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  1. Best bet would be a setup where you can buy perks while you wait.
  2. @Thatguyinktown Yup. If I play bots on random, I'm gonna be Roy.
  3. I suppose it depends on who you're playing against. I often use Sense to know when a counselor leaves a cabin and even if your crackers are popping, I'd see the red light go out and know to pursue. If you stuck in the cabin and hid, I don't think the sound or blips would detour me as much as the number of beds/closets I'd have to break down and what point in the game it is. Early enough (and if I'm not worried you have the fuse) I may just say to hell with breaking six beds and go after easier prey. Scenario two sounds better, but I'm pretty sure if I see you at that point that I won't lose you. It's nearly impossible to stun me, I can break doors down via walking through them etc. Granted, I'm a decent Jason, so maybe it's just how I approach the game, but I don't think they'd save you at that point without a stun effect. Glad you like the one idea, now onto Tommy stunning. the big problems with everybody stunning is it turns into a big circle jerk stun animation. If Tommy could do it, this means that he can stop Jason from killing counselors if he hits judiciously. If not, he'll break his weapons like any other counselor. Also, if Jason decides to focus on him, the other counselors can't do nearly as much to save him. Will there be trolls who use the Tommy option to be dicks? Sure. I feel it's still reasonable. Tommy is intended to be a hero counselor and I'd expect the game be coded for play as intended as much as possible.
  4. Ah, in that case I still feel they are underwhelming. firecrackers are not long lasting like the radio, and blips don't entice me to break off pursuit.
  5. You're saying they can light up houses like somebody is in them? If so, then I learned something new today.
  6. I don't think I've ever been distracted by firecrackers. I don't think many Jason's are. Most Jason's I've seen won't leave a sure thing because of sound blips anyhow. Hell in QP, many won't even stop the chase to kill me if I make 10 mistakes on the fusebox. Unless I hear a fusebox beep, a gas spill or or a battery scratch, blips just help me locate counselors, they don't detour me from the chase.
  7. Chad is good at keep away. With his luck he can get things fixed if he has to. Just keep backing out until your luck gives you minimum ticks. And if it's taken you too long to kill everybody else, Chad is pretty good at running the clock down. Prior to this patch he was one of the main counselors I've seen beatstick Jason. I have a lot of success. you're complaining about a car and the phone? We've had numerous times where Jason was like "When both cars started moving, I was sure I was screwed. Then all the sudden the police timer hits. Yeah." Our regulars hit objectives hard. Even in QP, if there is an escape to be had, we often get it done. With that, I can blame the mechanics as far as trolls. Jason gets stunned. Counselors don't. If you're Jason fighting multiple counselors, you can't grab and your slashes will find you stunned and them spraying/emoting. The game was broken in that regard. You can argue block, but that just meant they run from you and you have to move to reengage. Block worked against dummies for the most part in my experiences. Now as far as rage, Gun could have done other stuff. Stuff like bringing back body blocking with a grabbed counselor for that sweet, sweet betrayal, or stuff like making low strength counselors garbage at stunning and damaging Jason. But they didn't. They dealt with months of feedback about how Jason got sand kicked in his face by the Chad's of the world and decided that Jason was gonna go try out some Charles Atlas powerups. Sucks to be a Chad these days. I don't recall anybody on the forums asking for near complete invulnerability, but giving medium tier Jasons the means to menace even high tier counselors is good in my book.
  8. You know, I meant slow as in stun, but this would be fine too. "Lachoppa runs track, suckah!" before huffing and puffing away, Jason slowly plodding behind and cursing.
  9. Glad you like it. I'm also not sure how hard it would be, but if possible, it would be a nice morale boost. Seeing Jason being so dedicated to the kill that he performs it on the air while the counselor lay at his feet is sorta heartbreaking. Keeping track of salt? Oh man! I hope some ban hammers fall! I get teamers being an issue, and toxic people. I just feel that if you want to leave it shouldn't be an option on the menu. The time it takes to leave the game in other ways may also buy a Jason enough time to get the kill off. I think a system that doesn't let you play in QP for an allotted time (that escalates with each instance) after a D/C, quit or what have you would be better. Sure, some folks would get booted due to no fault of their own, but if the initial instance was say 30 minutes, no harm. When it's the third or fifth time in a day (because you are not Jason, or too weak to take a loss or whatnot) and you have a two (or more) hour wait it would make QP a nicer place without the garbage people.
  10. Grammar. Here. Also I prefer "Semantics Squasher" if I get a choice in nickname. As to the file sizes, "Ah. Ok." You missed the comma that should have come between the words topic and butthead. Off to jail with you!
  11. I think both firecrackers and flares should slow Jason. The biggest issue with the rage is that slow counselors really have a hard time making it to the exit if there are no cabins. Jason just shifts up and slashes down. I think that since both are an expendable resource, they should both be fine. You can only carry one weapon and three items after all. It'll make resource management all the more interesting. "Do I take these crackers or another health spray?" With firecrackers serving no purpose after rage, they are pretty meh. As far as Tommy, if Tommy gets a person or two out and leaves, I guess he is ok as is. If Tommy wants to ferry counselors out before heading back to danger to save even more counselors he needs some means to do so. Maybe that could be a reload when he escapes (rather than escaping he gets sent back with one more bullet, Barney Fife style) or maybe he could just beat on Jason in melee. Something needs to be done if we don't want to see people just bee lining to the exit as Tommy. Lets just hope that people explain their choices, I guess.
  12. "Feasible.", "Discuss." Also make an actual argument @Ethanhead258 because I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe we can discuss your need of spell check in the meantime?
  13. I do agree with Tommy being able to melee stun. I disagree with anybody else being able to do so. One person being able to stun Jason wouldn't turn it into an issue. Multiple people being able to do so would. Basically for those trying to get Tommy a bigger role, lower your expectation. I'll be surprised if Tommy gets a boost, but begging for a "final girl" too? Maybe quit while you're ahead?
  14. That's not exactly the case. The Chad may simply be much better than the Jason. This patch makes that Chad work harder to live. Jason gets a challenge. It's spreading himself out amongst 7 counselors to stop them from calling the police, driving the car or piloting the boat. Sometimes it's even the challenge of surviving TJ and sweater girl. Jason shouldn't have to deal with beatstick mobs for 20 minutes. Another advantage to the current patch is that if you're beating Jason to kill him, you can still do that. There may be more incompetent players than competent. That is a player problem, not a game mechanic one. Jason's do work for their kills if they are facing reasonably capable counselors. Counselors who hide under beds for 20 minutes, who opt to fight Jason and who don't bother to take steps to stay alive (leaving doors open or unlocked, not picking up the fuse, battery, keys or gas, etc) make it easy on Jason. If anything Gun should revise the "How to play" with notes like leaving doors unlocked is like inviting Jason in to kill you, or hiding under a bed should be used strategically. Actually a lot of my gripes are watching level 40ish (maybe higher, maybe lower, point is they are mid tier) Jason being tormented after I escape by the level 150 clowns. The one time I recall a similar situation was on Crystal Lake Small. @Thatguyinktown was Mitch. He lone wolfed and got out via a car (or maybe the boat, I forget) Everybody else teamed me. It took me about fifteen minutes of slash/stun animation/watch them heal/slash/repeat to kill all but one Tiffany. So I went 6/8 in one of the least fun games I had the pleasure to play. I've had it happen a few times where people did try to pull that but borked it and then stopped fighting when I slashed one or two down. I think I've adapted pretty well. I use Chad as a term. Much like Gun uses him for the "Don't be a dick" series. Chad, Vanessa, Tiffany are generally the troll choices though. It's definitely a great pub game.
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