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  1. I probably have killed more counselors as Jason 9 than any other. Once shift comes online, it's hard to not just fuck up the lobby.
  2. When the police are not called and I feel the odds are better Jason can get them (as in Jason is decent, not too many more counselors to gum things up) I agree. I can sit back and watch them twist in the wind until they rage quit or take their death.
  3. I love to ensure karma comes a knocking. I'm not sure what is better. Running them over or leaving them behind to certain death with Jason.
  4. It's a small enough problem that Gun doesn't need to screw with it.
  5. Nah. It's time to stop stepping in traps.
  6. I don't expect to die or to survive. It comes down to a number of factors. I main Adam. For me, he has a decent survivability. I also start with firecrackers. That way I can draw things out if Jason starts on me and I don't have time to gear up. With that I don't expect a Jason to be able to effortlessly kill me without outthinking me. Sure he can tunnel me and I know sooner or later I'm dead, but the trade off is that if the lobby is worth a damn, they'll fix shit and escape and Jason has to deal with that loss. Even against our forum group, who all know how to play, I expect to give Jason a run... With that, XP has never been a concern. i play each round as though it were the only one that mattered. Maybe the tabletop RP'er in me likes the immersion. I agree with this, mostly. And except for the fighting groups problem, Jason DOES this for the most part. Let me explain. Unless a counselor has great timing, and even then, anytime they fight Jason is a crapshoot. Sure they may land a hit and prolong the chase, but one screw up? Jason is more than likely going to kill them. I've had people good at combat land ten hits on me. It only took me one grab (Unless they had a pocketknife) to end things. With that, you can't expect a game to fully mimic a movie. The counselors need to have a shot. A good Jason vs bad counselors is a bloodbath. A good Jason vs good counselors is a bit swingier. 6/8 is the average for those lobbies in my experience. A bad Jason vs bad counselors often ends with 8/8 if my early games are anything to go by, and a bad Jason vs good counselors? Jason generally gets 1-2. the fact is playing Jason shouldn't be an expected 8/8 without any skill. Jason is balanced to take the majority of a lobby and with player skill can wipe one out. however if he does something rookie, like tunnel a counselor before laying traps, he should expect the phone call put out, the vehicles started and Tommy on scene. I think this may be a mediocre Jason issue. We don't gang on Jason for the most part and when it has happened to me in quickplay? I've slashed down as many as I've needed to. This scenario sounds more like assclown lvl 150 players getting their rocks off by bullying low level Jason players. with that, I'm all for that being done away with. if jason hits rage and can shake off 4/5 stuns, even from Buggzys' with baseball bats, and if Jason was as likely to soak damage as take it, so you never knew when his mask was coming off, and if he had stun immunity to offset chain stuns? i'd be all for that. i'd also be ok with characters under a certain strength barely ever stunning Jason at all, and an overall reduction of weapons on the map. With that, if you're on X-box I'm going to invite you to play with us. I think you'll like the dynamic. I'm going to clarify something about the boat. I recall hearing the boat start when I was near it. That is fine. What isn't is Jason hearing it start if he is too far away. My understanding is the 4 seat vehicle starting alerts Jason outright, while the two seater or boat does not. I'm cool with that. However the boat is such a deathtrap, that Jason automatically knowing about it means only ignorant players would ever use it. It's a trap option and that is bad design.
  7. Dumbest comment I've seen on the internet today. Congrats I'ts a game. Games need to be balanced for fun. If you are expected to just die, might as well just leave if you're not Jason. With that, it is 7vs1 so Jason needs to be competitive against a team. I agree with shit like Jason shouldn't be bullied, but adding sound to the boat makes it a non viable escape. That decision just gives me more incentive to fight Jason off at the phone box so we can mass exodus to the police or drag the game out using my health spray and window looping This guy gets it.
  8. No. He's the Jason I regularly clean house with. It's all about playstyle.
  9. Thanks. I know I could have copied, pasted and read it in word, but I'm not one to go through that sort of trouble. With that, lets dive in. I was meh on Zombies first Halloween. It wasn't as good as the originals but I didn't dislike it. The sequel, with it's need to shoehorn his ugly ass wife at the expense of story, the constant "fucks" being uttered by Laurie in lieu of actual dialogue and the fact that the best part of the film is a dream sequence left me forever tainted on bothering with any art Zombie had made. You want to kill Annie, played by Danielle Harris, and the only good part of H2? You heathen. Liking a lot of the rest well enough. The whole "hugging" thing is a bit weird, though. Also, are we the audience expected to see his face, or would judicious use of shadow keep it hidden? The ending is definitely a radical take. Killing Loomis, and Myers himself? I would be surprised if that would ever get filmed as studios have sequels ever in mind. H20 gets kudos for it's willingness to do this, but then we got the mental gymnastics to bring him back for the next one. The one thing to ever keep a horror icon dead is lack of ability to generate money, after all. At the end of the day, I find myself in the middle of the road as far as your approach. It certainly would be better than Zombie's efforts, (though monkeys on typewriters could also achieve this feat) and likely on par with any number of horror movies I could pull out of a hat. I don't see it becoming a classic, but it sounds like a passable film.
  10. Sorry. Missed this. No tag to alert me. It's not that your grammar's inadequate, it's nonexistent. I can't comment on the actual content, because I couldn't risk the headache to read it. It's just this big block of text 30+ lines deep.. Though, if you break it up into paragraphs, I'll read it and comment and I'll even ignore misspelled words or whatnot.
  11. Risinggrave

