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  1. This is true. I'm just saying that the toxic side is usually the side the devs listen to. I agree, as I've said before I wish Gun or Ill would have a weekly stream.
  2. Hahaha they are balancing the newest Killer, Freddy Krueger, based on one week's worth of stats and Rank 20, aka low level players, outcries, when he is already an extremely weak Killer once you know how to handle him. They're making him borderline useless now, sort of like Wraith. Sure they engage and talk every week, but they don't always address the correct issues or they do so in a questionable manner. They had a good few updates recently but this newest nerf is just a prime example of how whiney survivors always get their way.
  3. Sorry I did the calculations on my button speed incorrectly. I can hit the button 11 time every second, not one press every 11ms. Not sure what 11 presses a second translates to in ms tho.
  4. That's fine, if need be I can easily upload a video of me doing so. The best way to test your finger speed is by playing a certain minigame in Mario Party 4, the one where you mash A to line up Whomps as Dominos. Hell there is a video of a someone getting 140 presses in 10 seconds in the minigame, which equates to one press every 14ms. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Just because one person might not be able to do it doesn't mean someone else can't.
  5. This is not true. I have Savini Jason and it still takes 3 hits to knock down a door for me in animation, but only 2 with Part 4. And no, Savini did not used to be 4. It was ALWAYS 3. Why does Part 4 have better destruction @GunMedia_Ben?
  6. Nothing ever changes with this company. I still think they need to hand it off to a different developer.
  7. Maybe people should actually stop giving them money then? They won't change anything if people keep throwing cash at them. I think it's high time to strike the game.
  8. Nope. They just wanted your money. Why anyone expected them to do something meaningful is beyond me.
  9. This exactly. They aren't gonna improve the game or these dumbass business practices if people keep throwing money at them over shit that isn't even real content.
  10. Two Part 3 characters in a row though? And is Fox gonna be a free choice Counselor or will she be a hero like Tommy?
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