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  1. Daredevil Trope

    So where was it said that Reggie wasn't going to be involved? I can't find anything on it.
  2. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    I'm not gonna ask what dark corners of the internet you lurk in.
  3. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    And I'm happy about the comms. I didn't expect April. Hell, I was shooting for September, but actually knowing the status of the game is something I appreciate. So thanks. You get out of here and take your whore mouth with you! You've enjoyed this game, and you better remember it! Actually, on second thought? I want to be the best Jason ever, so you're kicked out of the band. Kick rocks.
  4. Friday the 13th films timeline question

    I think it may have been 6 months to a year. I forget how long she said she'd been gone from Higgins, but it didn't come across as being too long to me. Of course, I haven't watched 3-D in some months, so maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    @Dr B DDS What Hanson said. We know that luxurious hair takes effort.
  6. Personally I disagree. Every match is a little different and playing with new people makes for an all new experience. Sounds like maybe you should move on?
  7. Stupidest Thing You've Done

    I was married once. Beat that. Oh wait. This is about the game. How about that time I opted to play as Jenny. That was a pretty bad idea.
  8. Bad idea. If you want to have to babysit your "kills" go play Dead by Daylight.
  9. First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

  10. Daredevil Trope

    I decided that things were reasonable b/c Jenny screams too, even with a high composure. And bravery isn't the lack of fear, it's doing shit in spite of it. With that, I still sit on the "would prefer expy characters to 1:1 canon" but if Reggie is put in, they best put in that bitch scream and give him a 10 speed.
  11. Even better. Jason would still have to guess what generator to hit. Most times it's common sense, but sometimes two are close enough it could be either one. More random=more shenanigans and shenanigans in this game are fun.
  12. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    Indeed. We had a few asshats in play as well sadly. That guy who expects to run around until a timeout when he is the last alive, Vanessa and could easily get to the police. Also the dude who has to keep doing the same kill over and over because "somebody might escape otherwise." FML. Oh, and the guy who picks up the keys dropped at the car, and runs off with them. That's always fun. On the whole, a good nights gaming, though. Lobby was pretty easy to fill, most of the games were fun, We only had like 3 dropped games and glitches were not too prevalent.
  13. Daredevil Trope

    But Jenny Myers isn't Chris Higgins. That is what is great about having general tropes. You can blend some together and viola. Ginny was a "Final Girl" She had her head screwed on tighter than just about anybody in the franchise. Trish is up there too. I'm just noting the irony in you want a high composure male based on a dude whose bitch scream just may be the loudest of the franchise.