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  1. You know what? I did say that in a vacuum, assuming that Jason beatdown groups wasn't a thing. I'll amend my statement. It'd be nice if Jason had tools to combat counselors (things like counselors in grabs were susceptible to friendly fire/a swing that hits all counselors in radius for multiple damage, and other possibilities like medic only working for one can of spray etc. Basically things to detour fighting Jason as number one option.) With that, thinking of current quickplay as a whole, I retract my sentiment and agree with you 100%. See above. I'm gonna do you one better. As a guy who has been level 150 for a long time (my buddy jokes I'd be level 300 if there wasn't a cap) and 880,000+ CP, maybe kills could award that extra XP, and maybe Gun can also rework the perk system to not eventually be unviable. I don't play for anything beyond getting my 1,000 rounds as Jason and the sheer fun of playing at this point. Slight edit, because I added a word twice.
  2. I'd take it a step further. Make quick kills a one time per match thing. I'd also have it set up where you could only equip one quick kill.
  3. So much nonsense... As many have said, they'd lobby hop. It would make getting a game going harder and it would ensure people would play other games. Giving gamers less options is a bad idea. Also it's not problematic to have multiples of a single character. To use your example, Lachoppa doesn't have nearly the survivability that Tiff, Vanessa or Chad has. On the flip side, having a bunch of brawler runners is also manageable if nobody fixes anything. Jason will win the war of attrition most times. Trolls troll regardless of level. While I have nothing against a prestige mode, I think your take on it's skewed. Bolded: No. Go look up exclusive in the dictionary. Hm. Can't be the Jason I want to be. Guess I'll lobby hop. Guess my party will come with me. Guess that other lobby will have to deal and play short, hope some people get randomly bounced in during the intro cutscene, or hope people like sitting around waiting for a lobby to fill. Honestly, this suggestion is a "no-brainer", just not in the way you were thinking. Now, this is a good idea! I don't find the game stale, even though I've spent my life getting to level 150 so I can troll....waitasecond..I don't do that. Ahem, while I don't find the game stale, many of my peers have. More randomness would have gone a long way to keeping the feeling of danger high. Moving on... You don't have to please computer code. Trying to please eight people in a lobby is a bit harder. Um. I can't think of any games that punish for leaving the pregame lobby. SMITE has a nice setup for those who leave midgame. I've never played "Proleague" and if i was punished for leaving a pre game lobby? Yeah, I'd quickly contact my bank and charge my money back. as far as reasons to quit a lobby? That asshole playing loud music, the "squeaker" who is obnoxious, the game handle you recognize as a teamer and don't want to play with, the handle that you recognize who quits mid kill, the fact the lobby isn't big enough for that friend who just popped up online. Lots of reasons to leave a pregame lobby. Sure, once in that 14 second lockdown those who leave should be considered in play, but before that? Nah. Alienating players out of your game isn't a good business model. Wow, for a guy calling people assholes, you sure don't come off likable. As somebody who plays pretty regularly, I see all sorts of lobbies. Some are full of Savini, some have 1-2, some have zero. Also, I'd quit generalizing. Anecdotes are just that As a guy who owns Savini, but mains parts' 3 and 9 currently, I'm not bored with the game. Even without in game carrots after level 150, I enjoy playing the game on both sides of the hockey mask for it's own sake. It's a fun (barring griefers) 20 minute block of time.
  4. I've never bothered to memorize part spawns. I love watching that last player or group try to survive half a lobby down. It's the best when somebody comes back as Tommy to hate life. Good times.
  5. My guess is the size of the map meaning more places to search and less counselor meetups is why. On small maps I've seen it a number of times. I get not hurting your pals on general principle, but when taken with medic and thick skin etc, The lack of this really lets people just run in a gang and beat Jason up with no option outside of slashing/getting stunned/rinse/repeat.
  6. I wish small maps would come in if you had 6 or less players. 7-8 players disable them. As for me, i'm not a big boat fan. I hate small maps because with too many competent counselors, shit can be fixed and moving before Jason recharges Morph. As far as stuns. Why not tie stun chance into strength? It would give Buggzy and Adam a niche. Let them protect the Deb's and LaChoppa's
  7. Assuming he has a "kick me" sign on the back, and you add a sombrero, this is about how I see it!
  8. One last thing. If not this, the map selection should be curtailed before counselor/Jason's are locked in. I'm not a fan of picking a three trap Jason then having the host pick a small map while the last ten seconds count down.
