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  1. Since the beggining i was concerned about potential serial killers, it's good to know this problem was solved.
  2. I haven't bought this game yet, and i would like to know what's the status now on ps4?
  3. You were asking that guys, you talked too much about that sweater https://68.media.tumblr.com/6f9fbbe5f7f8657b96427d8850b7af5f/tumblr_oefz08SapN1utuoauo1_500.gif
  4. Ms. Voorheess's sweater will chase all of you! XD
  5. You did a great improvement on hair and character movement, thank you very much. See you in multiplayer.
  6. Em modo multijogador é muito problema fazer estes pequenos detalhes que você diz dos animais. It's very hard to create on multiplayer.
  7. Why would you want to split the community?
  8. I suggest Crystal Lake T-Shirts for everyone.
  9. This is a videogame not a movie and people will always try to destroy other players just for fun.
  10. This only could work if we're heavily armed a la Resident Evil.
  11. There are 2 pages and the cover by Tone Rodriguez. I suggested minigames before. Devs need to create something to do while we're waiting for a match.
  12. 1.- Zelda Twilight Princess 2.- Final Fantasy X 3.- Super Mario Kart Double Dash 4.- Conker: Bad Fur Day 5.- Metroid Prime Extra: Resident Evil Remaster and Zelda Wind Waker
  13. You can't create balance with something like "Uber Jason" because It breaks gameplay
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