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  1. Since the counselors each are getting unique abilities to them to maybe compliment their playstyle or cover some weaknesses, I was thinking about why not give the different Jasons some unique abilities as well beyond the 3 strengths and weaknesses. It could be something simple and subtle such as an even greater underwater move speed for Jason 7, to a more drastic change like being underwater giving you free morphs to other underwater locations with no cooldowns. Whatever they are, I'm sure they could help in making all the different Jasons stand out more from one another and help to keep their gameplay a little bit more unique to each different Jason, even if the skills' effects are made small and subtle.
  2. This is an idea that came to me in a shower while I was thinking about how to make part 7 Jason more fun, unique, and let his non running capabilities actually not be as big of a drawback as it is now, all without making him overpowered and without even having to touch counselors. Coincidentally, this idea of mine could also potentially fix the Vanessa problem and actually make her speed and stamina have a drawback to it. Basically, this idea came to mind as I was remembering a past match of me pursuing the last Vanessa left of the survivors, and how long it took for me to finally get her. As a player living outside of the popular 1st world countries, my ping is naturally high, and therefore I could not use shift to instantly grab them out of their sprint like so many seem to suggest, so my thoughts shifted to how would it be possible to catch running counselors, but without making them overly slow. The answer was to simply make the counselors more clumsy. Now this is simple, I thought about how the higher their fear level, the more prone to stumbling the counselors are when they run, and how this mechanic right now doesn't particularly play a big role in assisting Jason on catching up with them, so my idea is a simple one, if they can stumble, why can't they fall down? If a falling down mechanic is added, making it so fearful counselors jogging will only stumble, yet fearful counselors sprinting will trip and fall, this could be used as a way to discourage constant running away and encourage a bit more of hiding. This would also give the Composure stat something else to it, as a counselor that tripped and fallen will have to perform a skill check to get back up quickly, if this check is governed by the Composure stat, this means Vanessas that trip and fall will get up slower than other counselors with a high Composure stat, making it so that if a Vanessa is too afraid, running away won't help her much as she's just going to fall down and Jason will be able to catch up to her. Now, about how this could tie in to make Part 7 Jason and other Jasons that can't run more fun and unique. Well, he's one scary ass mother, isn't he? But how scary can one be when you can simply lightly jog away from him? We have this ragged, decaying, walking corpse walking towards you with the intent to kill, that's gotta be scary! Yet with his shift ability not being his strength, it tells me the developers wanted to make Part 7 Jason more of the "I'm going to walk towards you because I know you can't escape me." kind of guy, which can't be done with counselors easily being able to juke him around with a light jog. The solution could be a simple one. If the fear causing stumbling and tripping is added, then simply make Part 7 Jason's mere presence increase counselor fear levels very, very fast, after all, this guy isn't exactly a pretty sight. With that, you could end up with Part 7 Jason stalking his victims, aiming to make their fear so high that they won't be able to outrun him out of pure fear, stumbling constantly and tripping down, trying to desperately crawl away from him. This I think would feel nice for every Part 7 Jason lover and be a nice change of strategy compared to Parts 3 and 2 Jasons, which are more about chasing down counselors and intercepting them rather than stalking them out. I would like some feedback on these ideas, as admittedly I have not thought about it much besides how it would affect Parts 2 and 3 Jasons and other counselors outside of Vanessa, I just want this game to be the best it can be, and if these ideas help out in some way, that's all I could ask for!
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