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  1. The one time I've found it useless is when Jason is in rage, and I made a mistake to be both out in the open and limping. Being out of stamina isn't an issue. I hit Jason and regain stamina even if he doesn't get slowed down. Juking throwing knives/shift grabs/wild slashes is something I can most often do in my sleep. I know how to loop cabins to make chasing me a time intensive endeavor. If I can't juke without getting hit, or take broken window damage, I have 4 uses of med spray more often than not via Medic, and Legendary Thick Skin to mitigate damage. My whole point is that a Jason who wants to slash me is 95% of the time going to lose out on killing me. In early game because I'm taking up too much time. In end game to either the cops or surviving the night.
  2. I'm amused with slashers at this point. Thick skin+medic+decent evasion/knowing when to faceplant Jason lead to Jason's with a low kill count. Good fucking luck,guy.
  3. Dude, check out the 1988 take on the Blob. They straight up kill a kid of about 12. Wha?! Horny teens, It's ok to go back to camp! Jason is done killing you once you turn 13. Just be sure to leave little Billy at home lest he get shanked while playing with his G.I. Joes.
  4. Ah, ok. I'll respond here then. Beyond joining the club, a group of us play on Thursdays, starting at about 8-9 EST. We won't be rude, and in fact will be more than happy to pass off our collective knowledge. I know I'm late to the party, but if you're still playing/looking to play with some good people, the offer to hang out is open.
  5. Ty just sent me notice of this. Might be too late to help, but if not, what's up?
  6. Hm. Lets start off with passive aggressive emotes and chest thumping about playing onwards from the beta, then later make patronizing remarks about the other guy chest thumping. Hypocrisy isn't a good look. Great that you've taken on players of every skill set. I'm sure you've never let a one escape. I'm sure that the ones too timid to talk to anybody were just as rough to deal with as the ones secretly plotting amongst themselves in party chat. My guess is that if competent people had you at a comms disadvantage, that was a game you got smashed. Unless you want to chest pound and weave a yarn on how you've never lost. Should I insert an eye rolling emote here? 🙄 I think so. If you mean others show you how Jason can be bullied and killed, sure. I'm not bragging up my pals and myself. Any halfway decent group can give Jason a lot of trouble. It's not even that hard to kill him, provided he doesn't hide in a lake. We play the game for fun as well. It's just that we escape more often than not, and if we wanted to become a kill squad would have no trouble doing that either. If we did so in party chat I doubt we'd go more than a game or so a night without Jason dead or hiding from us. Sure if you want to cheat Jason, by all means. It's not effecting me. I'll go on knowing that I live and die in the game based on my own skill and not cheap tricks like working around the proximity chat. I get muting jerks because you don't want to hear them. Muting for advantage is underhanded.
  7. @Super Ty was Jason on our weekly Thur night Xbox gathering. He didn't hear me when I muted and noted as such when I unmuted him to ask. If you're still in disagreement, my suggestion is to come play with us on a Thur. When you're Jason we'll test it. Power and privilege as Jason? Dude are you taking on level nothing counselors who can't close doors or loop for ten seconds? In high end competition Jason is going to have to luck out on his map (in regards to placement of vehicle spawns and such in relation to the phone etc) to get everybody. Jason not being able to hear some entitled people who don't feel he should be able to hear them in prox chat give them a big advantage. With that said, we killed two Jason's on Thur, one of which is a high skilled Jason who could hear us, but still couldn't stop us. I wonder how much easier killing or the phone call, or vehicle escapes are to do when we can coordinate without him hearing. A good Jason vs good counselors is lucky to get them all. I'm glad you can take on folks while unable to hear them. I'd love for you to play with us on the X-box just one night so we could coordinate and spank you so hard you realize that you're going at best 1-2/8 is because we actually talk and communication is powerful, indeed. The only person you'd most likely get is the one you'd have to tunnel from the get go. We keep each other updated and most Jason's from the random lobby pool can't handle it. I don't think you'd magically be different.
  8. Yeah. Just like how movie Jason can find you no matter where you hide. See below. It's gaining an unfair advantage for the purpose of gameplay. If you mute somebody blasting a radio, being obnoxious, what have you for that reason, so be it. If you're playing muted because you don't want to deal with people, so be it. If you're muting Jason so he can't hear your plotting, it's an undue advantage. I see it mostly depending on why you mute a person. Communication is a huge advantage in this game. Playing in party chat is cheating the Jason. I believe we may have tested this and it isn't the case. Can't recall for sure, though. Maybe one of my Thursday night fellows will see this and chime in.
  9. He's standing ten feet away. Fucking A. Even if you didn't pull that borderline cheating cheap shit, he can't hear over the radio. He hears only what he is in proximity to hear.
  10. You're back!? Holy Hannah! Yeah, Buggzy, Adam and Kenny were people who donated enough to be put into the game.
  11. I didn't like it. It's not as bad as JGTH, but it sucked.
  12. @Super Ty Now you can drown me in a toilet instead of that damned headpunch!
  13. What gets me is when skilled players do this. I respect a player more who loses a counselor or two doing longer kills, or uses varied kills over the one who just spazzes out a quick choke because he's too afraid somebody might escape. Here is my take on it. If you prep for it as a counselor, often times slasher Jason's are rather impotent. If you have a weapon and health spray you have the advantage. I'm not too worried about the low to mid tier slashers. If he wants to chase me around, slashing when he can, I'll just keep spraying while my pals call their dad or fix the car. I'm not too impressed with slashers. I'm also not impressed with the guy who keeps quick choking or head punching. It definitely requires more skill to shift grab or outmaneuver a foe to get the grab. At the end of the day, I play with a consistent group and my stance has long been this. In matches with strangers, play how you want to play. in matches with pals, play the way the majority wants. If they get pissed because you only slash, and you won't adapt, you'll soon wonder why you're not getting invites to play.
  14. indeed. I'm cool with it though. I think that it balances out how easy it is to kill Jason. If it's not Tommy with an axe pulling double duty, it's been a bat. We were thinking it might be Tommy having to do the stun and the kill, but even with Adam slugging him with some wood, it's been more miss than hit.
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