  15. I feel like the police escape should be based on a type of sliding scale, with longer times to arrival the earlier the cops are called. It would help prevent 6-7 minute matches against newer/unfamiliar players, while increasing the overall challenge for players who are good enough to get the phone that early in the first place. On the opposite end, I'd have the cops arrive faster based off of how close to the end of the match they were called. This would help allow the police escape to still be a valid option when there's under 5 minutes left in the match. (With My Dad's a Cop being an exception to the whole 5 minute deal.)