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  1. I'm not bothered unless it's a ridiculously high level to unlock. That would be a misstep. I think any and every Jason should be able to equip a machete at any point. Weapon swap was one of those features I think a lot of us thought would be a part of the base game upon release.
  2. I wouldn't have it much past 50 myself. There are no Jason unlocks between 40-something and 100-something. As some folks mentioned before, I'd be fine with the weapons unlocking as the Jason who has them is unlocked. It's just a weapon swap, not sure why we have to even put it behind a level lock.
  3. I like all of this except muting Pamela.
  4. 8 bit nes jason in game!

    That would look and play stupid... Sorry but that's a terrible suggestion all around.
  5. I'm not going to comment on anything balance related as that would suggest I'm entertaining the idea. I'm against the concept as a whole. The greatest failure of the Nintendo Friday the 13th game was it's inability to be faithful to the source material. Adding an unnecessary zombie mode takes away necessary resources from Gun and Illphonic's ability to present a faithful representation of Friday the 13th. If Gun or Illphonic were interested in making a zombie game based on Night of the Living Dead, I would suggest doing so as it's own individual title. Gun has a connection to Tom Savini who directed the first remake of Night and was involved in most of Romero's Dead films. That said, Illphonic recently released, or re-released, a zombie game that you can now find in the bargain bin of your local Wal-Mart. The zombie genre is over-saturated and there's nothing that I feel could be brought to the table that hasn't been done before, and better. If you want a character driven zombie experience, play Telltale's The Walking Dead. If you want to kill hordes of zombies, play one of the Left for Dead games. If you want a random zombie experience, play one of many games like Plants vs. Zombies, etc. If you want to play Friday the 13th: The Game- play Friday the 13th: The Game.
  6. I might actually watch the soap opera with zombies/Walking Dead if Roger Rabbit showed up.
  7. I hope @Riot_Dame knows if I see her, I'm only slashing her. When your nickname is based on your ability to always have a pocketknife you might as well be Tommy Jarvis.
  8. @jameson87 and @Cokeyskunk PM your gamertags and I'll add you. I had started a PS4 community but closed it as it never panned out.
  9. I have no interest in seeing zombies added, ever.
  10. @Tattooey I'm not on PC but I'm on PS4.
  11. [Video] Combat Adjustments and Ideas

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow The effort put into this is above and beyond. Wow. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @[IllFonic]Courier @Gertz I know you guys hate being tagged but the video in the OP deserves a watch, even if only for the effort.
  12. Challenges for Offline Bots

    @Cokeyskunk Challenge accepted, completed: @Truth @TheButtonMasher Who knew, it's possible. @aurllcooljay Thanks for putting me on the right track. The main houses don't work very well for it but I discovered bots will not remove the barricade after they put it down in the smaller cabins. You can kind of see me figuring it out as I go in the video. Because they won't remove the barricade they're forced to suicide using the windows. @Reyezblood 03 Nice work on those challenges.
  13. Goodbye, spear and trident. I never liked you.
  14. Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    @Rexfellis I didn't know that about the prequel Thing- thanks for passing on that link. It would have been such a better movie. I enjoy it but the CGI takes me out of it. I'm going to watch Harbinger Down soon- I'm a fan of Gillis and Woodruff, Jr.'s stuff and it looks like a good homage. @Ahab That's an amazing photo.
  15. The Wasted Potential of Part 7 and Part 9

    Part 9 had no potential. It was garbage- nothing was wasted. All of it was there... I'm not a fan of Creighton Duke myself. He's interesting in a bad movie but would have been bad in an interesting movie.
  16. This is welcome news but, without any concrete release date, it's difficult to be too excited about.
  17. Record time

    Don't know. There's no way to prove Jason wasn't working with them either.
  18. Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    @TheHansonGoons I think I've mentioned before but I really enjoy jump scares. They create an uncontrolled reaction in the audience. There isn't much I find scary in films anymore. I'm desensitized. A good jump scare still gets me every time though. On the main topic, the biggest thing missing from newer films is definitely practical effects. Things feel fake and cartoony nowadays. :/
  19. Throwing knives.

    @CPLhicks31 Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  20. @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier In Offline Bots, counselors should spawn with the clothing we have selected for them in customization. I don't remember the Clothing Packs ever being mentioned as multiplayer exclusive and if you're selling us clothes we should be able to access them throughtout the game modes. It would add some variety to Offline Bots.
  21. Throwing knives.

    Calling @Risinggrave "toxic" is probably one of the stupidest and most inaccurate things I've read on the forum in a while. Congratulations.