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  1. I'm of the mind that you don't have to add items, and that spreading them out is good. The fact is once keys and the fuse are found, anything else is icing on the cake. If you want to search for an extra pocketknife, or fireworks, loot drawers. Otherwise once you have a full kit, and are aware that pieces are on the map, you can be more concerned with fixing the objectives and escaping. As it stands now, between the small maps making parts too easy to find, the map showing discarded objective items, medic making damage a nonissue, and Jason being nerfed on top of everything else, I think that adding pocketknives and first aid is a step in the wrong direction.
  2. I don't know what eldritch god you were blowing that night, but those broken glass shards you were rubbing your balls over at the endshould have killed you! That was definitely a down to the wire game. Good times.
  3. Is it just me?

    I'm tracking you can look at the map while breaking doors and such. I do that myself and it does help cut down on Jason's AT&T bill. It still isn't a catch all vs a coordinated group of good counselors. How you can catch somebody while looking at your map is beyond me. I'd use 2. to say that you're not playing with top tier players.
  4. Is it just me?

    1. Unless you are always looking it's possible to have a good counselor untrap and fix in less than 30 seconds. You're not chasing and killing and paying that much attention to your map. Even the best can't, and I don't think you're on that tier based on your inflated opinion of yourself. 2. Nobody? Yeah, you're definitely playing with lvl 5 FNG's.
  5. Is it just me?

    Unless you're looking at your map to the point of letting counselors have their way with you, sometimes a counselor will silently disarm a trap and fix an objective before you realize it. I look at my map as often as I can, and it still happens. If you want to call me a "bad" Jason, go for it. But I think I know a few dozen people who will forever mock you on these forums for that. As it stands, I'm going to run the other direction with this. If you never have a counselor get the better of you, ever, I don't think you're so much a good Jason as you're playing with noob counselors who couldn't win if you took a five minute piss break.
  6. Is it just me?

    Indeed. But Foo didn't say he was messing up. He simply noted he does well and you automatically line that up with a bad Jason, where you seldom die because you're such a great player. I suppose I should sum it up with how big a shame it'll be if you break your arm patting your own back. I bet money if you played with the guys from these forums, you'd find yourself taking down at most half a lobby. So whether that is because you're a bad Jason, or because we have some top tier counselors is up to you.
  7. Is it just me?

    Anybody else picking up on the hypocrisy?
  8. Because all the counselors are built using 35 points total. Jenny doesn't get to be special. Personally I think luck is better then strength, but meh.
  9. @Vanessa Myers You still never gave us what you'd nerf for this strength boost.
  10. Amen. Even I'm beginning to give up playing, and everybody knows how much of a hold out I've been. I've been thinking about the balance and may make a thread on my ideas to bring some of that back. I love the IP, I think Gun's take on the game is fantastic. We just need to nail down the balance so both Jason and counselors* can have a chance to win. *With teamwork. Counselors shouldn't expect to troll an experienced Jason and win. Fuck those who complain they can't survive and don't even have mic's to play the game as intended.
  11. I don't know how to rate. The more and more I play lately, the more my rating goes down. After a series of games tonight, I may be taking a hiatus. The buff that counselors get with knowing where parts are, combined with the series of nerfs Jason has recieved has brought on a bit too much trolling for my tastes. It used to take skill to troll or dupe Jason with social engineering. Now you just have to drop a part and escape before Jason shows up on a tripped trap. As of tonight, I guess I'll hit it with a 2. Unfuck yourselves, Gun.
  12. Agreed. Doing this might solve a lot of problems, seeing as Jason stopping to grab without his force powers leaves him at a loss.
  13. [GUIDE] How to Play

    Another good reason to lock doors is Jason breaks down unlocked doors much faster than he does locked ones. Jason can use the time early game between trapping while waiting on morph cool down to break cabins down for ease in catching counselors.
  14. I'm all for total item randomization. Since parts appear on the map, they don't need to be anywhere near the objective. It gives Vanessa's, Tiff's, and Chad's a means to be useful and also means that Jason could change up his first spawn point without living in fear the phone call will be made in the first two minutes. I also like Tyrant's idea of an added component to fixing the phone.