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  1. When CLC didn't respond, and with our Thur group downsizing, I dropped it. However, if there is enough interest to get the numbers we'd need for a team, I'm in*. *Having been a switch hitter for @Zaneygrrl's group, the big question I'd have is how we'd work out who is Jason. I'm thinking personally, we take the interested parties and rotate. It might lose us the gold, but I'm personally ok with that. I'm not as interested in never having the option to play as Jason.
  2. I think I screwed up my wording. I had pulled an all nighter. I think it's weak to just go into the water or morph to a far corner of the map. It's not running and hiding to play defensively was what I hope people got out of the above statement. Yeah, I think many expect Jason to roll over at that point. I had a really fun game on Pinehurst with a group who barricaded themselves in the lone cabin North of the main lodge. I grabbed knives as I waited on cooldowns, would morph away Stalk/Shift by a window and chuck some at sweater girl. Broke all the doors and window and took my time. I'd come in and shift out before morphing to safety as needed. Then I'd walk back for another go. They never did run too far outside to engage me, but a timeout at that point would be on them. It's not like I wasn't in play. I managed to shift away from the killing blow and with it being Pinehurst and no objectives done, it was just a matter of mopping up after.
  3. That's not true if by "run and hide" you mean in the deep water or something. If you expect that Jason should just blindly blunder into his death, that's a flaw in your thinking. In my case, in private matches people generally get objectives done and get out. In public, well, they just haven't been able to pull it off. I'm the sort who pulls back when in danger. I will let powers charge up before engaging and go for an attrition approach. Thrown knives, a few slashes and shift out. Playing defensively at that point makes the team fight my fight. Even then, I came close a time or two to dying. I know going up against the right group will eventually see me killed, but that simply hasn't happened yet.
  4. That's pretty cool, actually. Also fuckin' Chad. Glad to see him get his.
  5. We generally get together between 7 pm and 9 Central. Most often, Hanson, Guy and I will be on early, with any stragglers coming in later. We run shop to between midnight and two AM on average, Though @TheHansonGoons is a pumpkin and leaves earlier than anybody. He's a wiener like that. Give me your gamertag and I'll toss you a friend notification. I'm "Rising Bean" on the Box if you'd prefer to send me one.
  6. Same feeling. For as shit as the movie is, JGTH has a great look. New Blood just has so much potential. I really think I may get the accessory pack Neca put out and have him wearing a chain necklace on my shelf. While I'm a bit less excited for Manhattan, he does hold a special place in my heart.
  7. I have 3-4, and my gf got me the reboot, but that's still on preorder. I agree that Neca does great work. As far as what they'll do with part 7? I'm salivating just imagining it.
  8. I hate this design, but I'll be damned if Neca didn't do good work. I'm waiting on 7-9 myself.
  9. I think pulping him with a shotgun is the best bet. Though give me a hundred meters, flat land and a zeroed rifle and I may take that as a close second.
  10. Shotgun would be a better bet, particularly with revenant Jason. But yeah, shotgun. Unless it was a blindside kill and I had no chance, I'd hope to shoot him.
  11. Hahah, so Jason conjured up a tornado to get that first car flipped. That was such a terrible round as far as glitches go.
  12. It's fine as is. This is one of those times where I agree that Jason needs to be played with some skill.
  13. I know that Gun can't force people to not use party chat as the consoles won't allow for it. What I do wonder is that if Gun can have a setup that means if you are not in their game chat that changes certain things. examples would be that as Jason you can't kill anybody (because slash and grab wouldnt' register.) That as a counselor you cannot hide, open drawers, pick up weapons or items, open, close doors and windows etc. I don't know how hard it would be to implement (or even if it's possible), and I know there are some means to counter it, but that doesn't mean an effort like that wouldn't fix a good percentage of people not playing as intended.
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