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  1. After playing the beta all day, which is great - I have two "cosmetic/non in-game" changes that would make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. These are possibly things already being planned but I just wanted to get them out there. Allow all the counselors that have died to talk to each other while watching the rest of the match. This would make staying to see the final outcome a lot more enjoyable instead of just sitting there watching by yourself. This doesn't help the counselors that are still alive in any way. Give a small percentage of bonus points to the dead counselors for the few that end up surviving. The caveat being that they need to stay and see the final outcome, so it ensures people don't just dip out right away once they are killed. This feeds more into there being times that the reason someone was able to survive was due to someone else sacrificing themselves or being killed after getting everything for the car needed to escape. If this already happens, then nevermind - I just didn't notice. And that's it. Again, these are not changes for actual gameplay, and if anyone else has ideas - please add them here. Thanks!
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