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  1. I got bored with it again so stopped playing. The game's not especially fun at present time anyways. Back before I quit though I was slashing pretty regularly. I usually don't kill that way unless time is short or a player particularly annoying, but it's best not to even pick anyone up unless you've injured them some first. They almost always have a pocket knife and medspray, so at least make them deplete both. Honestly though even slashing as Jason feels clumsy and slow, quite easy to dodge. It's hard to avoid at least one or two counselors per match trolling for several mins before you get them no matter what you do these days in my experience.
  2. Things get silly in multiplayer games when there's a female voice on the mic. You'll literally see guys who were silent before hop on mics to chat them up and try to play their personal bodyguards in game, sacrificing themselves in hopes to save them. I've found that age doesn't really matter either, at least a third if not half of the male players will get goofy in a game if they think there's a cute sounding girl to impress. And heaven help you if the girl laughs when they do or say something trollish, as the game will then turn into non-stop trolling at that point, even more so than usual.
  3. Last time I played Jason I think I only ran into two counselors who didn't have pocket knives and that was very early match. Everyone else had at least one and of the final three who escaped, two of them had two each, as well as guns and firecrackers. Most everyone is loaded now to the extent it feels like a mistake to even try to use grab. Just melee attacking everyone is probably the best bet, if rather boring.
  4. Despite being, what, half a year old now, the game really hasn't improved much. In fact a lot of the changes are outright puzzling, killing what little atmosphere the game had left by turning it into 24/7 Jason trolling. On top of that there are still no dedicated servers, meaning most matches end with a host disconnect same as ever. This broken mess of a game is just for the diehards and the trolls right now IMO.
  5. This. I really can't tell if they're better on easy or hard as they do the same brain dead things on both. I'm guessing the difference between the difficulties is maybe just more stuff in the drawers or something like that, not any actual change to the way the AI behaves.
  6. Alien Isolation AI was amazing. It's always made me sad that game got crapped on by critics when it does such a good job of giving you a tense survival horror experience. I'm no fan of what this game has turned into for Jason, but at no point in it's life was it anything similar. Jason was only ever scary in the sense that his mechanics were wonky with him able to grab you from two arm lengths away or shift around like some kind of ghost or place bear traps all over objectives. That was better than him getting thumped on and tea bagged every match, but game mechanics and atmosphere has never been its strong point. If only we could have gotten a single player experience with well crafted Jason and counselor AIs, allowing us to play either. The offline bots and their laughable inadequacy has pretty much killed any hope of that tho.
  7. What game is everyone playing where the counselors aren't constantly whaling on Jason with weapons because the melee is so broken and nerfed? I can't say I've been in many of those lobbies. Maskless Jason covered in bruises and crying his eyes out has become a pretty common sight from what I've seen lately.
  8. I wasn't a big detractor of the last patch beyond the grab nerf. There were some genuine quality of life improvements to Quickplay with the icons and such I thought. This current patch though has given the complainers all the ammunition they need. Coming back after a month long break, trolling Jason seems to pretty much be the norm now and there's not a lot you can do about it if stuck in the role. Grabbing (still a challenge on any moving target) has become a real hazard as most everyone has a pocket knife, and when you get mobbed by melee attacks and shotguns you're going to take a harsh beating, possibly a sweater death if not careful. Even if you try to swing your own weapon, you'll get stunned before you get more than a few blows and your target will heal. And if you get desperate and grab someone, expect either a pocket knife or a stun, and then watching while everyone medsprays and rearms themselves for Round 2 of whack-a-Jason. It's honestly kind of an awful game to play right now and the brainless bots aren't much fun either. Friday the 13th is officially broken IMO. To the people who screamed they were destroying Jason -- you were right, I guess that really was the direction they were heading in. Here I thought they were just trying to balance Quickplay a little but even randoms stand a fair chance of whupping on him now. Playing Jason is stressful unrewarding work where you can pretty much expect to get trolled at least a few times a match anymore.
  9. These are probably the worst bots I've seen in a current gen since the hastily added Skirmish mode ones in Battlefront 2015. They're constantly doing brain dead things like getting stuck on the environment, jumping through windows only to turn around and jump right back into Jason's arms, hiding right in front of you, and circling back while fleeing so that you can grab them. It's hard to get any kind of real game out of them even when you handicap yourself. This feels finished in the sense they can check it off the 'stuff we promised' list, not finished in the sense they actually made it work properly.
  10. The problem with the game is the same problem with any multiplayer game. The meta changes and players almost literally git too gud. In this case lots of people have become very experienced with the game and several of them group up together on mics. They don't approach the game like a group of scared teens fleeing for their lives. They behave closer to a group of Navy SEALS on a mission, with everyone working together, tunneling objectives, focusing on their roles, and fearlessly confronting Jason. There isn't any easy fix for this. Yeah, you can make Jason stupid OP with glitchy and/or cheap mechanics, in which case Quickplay becomes a waste of time almost due to the lack of coordination making kills a cakewalk, or you can balance things to Quickplay and watch Jason get stream rolled by these extremely experienced hyper-organized players. Who do you balance the game for? Casual players or fanatical ones? Neither are 'right' although both certainly think they are and that they have the monopoly on fun, and the game should cater to their tastes alone. The best solution at this point (and single player will be a partial solution, allowing people to slaughter councilors with likely little challenge all night long if they want) would be private games with toggles, allowing groups to customize the experience to their preferences.
  11. I suspect it's just like a rating. You get these challenges and maybe, I don't know, get more experience points for completing the match if you do them. I imagine you can ignore the challenges and just go after the bots however you please tho. A lot of games have these sort of things. Pretty sure Killing Floor 2 has daily and weekly challenges you can attempt or completely ignore (and you can also play that made-to-be-multiplayer game solo if you want).
  12. Same, I wouldn't mind seeing originals as long as they remain true to the character. Maybe even a tie in with this game: http://f13killerpuzzle.com/ Some of those are decent Jason looks I think. And, no, not affiliated with that game or anything (in fact I doubt I'll get it as I already burned out on Slayaway Camp before completing it and it looks like more of the same), I just ran into someone posting a link earlier on their twitter and was reminded of the overcoat and parka wearing Jason shown in the screenshots by this post. That's the sort of thing I'd like with new Jasons that aren't direct movie tie-ins, ones that look plausible and iconic, even if they weren't actually in any films.
  13. I think the gameplay feels pretty good in Quickplay right now. However against private lobbies full of experienced organized mic'd up players it can be pretty challenging to get more than a few of them.
  14. Honestly it's just a different game when played in Quickplay with non-communicating randoms and against parties of organized objective tunneling counselors. It actually feels pretty balanced now for the former, but the later can be pretty tough on Jason, especially in small maps. You get a bunch of people running around together with baseball bats, flare guns, pocketknives, while window hopping, it feels like there's not a ton you can actually do stop them at times.
  15. Love the idea of new modes for this game. Kinda hoping it's not a paranoia/werewolf style game where there's a secret Jason though. Not sure that'd be super fun. But any kind of variety would be nice at this point.
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