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  1. Share Your Experiences

    Yeah, I think you only died the one time. Not bad for a fucking NERD! Indeed. I bet he's crying himself to sleep tonight, and changing his gamertag to boot. Can't wash that kinda shame out. Dude, that has to be one of the fastest escapes I've pulled. When you showed and we blew past you, and you tried shifting? I was all "It's Final Chapter Jason. We're safe." -shift FTW!
  2. Share Your Experiences

    If you play with us often enough, you'll learn fast. @Thatguyinktown nailed me pretty much how I got you last night at the phonebox. Then he made the mistake of coming through a window and into my waiting arms. @Alkavian's damned Hawaiian shirt saw his survival rate skyrocket. @Riot_Dame retreated back to PUBG after her round getting schooled as Jason. @InfamousWhasup narrowly escaped after a long hard battle on two fronts (the 4 seater and phone.) If only I hadn't fucked up that last morph... And the highlight was making a man scream like a terrified little girl when he was trying to fix a power box and got perfectly shift grabbed.
  3. Piñata Jason

    Random stun times? I like it. Anything to keep players on their toes is a good thing.
  4. Share Your Experiences

    It's as simple as not every lobby works for every person. I have some people I won't play with because of style clashes. Guys who leave doors open, etc. Also BoB has to be reasonable. It's the law up in Canada, I'm told. If you have names for me, I can not invite them when we intend to play. As it stands, I always thought I was one of the more intense folks. I play hard. Edit: Feel free to give me names in private.
  5. What Slasher has the Highest Body Count?

    You know what, I forgot about the rave sequence in The Collection. That might, just might put the Collector ahead of Jason as far as onscreen kills are concerned.
  6. Share Your Experiences

    BoB's pragmatic like that.
  7. Share Your Experiences

    BoB's gonna have to ride his moose to the nearest town in Canada where they have shared internet, but if he's willing to play, he's a good guy.
  8. Piñata Jason

    I have to admit I hate pinata Jason hijinks. But Jenny locking that door had me chuckling pretty hard.
  9. Your favourite forum member?

    Dunno. You'd have to ask a mod. This is what it says on the rules and regs page about it. "Alternate Accounts: Usage of Alternate Accounts by members is strictly prohibitive, even funny ones. While we do find them hilarious, most Alt accounts are generally designed to evade bans and harass members. Those accounts will be instantly banned and host accounts with them."
  10. Share Your Experiences

    They are a good lobby, just very pro kill Jason. I'm still sorry. It's one of the few things done to me that annoyed me, and why I started slashing near the phone box. No choice but to kill as many as fast as you can. They are aquaintences on the whole. I met a guy through @Alkavian, who introduced me to another good guy, who introduced me to another guy, who introduced me to the one I am friends with in that group. No worries. Yeah, I hit you with a flare, then dropped firecrackers. You came up to hit the box when I stepped between you and the box. Then another big damn hero decided to sucker punch you from behind. (If I recall correctly. I was in the process of pulling an unwanted all nighter. My memory may be off.) I think I'm game. I'll try to catch a quick nap before hand. BoB should get in this too. Yeah. We've stunned him and been unable to fix the box because Jason was in the way. It's the same deal with stunning him at the car door or in front of the engine block. You can't get in to drive or fix the objective.
  11. Share Your Experiences

    A meh night of gaming. I'm up way late because I can't sleep. @Tattooey almost missed me because I forgot to status online, then he bounced before the round started. My fault guy. Then when @bewareofbears does get in a game, I body block. Bah. Sorry bout that too, BoB. I did sacrifice my non virgin self, so hopefully that helps.
  12. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    You might want to find a steady group of expert players. They'll give you a run you won't find in random quickplay.
  13. Your favourite forum member?

    He made a second account as shown on the first page of this very thread. That's my guess.
  14. Piñata Jason

    That Jenny at the end was all "Jason...."