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  1. Now I'm a huge horror fan. I have alot of Horror movies but i love my Horror games so here is my list that i own let me hear yours.


    The Evil Within:Xbox One


    Resident Evil 4-7:Xbox One and PS4


    The Layers of Fear:PC


    FEAR:Xbox 360


    FEAR 2: Xbox 360


    FEAR 3: Xbox 360


    Doom 3:Xbox


    Outlast: Xbox One


    Silent Hill: Playstation 2


    Silent Hill 2: Playstation 2


    Silent hill 3: Playstation 2


    Silent Hill The Room:Playstation 2


    Silent Hill Homecoming: Xbox 360


    Silent Hill Downpour: Playstation 3


    Dead Space 1-3:Xbox One/360


    Alan Wake: Xbox 360


    Slender The eight pages: Xbox One


    The Suffering: Xbox


    Splatterhouse:Xbox 360


    Alone in the Dark:Xbox 360


    Rise of Nightmares:Xbox 360


    Until Dawn: PS4

  2. Just an idea for future DLC idea's of Jason Voorhees. For example Freddy vs Jason, 2009 Reboot Jason, or 

    regular Jason from Jason X not talking about the bulletproof Jason just the regular one.


    Now I know you guys may not like one or more of these Friday the 13th/Jason films but in my opinion I like the way these Jasons look they're raggidy and intimidating.


    However i can probably see an issue with using these three Jasons considering New Line Cinema bought the copyrights of Friday the 13th and during the Chapters paramont pictures owned it but how ever im not an expert on copyright and my hypothesis could be wrong but i would like to see these Jasons in a later on DLC.


    I would also like to see some Jason idea's from Gun Media for example maybe Jason in a straight Jacket or a blood soaked Jason. I would like to know what Jason DLC idea's you guys might have.    


    I like the Tom Savini Jason.

  3. Finally i was able to validate my profile anyway. HI everyone my name is Insane Jason I've been a huge Friday the 13th Fan sense i was 6 years old. I can't wait to have the game but i am not an impatient person so Gun Media take your time and I look forward to playing the game. I got to play the beta and after playing the beta let's just saying I'm Thrilled to see what kinda of updates and tuning they have done because I had so much fun.


    Now I will be getting this game on all platforms but i will mainly be playing it on Xbox one. i already preordered and purchased the hard copy of Friday the 13th on Xbox one.  

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