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  1. Sometimes I forget single player was promised for this past summer... so many brokens promises. :/
  2. I wonder if they even know. They always seem to have issues with certification also so who knows.
  3. @JPops 7 weeks without a patch is fairly unacceptable. Especially after they messed with balance. This is the longest span without a patch for this game also. Patience has accomplished nothing. We're told to be patient but then there's no dialogue and the issues important to the community continue to go unaddressed. So much so they made a post saying that the next patch won't address the issues we've experienced the last 7 weeks. I don't know where this snap of a finger thing comes from. 7 weeks would be the world's longest finger snap.
  4. I want Part 5 more than any other. I can almost guarantee you will see an Uber/Jason X as one of the upcoming Jasons.
  5. I wonder if two people praised a certain aspect, but had two very different optimistic views, would you feel the same? I feel if people are generally upset, there's no point in them pretending that everything is okay for them. It would give the wrong impression and be dishonest for someone to not express how they feel about their current experience accurately and instead pretend things are okay. We bump into each other a lot on here. I definitely understand you want to see more positive comments but I've been paying attention to your replies and they're often mocking or negative. Responding with your own negativity only creates a vicious cycle. If you really want to see more positivity, practice what you preach. You could be a positive voice on this forum if you didn't get caught up criticizing others for their posts. (2 cents)
  6. Yea, he's here... I appreciate his enthusiasm but I have to admit I was hoping for something different.
  7. I think putting down an entire community over one post may be a little harsh...
  8. This is perfect- exactly right. Also: o This is #4,000 for me.
  9. I think some people forget that without Jason, there is no game. Having the game competitively balanced benefits all players and as it stands, the balance is heavily weighted towards counselors. Gun stated Jason is meant to be overpowered. Jason is currently underpowered. I think this whole thing stems from spectating to be honest. People hate that they have to spectate so they gave counselors more options to extend the game but in doing so, they destroyed the balance instead of fixing the actual probelm: spectating. Folks should be able to leave when they die and join a new lobby immediately without penalty.
  10. Friend just got F13

    Agreed. @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk @[IllFonic]Courier @[IllFonic]illwill @ShiftySamurai @Gertz Take a look at the video in this thread's original post. This is embarrassing.
  11. Pretty sure they unbanned most, then sold them bunny and princess costumes.
  12. F13 Official Discord

    That's not too surprising. Even the forums have seen a decent decline. Discord is another flash in the pan social media/chat platform. It was always disappointing to see how much attention and information was given to the Discord considering it's fan run and is behind an invite wall. It's seems more open now but there was a time where it definitely was not. My only real issue is that official forums were neglected while a random teenager's fan run Discord was put on a pedestal. Maintaining interesting in this game is difficult even for those of us who have been here a while. There's quite a few who have been here a while longer than myself. Even though there is an update coming, it's been an abandoned game (or abandoned community) in a lot of respects. It would go a long ways to give a weekly or bi-weekly general update or- simply engage the community. Engaging people on Twitter and Facebook doesn't count as they're generally generic responses. Anyway, I'm rambling.
  13. Between the current perks, the nerfs on Jason, the abundance of pocketknives and medsprays- I don't think the counselors need any more ammunition. The balance is currently completely broken and boosting anything for the counselors at the moment would only further break balance. I remember Gun saying players shouldn't want to fight Jason so maybe boosting perks that encourage something other than chain-stunning Jason and using him as a piƱata could be looked at.
  14. Seems unlikely they will ever give any penalty for people leaving. Even if there were a report system in-game to report people who leave mid-kill, etc it would be fairly useless considering Gun and Illphonic already have their hands so full they haven't put a patch out in almost 7 weeks. Stubbornly, I don't think they'd grow their team to find someone to manage reports. There aren't any specifics for the next update but the level cap is going up to 150 and I'm assuming they're adding more incentives for levelling. I may be wrong. In all seriousness, Gun has allowed this game to be taken hostage by hosts quitting, people leaving, trolls, etc. for a very long time and I don't imagine that will change anytime soon.
  15. Here's a link to the exact same topic, that was locked, because a previous exact same topic already exists: Do we really need the same beauty contest poll every couple months?