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  1. I would love to see the stretch goal rewards that weren't met be offered as DLC for the game once released. That would include the possibility for the retro game creation
  2. I meant for the franchise itself. What was the first F13 movie you saw and which one is your favorite?
  3. Hey there. I just finished playing Until Dawn myself. Loved the game, but it changed its mind what type of game/horror movie tribute it wanted to be about halfway through.
  4. Hi Carl, nice to meet you. What challenges have you seen as a professional Beta tester?
  5. Hey Shane. What is your favorite horror video game?
  6. Hi there! Nice to meet you! What is your favorite F13 movie?
  7. Mike. I loved the NES game despite how bad it was because it was the only way to play the films
  8. Hi Shawn! Great to make your acquaintance as a fellow backer
  9. Hi Doug. What branch do you serve in?
  10. Hi Shawna. When did your passion for F13 start?
  11. Hi Robert. The problem with Halloween 3 is that most people were expecting another Michael Myers outing and it was entirely different. If you didn't call it Halloween 3 and just kept the subtitle Season of the Witch, it's a very enjoyable movie. I am also a fan
  12. Hi Marc. Welcome to the forum. Any more info about yourself you'd like to share with your new friends?
  13. Hi Will. Like you, this was also my first project backed on Kickstarter. I was so excited when I first heard about it
  14. Nice to meet you Brandon. Your field of work sounds more like play!
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