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  1. Hi

    Thank you Bishi Boshi for being a backer and helping to make the game and reach the stretch goals . Welcome to the forums
  2. Would you Survive a Friday the 13th movie?

    You made it! you stopped jason for this time and made it out alive! You may have saved some friends on the way as well. Had sex and still made it . Excellent. It was fun .
  3. Hi everyone!

    It's always good to come out of the shadows and say hello . Welcome to the Forums .
  4. Lurker finally joining :)

    Welcome to the Forums
  5. Hi

    Welcome to the forum overkillexodus . Make yourself at home fellow Horror Fan .
  6. Counselor Melon Wizard checking in...

    Welcome to the Forums Joel , it is always Great to meet a fellow fan of the series .
  7. Counselor Clothing Pack

    I picked up the counselor pack in the Kickstarter and I am hoping that the counselor clothing pack has different color schemes , maybe even different mesh looks .Call me conservative , but I always been more happy with my character rocking the white tee shirt and blue jeans . I never been much of a fan for the brown shirt or pink pants . Everyone has their own tastes for sure and I am more of a boring person when it comes to fashion I guess . That being said I am a big fan of the Leather or Jean Jacket looks for the counselors . Maybe a ball cap or hat . Plus things like Holiday clothing / outfits I have always enjoyed . Halloween Costumes or Santa Hats are always a welcome addition for a nice seasonal atmosphere .
  8. Hello to Everyone

    Welcome to the Forum . Make yourself at home .
  9. Yes , as far as what I understood from the Posting that Wes put up about it the Kickstarter patrons will be in both of the closed betas . Which I am happy about as well . A little extra for the people who have been waiting since the first few weeks .
  10. Howdy!

    It is Always good to have new people join and for younger people to get into the horror Genre . Welcome to the Forum and enjoy your stay .
  11. Maybe you could add a computer that this guy has to hack to get online and call the cops . Sounds like a lot , but it would more or less just be a different type of phone . The trap thing sounds good as well , but honestly everyone in the counselor bunch looks like they would clamp a bear trap down on themselves just trying to set it . Never underestimate the raw power of Nerd Strength . Larping his Dragons and Damsels roleplaying game also taught him how to swing a sword and ax . GG , I like him . 10 of 10 collected http://i.imgur.com/4AiepJ5.jpg Yeah , so I'm a dork . Been adding them everytime they get released , because I so hyped to play this game. Notice the wear and worn look of the older ones . ... yes , I wish I could photoshop too.
  12. Whazzup?

    Welcome to the Forums RJ . Grab a bunk , a sleeping bag , a machete and make yourself at home . Don't ever feel bad about being a dork . Sometimes being a dork is what makes people so cool .
  13. Hey Hey

    I enjoy re-watching the entire series as well . Welcome to the forums .
  14. I played DbD on it's free steam weekend and it felt really clunky . Love Myers , but I think I'll be skipping out on it.
  15. It only feels like a year when I start thinking about how much I wanna start playing the Beta XD