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  1. I could see that. Seeing the subreddit dead kind of gave me that feeling.
  2. @WashingtonJones I expect a boost when the update drops but it’s tough to tell if it will be enough. A guaranteed monthly patch would go a long way to restore player confidence.
  3. This is true. For anyone thinking 277 isn’t bad... Left 4 Dead 2, released in 2009, currently has 4,000 people in-game. Friday the 13th is dead on PC.
  4. Thanks @jameson87 and @Cokeyskunk Also, this is relevant:
  5. bewareofbears

    How to fix trolling???

    I like the idea of not being able to use an emote when your fear is too high. That’s new to me. Those guys at Slash N’ Cast spend so much time fluffing the devs, I’d be surprised if they came up with it on their own.
  6. bewareofbears

    Subreddit is Dead

    I’m not really a fan of Reddit’s format or how it’s used. I took a peek, it’s still active but not like it used to be.
  7. bewareofbears

    Subreddit is Dead

    The forum is probably the most active of the platforms... though I don’t know how that Discord is doing these days. Though I have been on here and seen as low as six users on the forum in the user list.
  8. Anyone else notice the subreddit has died? Almost nothing going on there- there’s self-promoting streamers posting and no mods doing anything. Early 2017 - Early 2018 RIP
  9. bewareofbears

    What race are you?

  10. bewareofbears

    WWE/WWf/WCW Clothing Pack

    I hate this idea, so it will probably happen.
  11. Less than 400 in-game on PC at this moment- lowest I’ve seen for this part of the day. I wouldn’t even bother playing unless you have a private game going.
  12. bewareofbears

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Ah, my bad. Sorry about that.