    Friday Reboot Timeline Question

    I don't believe the reboot follows the same timeline as the original. Jason is 10-12 in the film? Ok..Obviously he wasn't born as far back as in the original series. There is an explanation for it in Jason vs Freddy vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors that makes sense, regardless if you believe in expanded media. Renny was psychic. She has flashbacks where she sees kid Jason when she is a child, even though Jason would have been an adult by that point. She keeps seeing kid Jason on the Lazarus. She's basically being haunted. Then at the end she sees kid Jason after the toxic waste in the sewers. Basically we're looking at Jason through her eyes. In Jason goes to Hell, we see Jason after he has made his way back to Crystal Lake, mask melted into his face, and that is much more likely how he'd appear after that sort of accident. More Emil from Robocop, less Benjamin Button.
  12. Risinggrave

    Back in the saddle

    Good sensible post.
  13. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Yeah. And that is even assuming that any possible game was desired to be anything like F13. I'd hope so because I like the way it's been done. DBD for example takes place in some demiplane, and I'm not a big fan of it. I really like how everything was done here.
  14. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    You know that has me wondering. How much of the game mechanics are Gun's IP? For example D&D has open content because I guess they can't copyright rules. I wonder how different an F13 game would after the lawsuit, assuming the license was taken up.
  15. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Ok. So why make a thread with a title that isn't concise, meaning I had to enter the thread to know what was up. I had to waste my time reading it. That's obnoxious. Moreso when you know it's not gonna happen. No harm here. Would have been nice knowing it was a thread I could have skipped over before reading the OP. Even if the lawsuit wasn't in play Gun has said that they can't make a Jason worth a damn for single player. It's the internet. People are going to say less than nice things at times. If that bothers you, you'll need to spend your CP on an epic level Thick Skin perk..
  16. Risinggrave

    How the hell do I get into the car on ps4?

    Nope. Once the car has been successfully started, all doors are open.
  17. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    You actually answered your own question. It's gotten old with people coming in and la-de-daing about all these additions they would like. It's doubly obnoxious if you know they can't do anything and you still complain. I came into the thread hoping for some interesting conversation. I hoped for too much.
  18. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Well, if you read more than you spoke, you'd know the developers have noted nothing new is being added. What you have is what you get. Do you want to play as a counselor offline? Too bad. Do you want Skynet to send Jason X back from the future to spank you at your birthday party? That isn't happening either.
  19. Risinggrave

    We should be happy

    This gets my derp thread gold medal of the day. By all means, be happy if you'd like to. If others don't feel they got their money out of the game or feel cheated by any number of scandals, don't expect them to not be unhappy. Your post reminds me of that preschool child who is hopelessly unaware of the real world who pulls a "be happy, because." sort of Pollyanna line. The naivete' of your post is off the charts.
  20. Dude. Punctuation.
  21. Risinggrave

    My Retirement

    Likewise, Breaker. As I've had to say far too often this last week or so, I have you on the Box. This isn't goodbye. Our hangout might change, but we'll still shoot the shit. I'm relentless, but I don't ever see myself mastering Stalk like Breaker. Thanks for your faith in my skill, though. As far as everybody bouncing, it does suck indeed. We'll all have to find mediums to keep in touch.
  22. Risinggrave

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    Yeah, I like a good portion of the community a lot. (Even though I don't believe you and I ever spoke until now, you're on that list. Common sense goes a long way in my book.) I'm not sure if I'm more sad at the game getting shelved or the forum disintegrating.
  23. Risinggrave

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    You know, at this point I should just make it official. I don't know if a single damned person I'm tight with is still around. Heartbreaker, BoB, Alder, Alk, and a metric fuck ton either kicked rocks or were shown the door. At any rate, have a good one, @BrokenFattHardy, I'll see you on the Box.
  24. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    @Thatguyinktown Hm. I'm having some issues. I let Gold lapse and it's not letting me reup it for some reason. I'll tinker and see if I can unfuck things.
  25. Risinggrave

    Post Credits Scene.

    I'm hoping to be there this week.