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  1. Oct. 11 Mode

    Agreed, the windows still suck. Not as much but still.
  2. @Sinisterslither You did nothing wrong. Counselors, particularly people who are counselor mains, will try and say anything to convince you that you're supposed to play the game the way they want you to. If you don't want to die- don't let them kill you. There's nothing wrong with that. Also, if they have escape options open but refuse to leave so they can chase you around- they're the ones holding the game hostage at that point. I've literally stated "I'm not going to get close enough for you to kill me." and they still stay. :/
  3. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    Nomnomnom. Burnt to a fucking crisp and still on fire.
  4. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    @Thatguyinktown Must have elephant tusks on mask or I'm not into it.
  5. FRIDAY THE 13th Being streamed TONIGHT March 15th !!!

    My bad, for whatever reason I thought you meant you were streaming the film.
  6. @Qcici Jason's Strengths are balanced by his Weaknesses. While certain Jasons might have Weapon Strength, they will be deficient in other areas. You had a negative experience because the game didn't play out how you hoped. That's no reason to adjust balance for the entire game. In the future, when you see a Jason with Weapon Strength in the opening cutscene- adjust your strategy. Pocketknives were reduced to a level closer to the game's release. I know it's technically a nerf but the goal in reducing the pocketknives was to create better balance- it has and we're all better for it.
  7. Braindead Simple Fix for Door Rage Stuns

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I love the gif of him smashing through the door- there's a brief moment where he's disorientated. I only noticed because of the looping gif.
  8. @Qcici Someone will likely tell you you're not supposed to use a bunch of different colours. Don't know why, it's the rules. On what you're saying- you lasted 7 minutes with Jason tunnelling you as Deb. What's not fair? You died after giving a much longer chase than a Deb normally would. Get over it. Weapon Strength will remain a strength for Jason, I don't see it changing.
  9. @SmugDoka A lot of that stuff would fuck up balance again.
  10. The gas should run out on cars, it would prevent some of this. As well as being able to jump out like @Wolledc said.
  11. Share Your Experiences

    I like both equally. I picked up both. The engine update may bring people back. It's hard to say. As a community, we've endured a lot of things that most communities wouldn't have pushed through. The engine update isn't really what's important though- it's what they do with it. Will it still be 2-3 months for balance patches? If so, folks won't return.
  12. FRIDAY THE 13th Being streamed TONIGHT March 15th !!!

    I don't want to rain on the parade but streaming Friday the 13th would be a copyright violation on most sites.
  13. @Truth I like jump scares. It would be fun, add a little more tension to the drawer search.