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  1. Is anyone else getting a lot of random "Fatal Error" crashes after the recent update? It ran perfectly fine for the first 2 days but now it's every 3-4 matches. SummerCamp.log
  2. Really? Guess they don't realize they didn't put a disc in it.
  3. Like I said they still gave a sticker, magnet, and poster. So I guess that is something, just no exclusive DLC.
  4. Guess they lied then, there is no code or anything for this content for the physical PC copy. Guess it's the same as being a digital copy owner. Considering there is no disc.
  5. Well that is what i thought when they said that the skins and clothing pack were physical copy exclusive. But they aren't available to PC users at all, even the ones who bought the physical copy from backerkit. So right now the clothing pack and bloody skins are console exclusive.
  6. They should have called those items console exclusives, but you do get a sticker a poster and a magnet, i just thought the physical dlc exclusive content would have been included as well.
  7. Well there is no disc, it's just a redeem code for the game, but since they gave digital keys to us first cause they couldn't fulfill the physical copies at the time, it's already active on my steam account.
  8. I just received my physical copy for PC but I noticed there is no code for bloody skins, is it only for the physical console versions? There is also no counselor clothing pack.