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  1. I recently upgraded to a GTX 1070 Amp Extreme 8GB graphics card and while it did improve the issue, there still is a slight delay at times with the fireworks. I ended dropping the Effects setting from Epic down to Medium and it helped. Hope it helps you as well!
  2. Ahab, Thanks for the reply. I don't current have the frame rate counter on. I'm basing it solely on the 1-2 second stutter that occurs whether I'm a counselor or Jason the moment fireworks are thrown and I'm anywhere in the area. I guess to that end, I don't have *proof* it's a frame rate drop but I'm 99% sure that's what it is due to the flash burst from the fireworks when they first pop open. It's not just a small drop that wouldn't be noticed without a counter. The screen actually noticably stutters but again only when the fireworks are thrown. The monitor is indeed 60hz. I could try bumping it to 75hz which I believe is the max though when I did it before it changed my aspect ratio. I'll have to dig into those settings more and see if it has any affect. I've already ordered the additonal RAM so between that and revisiting the graphics settings hopefully I can get it resolved. It's quite annoying. Thanks again and if anything else happens to come to mind regarding this, I'm all ears!
  3. I just recently put together a gaming PC. It's pretty beefy and the game runs great. However when fireworks are thrown in a match, I get a brief 1-2 second fps drop. It's very noticable. And I'm sure you know that 1-2 seconds of interruption to your gameplay can be detrimental. I'm just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue and or has any thoughts on how I might go about fixing it. The pc specs are: Asus z170 Mobo Skylake 4ghz CPU 8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram (will be upgrading to 16gb in a day or two to see if that helps) Dual Radeon Rx 580 nitro+ graphics cards, 4gb each setup to use crossfire where supported 500gb SSD hard drive If you have any ideas plz let me know...I haven't come across any info on this specific issue just yet. Thanks!!
  4. Jason player, absolutely. Map being played? Eh...negotiable. Hoping the stun actually works, agreed. Hence the .1% where it doesn't happen if you have the right group. Any Jason who might be interested, check out my Best Jason post in the Fan Challenges section!
  5. *technically* OP never said QP lobby...though it was implied ? and it's never 100% but if you're playing with people who know what they're doing it can be 99.9%.
  6. Our team has found the perfect solution for people spamming the ready up button. Make them Jason when the match starts and kill em. Problem solved.
  7. Are you a good Jason? Are you making the outrageous claim you've never been killed? (Even if your only tactic is to hide in the water when your mask is off and Tommy and sweater girl are hunting you down) Send me a PM with your Xbox gamer tag and I'll add you on my list and invite when we're looking for some competition!
  8. Here's a good non legal description of the whole issue if anyone is interested in reading why Victor Miller isn't really a "greedy piece of shit" like I've seen him referred to earlier in this post: https://1428elm.com/2018/06/12/friday-13th-vs-victor-miller/amp/
  9. You're talking about a company that employees over 350 people vs gun media and illfonic that are in the single and double digits. Something tells me Hi-Rez has a little more time available to do things that gun/illfonic just don't have the manpower for. I'm a day 1 player too and instead of crying like a little baby, I'm able to shake off the shitty parts of the game development along the way and enjoy what's there while the other shit is being worked out. So yeah, fuck you too. You won't be missed in the player community.
  10. You've got to keep in mind, they're trying to push a fix update out 2 weeks after a MAJOR upgrade and I'm sure fixing Roy's color while they're working in the code is probably changing one small line in the code, whereas fixing the issues you've mentioned are going to take a lot more time, concentration, effort. So while they're fixing other important things they can check another thing off the list with a simple update in the same area they're working in.
  11. I completely understand what you're saying, however looking back on any of the Friday the 13th movies, you have to admit there's a level of campiness to them (no camping pun intended). The counselors party and dance and fuck and generally have a good time, all within the genre the game fits in. I personally don't think it's a stretch to add those in there. Without them, you'd just have everyone (including adults) teabagging Jason every time they knocked him down. The emotes add a level of cheesiness to it for sure, but I don't think ANY of the horror movies from back then tried to outright avoid cheese.
  12. Any time I've had the cursor missing, I was still able to move my joystick around and hit A and it would put me in the general area of where I was 'aiming' for as if the cursor were there. It just wasn't accurate because I was guessing a location to morph. I can't remember the exact pattern, but it seems like it happened to me when I had more than one person logged into Xbox Live on the same system. It seems like I wasn't seeing it happen when there was only my account I was playing on logged in, but don't quote me on that.
  13. It's happened to me before. It's never stayed consistently. However, while the cursor may be missing, you should still be able to guess where you're trying to go. However, issues like the game completely crashing on startup, the rubberbanding issue 100% preventing people from running away from Jason if he stops the car, etc...issues that stop the gameplay....they should absolutely be doing those first.
  14. The important question is....if they did say that was part of the fix....what would you have complained about instead?
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