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  1. Was playing as Jason and found a counselor hiding in a tent. I moved to do the sleeping bag kill and it stuttered before pulling out the bag which flopped on the ground. Then a floating baseball bat appeared as if held by an invisible counselor. My sense power told me the counselor was still I the tent. I could not pull anything out of the tent again and if I went into combat mode Jason targeted the bat but would attack and hit nothing. Nor could I grab. Therefore the Counselor existed both inside and outside of the tent simultaneously. It wasn't until I tried throwing a knife at the bat did something "hit". I was then able to grab the invisible Counselor and kill her. Thats a heck of a glitch.
  2. Quick net search says it's just a connection issue. If it doesn't clear up after resetting the pc/console and resetting your modem, id start to worry and shoot Gun an email.
  3. What a really weird line of thinking. "If I can't win via the rules and how the Devs intended, I should use exploits." Its people like you that ruin the game for everyone else. It's a multiplayer game. Multiple players. Its not just about you.
  4. It allows everyone (if it's got a good%) to go through broken windows and traps without being crippled. For that alone it's worth it. Heck even about a 15% gets you through a broken window OK. 30% traps are OK. To clarify, it lessens the damage so you aren't so worried about windows and traps. Doesn't make invincible to them.
  5. If you don't understand how this hurts the match/the other players, that's pretty sad and self centered. There is such a thing as "playing within the spirit of the game". Mature adults are expected to actually be mature. Finding a way to "cheese" the system is not only mean spirited, its also childish. You are making a MULTIPLAYER game about "you" and harming the other players by at the least making the game last a full 20 minutes, wasting everyone else time. And for what? 200 extra meaningless xp points? If you in any way think this or any play style akin to this is fair, you need to sit back and reevaluate yourself. Maybe come to the conclusion that when playing with other people, its not all about you.
  6. Savini Jason. 8/8 Caught 3 people by the car and they were to stupid to run. Killed others in cabins. Caught some in traps by the phone etc. The dude playing Tommy though was great. He played Tommy as he SHOULD be played. Tries to get me to go after him instead of the easier prey. Protecting them or throwing himself in front of me only to juke out of the way. At the end it was just Jason vs Tommy. And he kept up the chase like no ones business. He tried to escape in the car he fixed but I bashed it. He then fled for the cops. And he almost made it. My shift renewed right before he got to them. I shifted over, grabbed him and cut him down. He was INCHES from escaping. Felt good.
  7. The same thing happened to me, on PC. PS4 is still a dumpster fire. I don't know whats worse on the console version. The amazing long wait times to get into a game or that when you finally play, people go glitch onto the roof or into hidden rooms. But at least the car and Jasons shift are easier to control on PS4, for some reason.
  8. 1. 16 isn't "older people". 2. You're 16, and give this much of a crap about a youtube "star"? 3. Do you see how #1 and #2 link together?
  9. Thanks! What's funny is I did this kill in my next game after asking.
  10. I was playing and saw a Part 9 Jason grab a player, shove a machete (maybe a long knife) into their mouth. The player spasmed on the ground clutching at the machete before dying. Then Jason turned and walked off with the double axe in hand. I can't seem to find this kill on the lists?
  11. For some reason I find it MUCH easier to control a car and Jason's shift in the PS4 version than on the PC (trying both controller and mouse/keyboard).
  12. It's not thier fault they used an exploit to cheat. They knew it was messing up the game for other players, especially for Jason but it's all about them and thier fun, right? Its hard being the center of the universe and being the only person who matters! wont someone think of all those or banned cheaters, it's really not their fault.
  13. Costumes of other horror movie killers. like LaChappa running around in Chuckys overalls. Chad in a Mike Myers outfit. etc Tommy spawns wearing a Jason costume.
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