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  1. That ending was amazing. Such an awesome video lol, keep up the great work!
  2. Happy Friday the 13th dude, and welcome to the forums. Glad to see more people coming to hang out and talk about the game, the community here is awesome! Welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time here and a great F13 today.
  3. Hey all, took a break for a bit on the forum reading playing some other games, but just wanted to say Happy Friday the 13th to you all. I got some family watching the kiddos tonight so me and the wife get to enjoy some brews and rewatch some good o'l F13 movies. I think we are planning on starting on the 4th one today and going from there, as we recently watched the first 3. See how far we can get before passing out since we are getting old lol. Hope you all have a fun night and stay safe out there!
  4. Welcome and happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy your time on the forums!
  5. Been playing Civ 5 lately, bit of Age of Wonders 3, and recently hopped back on Darkfall New Dawn (MMO). Also play Worms W.M.D. with my kids, that is a fun one to goof around with when we aren't busy with real life goings-ons. For any fans of Worms Armageddon, Worms W.M.D. is finally a great worthy successor to the franchise, would highly recommend if you like those types of games.
  6. Happy new year all and 12 days away from a nice F13 weekend! Be safe, have fun, and hope everyone has a great start to the new year.
  7. Perhaps. If they don't do anything to tweak it, I think range weapons for Jason will honestly fix any issues I have with the behavior anyway. Maybe I just need more practice as Jason.
  8. If he is hung, you could make it like a similar break mechanic as a trap to snap the rope, he then would fall to the ground and have another delay similar to the shotgun blast. You could also have it reset his cooldowns as well for getting stuck in it. That would allow an opportunity to start up a car and make up some distance or make a mad dash towards the cops, etc. That particular trap, if it were in the game would take a lot more coordination to setup, let alone a Jason to be foolish enough to get stuck in it. It would have to reward a good opportunity for a counselor to pull it off. Seems like it wouldn't be worth the time to setup though given their resources and it is a kind of one-off idea...unless of course you do similar things with a typical noose trap that could be done around trees and higher structures, but I love the idea regardless. Here is to hoping eh?
  9. I dig it, motorcycle, dirt bike, 4 wheeler, any other type of camp vehicle would be cool to see. More to work for as a counselor and more to defend as Jason, win win, nice idea.
  10. Projectile weapon as Jason will be pretty awesome. Honestly, might even be a fix to some of the kiting problems he has around obstacles...as he could just fling a knife to their knee or face. If he misses...well, that is on you the player...don't miss next time. I like the idea of it changing views too like first person or do similar to the shotgun mechanic...sounds like a lot of fun.
  11. I dig it being a useful tactic at times, like what you say to help recover stamina quickly and using the environment to your advantage, thats all cool and fine to a point. But I think you know what I mean when people endlessly play ring around the rosy and there are 4 other Vanessas in a game doing the same thing lol. It is a bit much and one of the few areas I would like to see have some sort of mechanical change with characters doing similar things around Jason. I don't usually like to limit behaviors and choices in games and I'm not one to hype up 100% immersion and all that, but I do feel that is one of the areas that breaks it more than any of them and can agree that it needs something done, which I think they have said they are looking into. I guess we'll see during the main game, it isn't a big concern of mine regardless. More of a QoL type change for me. I think counselors should have the roughest time possible though without gimmicks like that.
  12. Yeah that is a cool idea. Sticks to the whole avoiding combat theme still too, as if you did have to counter him with a weapon, it further adds to your incentive to run away from him again knowing you have a slight advantage. Would also make playing Jason slightly more tactical in needing to dodge attacks for the sake of not blacking out for a moment.
  13. Agreed, I'm excited that they'll have 3 maps during release too. Can't wait to play it and I felt same way. Fix the major bugs and I'm going to be all set for quite some time.
  14. Even as a slow Jason with multiple Vanessa's I still managed to kill all of the counselors various times, maybe 1 escape here or there. Took slightly longer, but not much. I don't think speed is a major issue. Kiting around obstacles is the bigger problem I think, which they are going to fix for some of the troll behavior.
  15. No, I do like a lot of realism / immersive mechanics in a game, but I don't want it 100% realistic. Example: Shift and Morph are teleport type abilities (unrealistic). However, they help to give that feeling of Jason being around every corner, which adds to that fear element and bring a way in which Jason is able to achieve a large ranged presence around areas, which accomplishes a good deal of immersion from the movies in my opinion. I think it is a good way to do it given what they have to work with and it being a multiplayer game. Realism for stamina...well the characters in real life would be able to jog and probably sprint for much longer periods at a time. Given we are playing in a multiplayer game with time limits (usually 10 - 20 mins or whatever the time cap is) this would make the game far more drawn out if they had more stamina. While it may need tweaked, it is close to a good area where it needs to be and a ton more would really change the pacing of the game in a negative way, unless matches lasted longer. I think realism should be present though for counselors, for some of the kills, for blood and gore, physics, weather and day/night type conditions, counselor weapon attacks, etc. This type of game needs a good mix of both, probably higher on the realism, I'd wager more like a good mix. Maybe 80% realistic or 75%. Maybe a bit more, but i wouldn't want it 100%. I think the current feel for the ratio of whatever % they have going is working pretty well.
  16. Why would you replace numbers for random letters after the word "part"? Silly goose...
  17. This, it is also great for those who go AFK and don't come back so you don't have to go recreate a room. Host being able to kick will certainly need to be an option. Can it be abused, sure...anything can though. I think the pros outweigh the cons for the ability to do so, even with vote-to-kick options. I don't think it would happen as much for good players with the way this game plays. I would want to have a good Jason in my game killing us as a counselor, adds to the challenge. It may happen from time to time, but I don't think it is as big of a concern for the negatives that happen in lobbies and games.
  18. Mute options are most sensible along with host control of the players to kick. I am fine with vote to kick too if majority of a room have to favor that option, but the first two would be my go-to options if they were there.
  19. Would be pretty cool to have the 2nd story accessible. They did a good job on the barn.
  20. I like the idea of leveling them to unlock new perks or outfits, that would give some change to gameplay and then just bragging rights for having acquired certain clothes, while still giving that feeling of progression. I think that would be the better way to go, otherwise you are sort of throwing the archetypes out the window, which I disagree with. By perks, I don't mean just universal perks, but maybe character specific perks that you can only unlock by playing 1 particular character. Then you have your traditional global EXP perks as well. That gives a bit more variety and uniqueness at the same time.
  21. Never thought I'd see this as an issue lol. I guess it does make sense from an immersion perspective though, I'd probably leave the drawers open. I don't have a problem with it one way or another if they actually want opinions on this one. I feel like there are plenty more important things they can spend their time on though... +1 Neutral
  22. Mine took a bit of time to come through after purchasing it. A few days before I got the code. I think it just depends on when they process the payment. I would definitely message them if you don't get it within a week.
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