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  1. He must have really hurt you to receive such an overreaction.
  2. Hal Bailman

    Come on guys

    The update's awesome. I know I love healing five times in a row and not getting any actual, you know, healing out of it.
  3. Hal Bailman

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    This will do. This will do nicely.
  4. I guess it's just lucky for us that we don't require your respect to enjoy the game.
  5. The game asks it's players to deal with too many frustrations and wastes an inordinate amount of their time for most people to want to put up with. Why sit around in Friday browsing YouTube or whatever you do during Spectate Mode, when you can play a game that's half the price, comes with nearly 90% more updates, and isn't anywhere near as consistently glitchy? You can trash the core gameplay all you want, but at the end of the day, the DBD devs got their shit together, supported their game, and have the numbers to prove it.
  6. I ship it. Awesome news.
  7. That's a good question, and one that I hadn't considered! While I'd ideally like to see how the swapping system itself works to give a final answer, I would say that the bonuses are granted on the act of switching weapons, and not the weapon itself. With that idea in mind, while Roy wouldn't start with a cooldown reduction, swapping to shears later on would provide the same cooldown bonus. Upon further thought, Roy's third strength shouldn't be conditional at all in order to allow him an initial bonus off the bat before most of the switching comes into play.
  8. I'd imagine it was left over from when they removed friendly fire, but as for why in the hell we're still allowed to target counselors to this day I have no clue. Maybe it'll be changed with the engine update?
  9. I'd be very interested in seeing your rationale for this. I completely agree (for the record), but I've had a bad time articulating why outside of "I feel".
  10. It remains an issue. Neither of the attacks shown below made any contact.
  11. So refreshing to see someone call this shit out for what it is.
  12. Hal Bailman

    Let's talk about bear traps.

    There are reasons for placements on both. The only stupid play in F13 is the one you slavishly commit to without considering the circumstances of the match.