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  1. Same feeling. For as shit as the movie is, JGTH has a great look. New Blood just has so much potential. I really think I may get the accessory pack Neca put out and have him wearing a chain necklace on my shelf. While I'm a bit less excited for Manhattan, he does hold a special place in my heart.
  2. I have 3-4, and my gf got me the reboot, but that's still on preorder. I agree that Neca does great work. As far as what they'll do with part 7? I'm salivating just imagining it.
  3. I hate this design, but I'll be damned if Neca didn't do good work. I'm waiting on 7-9 myself.
  4. I think pulping him with a shotgun is the best bet. Though give me a hundred meters, flat land and a zeroed rifle and I may take that as a close second.
  5. Shotgun would be a better bet, particularly with revenant Jason. But yeah, shotgun. Unless it was a blindside kill and I had no chance, I'd hope to shoot him.
  6. Hahah, so Jason conjured up a tornado to get that first car flipped. That was such a terrible round as far as glitches go.
  7. It's fine as is. This is one of those times where I agree that Jason needs to be played with some skill.
  8. I know that Gun can't force people to not use party chat as the consoles won't allow for it. What I do wonder is that if Gun can have a setup that means if you are not in their game chat that changes certain things. examples would be that as Jason you can't kill anybody (because slash and grab wouldnt' register.) That as a counselor you cannot hide, open drawers, pick up weapons or items, open, close doors and windows etc. I don't know how hard it would be to implement (or even if it's possible), and I know there are some means to counter it, but that doesn't mean an effort like that wouldn't fix a good percentage of people not playing as intended.
  9. Not according to Gun's commentary before the release. Because while the intent was that it would be difficult, the idea that you could kill Jason was intended. Ok... Who said anything about changing it? Though if Jason getting damage immunity while stunned or more HP is your reason to whine, that's on you. Jason shouldn't be taking damage during stuns. Meh. Not if a group of coordinated people know what they are doing and the Jason isn't top tier. Knock the mask off, have sweater girl stun, have TJ knock Jason down from behind and tap A. Not too much to do there. Correct.
  10. After the police are called, hiding is tactical. Jason is on a short timer then. I often hide at that point too. With that we're pretty much on the same page.
  11. Cosigning, @Ahab Hiding is meant to be done in small amounts. When the police are called and you're waiting or if Jason chases somebody near your area. As it is, if Jason runs by you're probably not instantly shouting in fear. And since long term hiding fucks over the rest of the counselors, I don't see the point in making it a more powerful option.
  12. Honestly, traps are his only real negative for me. I feel that once shift comes online it's all downhill if the counselors haven't gotten a move on. Slash and Cast called it right. J9 is a sleeper powerhouse.
  13. I didn't much agree with their take. My take low to high. Final Chapter. Bad shift and negative traps? Against a lobby pushing objectives hard, he doesn't work. Lives. Bad Morph gets punished too hard when dealing with multiple objectives. Baghead. Bad shift hurts. Traps and running have him a bit better than the above. Being able to police objectives is good provided cars don't get started. New Blood. Revised shift and being able to slash has him just above Baghead in my book. Roy. Feels very middle of the road for me. Manhattan/3-D I feel I do better with 3, but damn, if J8 isn't a beast. Jason goes to Hell. Shift that just won't end, decent stalk. I clean house with him even with 3 traps, more often than not. I'd also put Savini here. He has 9's shift, destruction and feels a lot like 3 otherwise.
  14. After I rolled a few legendary and found my epic perks were better, I stopped. Guess it may work out for me if the perk overhaul is good.
  15. With over 1 million CP, and how returning perks gets you some CP back, I couldn't hit rock bottom if Dwayne Johnson himself smashed me into the ground.
  16. AD&D was a bit before my time. I got in with 3rd edition. I do recall reading that 1st or 2nd edition put some things in the monster manual (Cthulhu) that got them in hot water. With that, a Pathfinder writeup of a Juju Zombie. The example presented would mop up NPC classes and even likely give a fight to 1st level adventurers. Also if you download the D20 Modern ruleset (you can do so for free) this fan supplement put in a lot of effort to make a Jason game work.
  17. It's always been that way. From the clowns getting you killed by leaving doors open, or hiding under a bed being useless up to the shotgun bandits and Deathrace 2000 drivers. I won't say I care for it, but it's something I've gotten used to early on.
  18. I remember when playing as Kenny that a Vanessa was using me as a lure. A few bat shots left her limping and bait while I ran off.
  19. If anything the new patch makes "surviving the night" all the greater an achievement. I wouldn't worry about the badge being removed.
  20. I find it to be probably my favorite anecdote concerning her. Simple really. I boil the potatoes until cooked, then i put them in a tupperware bowl, toss in some butter, Mexican four cheese (Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla and Asadero) and spices (a bit of Mrs Dash) and mash/mix them into the consistency I want.
  21. Unless Jason grabs you and you don't have time to retrieve your weapon after escaping his grip, right?
  22. Comms Jason can't hear allow for an edge that gives the counselors too big an advantage. I'd bet my left foot you'd never see it happen. Also, I'd go the other way...If the game didn't recognize you in game chat, you can't attack Jason, or escape. But that's just me.
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