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  1. I was literally in a game where i killed everyone and I was called bad bc i slashed 2 players (including tommy). its hilarious how people get mad about something thats an INTENDED MECHANIC IN THE GAME. and when i called them out on their bullshit i was the one called salty. what made it even funnier is when i asked them to enlighten me on how i'm "bad" for slashing they said nothing. if you complain about getting slashed you just suck. sorry just tellin' it like it is.
  2. Here's something I think we really all want to know: will the next update finally let us leave games after dying and still let us collect XP without having to sit through the whole game?
  3. " Each Jason will start with 2 additional throwing knives. " is this meant to replace the 2 throwing knives jason players have to get off the wall in the shack at the beginning of the game?
  4. " Increased the minimum distance that the fuse can spawn from the phone box " i'm a bit confused by the wording of this one, what does this mean exactly? also, will this patch fix any of these issues: people joining a server for a millisecond then immediately being disconnected the issue with muting people not working correctly in lobbies people sometimes not being able to use their mics while in a party on the main menu
  5. Personally, the meta with this game makes the game feel way too easy as a counselor for me. I personally get little to no enjoyment out of playing a counselor. the only way its difficult now is if you have bad teammates which i dont really have an issue with since i have a regular group i play with. also slightly off topic but FUCK that long picnic table
  6. I really liked that they had a silhouette showing the kill jason could do. also like him walking towards the kill spot instead of just teleporting to it like in the final release. I'd love to seem them bring that back instead of teleporting and just have jason be invulnerable when the kill is activated. as for the graphics and everything, based on ben's response maybe the singleplayer maps will look a lot nicer since its local as opposed to online, but i'm not holding my breathe.
  7. if anything i want it to be a different jason every time the menu loads up. seeing part 3 jason all the time is kinda boring
  8. They've said multiple times that they can't add FvJ and 2009 Jason because they don't have the rights to them.
  9. if anything make it a map exclusive kill. i.e. can only be done from tall buildings like the top floor of Packanack Lodge and the upcoming Javis house that, or make it so it can only be done on unbroken/unopened windows.
  10. When trying to kill counselors that were trying to escape in the 4 door car, i ran into a glitch where after pulling someone out of the car and getting stunned afterward, the person i was grabbing became stuck by the driver seat and couldn't move and i was unable to grab or attack him in any way. how to replicate: 1. grab counselor out of car 2. get stunned by a melee weapon while lifting counselor up after pulling them out of the car after that occurs, the player was just stuck for the rest of the game. photo
  11. I just witnessed this glitch happen again after the patch that was supposed to fix it
  12. I thought of this recently and its seriously surprised me no one has made a film revolving around it. Whatever happened to the kids that drowned Jason? How come there's never been a film about Jason going after the kids (now adults) that made him the monster he is now?
  13. I've noticed that the floating bodies glitch only occurs to tommy jarvis and tiffany cox. I don't think i've ever seen it happen to any other counselor
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