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  1. Pocket Knife Solution

    Again, as I said, actually read the posts: No one is asking to grab across the map The vast majority do not want the force grab to return You're projecting your view of Jason players onto debates and threads that are much more involved and intelligently detailed than your projection. Also, yes- grabbing is infinite. So are most of the base mechanics for Jason and counselors. You do realize that the entire point of Jason being in the game is to kill counselors, right? Would you complain that fire is infinitely hot while burning? You have two options- escape or die. Jason's sole job is to make sure counselors die.
  2. You specifically mention balance in the same post I quoted: New concept for you: Revisionist history.
  3. That is pretty cool- I was surprised to see nothing similar for this game as Jason being teabagged isn't just disrespectful to the Jason player but the franchise and game as a whole. I would've thought the last thing Gun would want is videos of people teabagging Jason.
  4. Genuinely surprised to see you come at this from a socialist viewpoint considering some of your previous comments. Jason is the reason for the season. People backed this game to make a Friday the 13th game and they expect Jason to reflect his appearances in the film series.
  5. Pocket Knife Solution

    There is a definite balance issue currently. I don't think these are salty Jason players. I think there's a bunch of counselor mains that can't accept they're not winning because of their perceived skill but instead because the game is in a broken state. It's not about having an easy win at all. To suggest that is dismissive of thread upon thread of information that supports Jason was nerfed. A nerfed Jason negatively impacts the gameplay for all players, including counselors. Please post your Jason matches. I'm curious how they go for you. Also, it's a forum for a Friday the 13th game. If Jason Voorhees is getting too much attention you may have to take a moment and consider what game you're playing and what forum you're on. The game is supposed to be representative of the films. When people make suggestions based on the films they are doing so because Gun said they were attempting to make a true representation of the films. Also, they stated Jason is meant to be OP in the game several times. @kitcat To suggest players are saying Jason should get 7/7 or 8/8 everytime is untrue. Please take a moment to actually read what people are suggesting in those threads.
  6. Knife to the junk. We need this. Imagine if a game actually let you put a stop to teabagging. It'd be groundbreaking.
  7. No, thanks. I don't mind playing the grinch here- fuck Christmas clothing.
  8. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    Yay Canada! (At least for the moment...)
  9. @Alkavian Great idea. I miss that part of friendly fire being on, the unpredictable scenarios created.
  10. Why does he cover his eyes then?
  11. Too many pocket knives

    @Alkavian We should do a match with high luck characters and see how many pocketknives we can find. Edit: I gave you a trophy @ikarikh, great post.
  12. Flare guns are basically shotguns now, they do the same thing. I don't think they need to be nerfed though. Firecrackers are meant to be distractions but I dislike the idea that Jason is distracted from a grab while counselors can run through the firecrackers like they aren't there. They should distract or stun Jason but not after he's grabbed a counselor. I agree about the lack of intuitive controls. With firecrackers, I don't feel like anything should really be changed until the grab and melee strikes are fixed anyway. We need to see how gameplay goes with the fixes first before buffing or nerfing anything but I do think it's something to consider in the future. Making a grab with 2, 3 or 4 counselors around is generally ill-advised. It rarely works out for Jason. It seemed to work more closer to release, you could turn your back and perform the kill but that doesn't seem to work as well anymore.