  9. I'm with you on that. As far as talking? I saw somebody glitching last night and Jason still offed them. I asked them mockingly in text chat if their glitch spot didn't work. They thought I was being sincere and were all "Oh, yeah, I tried but Jason got me too fast." I about facepalmed through a wall. I don't get why people cheat or bully and gloat. It's a sign of participation trophies. Brag about showing up. As far as Jason not dying for 5 games? I'm cool with that. Hell, minimize stuns too. Maybe make weapons break twice as fast. Rage come quicker. Anything. With that, a new idea to get Jasons to not just slash everybody. Slash kills remove rage meter. Gives counselors longer to survive that nonsense. Hmmmm. You' eavesdropping, Gun? Anyway, I think that the sweater should have a percentile to not show up in general. Some games you just can't kill Jason. (I'm thinking in public games this should be the case whenever a small map is intentionally chosen, as my experience is that is where the Jason kill squads go on principle. Actually, I don't think maps should be chosen by players in QP at all, but that's just me.) I'm with you in that I think there are a good number who get bullied a few times and drop the game. It would be nice if there had been a tutorial. Ah well. PC, my mistake. I made a mental note some time ago that you were not on X-box because you're the type of level headed guy I'd want in a lobby. With that, if you ever find your master gamer status downgraded to console, don't hesitate to get in touch.
  10. I played a game tonight. Everybody in the same cabin, most likely playing Punch Out. Jason finally got around to me at about the 18 minute mark. I had two knives and two sprays. Never needed any of them as I ran like hell. I'm with you, fighting is a last resort. A pinata skin...hm. Dunno but I imagine it with tassels and a sombrero for some reason. Also a "kick me" sign on his back is a must. I'm with you on the "gitting gud". Even gud players have to deal with the shortcomings of the game. Also anybody bragging about killing a level 1 Jason needs to be told to come back after they kill a 150. Killing a level 1, hahah. That's like beating up a toddler in the real world and bragging after. As far as being frustrated with the players? It's a mixed bag. I've met the best people, and also many bottom dwellers. I'm glad you stuck around.. If your PS4 ever breaks and you get on the Box, you should look us up. Edit: Bolded word was typo
  11. Either of those work for me. As far as my opinion? I'm a good Jason. I play with a bunch of people who know how to play, and can push objectives like nobodies business. If we wanted to go fuckstart Jason's head, we could. And some others who can do so, do. Two Tiff's and the low level meat shields they sacrificed were able to do nothing and run 20 minutes. That's funky.
  12. I run medic. I'm a "can't beat em, join em" sort. I don't go looking for Jason to fuck him up like some action hero, however. Until medic is adjusted it's gonna get abused. Also you gave me an idea. Shame Gun can't make new content. "Pinata" skin Jason! It would pair great with the Halloween costumes the Chad and his pals have. As far as getting good? I'm pretty good. If Guy, Hanson, Alkavian, Heartbreaker, Brigs, Riot, Infamous, Aldermach, or any of a dozen+ trusted forum users I play with were asked to rate me? I'm sure I'd get quite the review. It's not just getting gud, the mechanics don't support it. So yeah, I'm with you on that. Some players know of and abuse Jason's weak spots. Hell I've seen some who just sit in quick play and kill one newb Jason after the next. I got more Jason kills on one day a week or so back than I have since launch simply by playing in a particular lobby. While I was fixing cars, they'd be fuckstarting Jason's head.
  13. those people also either enjoy the Jason beatings or don't know how easy it is to subvert the game. I had two Tiffany's who pretty much just spent the whole match beating my ass. Even with +weapon strength (part 3) it was just getting belted over and over. Grab one, boom hit by the other. Slash them? Thick skin and tons of spray ensured it was Tiff who was predator and not prey. Nobody tried to fix shit. I managed to finally wear them down near the end and got one limping. I was able to stuff the injured one into a toilet but with a 20 minute time limit, it was a frustrating slog. I'm all for Jason having to be competent, what I'm not for is a few perks turning what should be survival horror into Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
  14. As I'm sure has been said constantly, Medic is overpowered. It should give you two sprays once per match. Turning every can into dual use is ridiculous.
  15. Risinggrave

    Fix. This.

    What's the issue? Only one I've run across is when the icon doesn't show on the map. Too small in the left to right sweep in your opinion too? Don't try to chain stun, first issue solved. Agreed that if Jason exits a shift in the stun radius he should be stunned. Leave them in the drawers. Problem solved. As it is, you don't have time in a grab to play fuck fuck games and decide if you want to use a pocket knife. Play higher composure counselors. If anything needs to be fixed it's counselors screaming without line of sight on Jason, not the screaming itself.