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  1. I don't regret backing this game, so I say that I'm getting my moneys worth.
  2. I think this is the best route to go down after the roadmap is finished Bring in more unique Jason's, it will help extend the life of the game.
  3. Let's face it, this isn't Call of Duty or any other yearly franchise game, if we get a sequel it isn't going to be for a long time if there is even plans for a follow-up. In order to keep this game alive after the current DLC roadmap is finished I would gladly fund any future expansion whether through paid DLC or Crowd funding.
  4. As people seem to find offline bots little challenge no matter the difficulty, perhaps the changes you make to the councillors for online play also effect the offline bots as well. That way the player has more of a challenge as the characters will be using the perks that the player uses in order to survive against the online Jason.
  5. I'm hoping that future maps will be Forest Green/Camp Forest Green (Part 6) Tina residence (Part 7) similar to the Jarvis map. Lazarus/Manhattan (Part 8) Voorhees residence/Crystal Lake (Part 9) Crystal Lake Research Centre (Jason X) with new Jason.
  6. No they shouldn't release Savini Jason, that was for backers and pre-order. However I do think the could release a public version of Savini, it would be basically the same skin but with enough changes to differentiate it from the exclusive skin.
  7. Why can't you escape on foot? Even if you make it to the exit points you can only escape in car or if the police are there.
  8. Throwing a councillor in to the generator for an electrocution kill Slamming a councillor down on to a deck chair, then forcing a beer bottle down their throat, the crushing their jaws together. Stealth kills while in stalk: dragging people of the dock as they try to repair the boat, pulling people through windows.
  9. End of summer 2017 for PC and PS4 and sometime in October or November for Xbox if their DLC stays true to form.
  10. Gun Media will announce a September 22nd release for Single player, but Xbox will get it sometime after.
  11. BrimstonePrime Not a big Mic user so best suited to play Jason.
  12. Stuck at lvl 5 Should have been well in to double digits by now.
  13. Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I've been a Friday the 13th fan since I first watched Part 3 back when I was only about ten or eleven. Friday the 13th is one of two horror movie franchise that shaped my love for all things horror, the other film being Aliens but as this site is about F13 I'll save my love for all things Xenomorph for elsewhere. It wasn't until I watched F13 part 6 that I got the Jason obsession and went out and got the series on vhs. When the movies made the transition to DVD I got them as well and found that the DVD versions held more content that were cut out of my original vhs versions. My favourite F13 has to be part 7 with the best looking Jason of the series. My least favourite is part 8, the Jason makeup was a let down from the far superior Part 7 version and Jason seems to have developed the ability to teleport. This may be controversial but I really like Jason X, in fact I rate it in my top 5 Friday the 13th list. The reason is I feel that they took the idea in a new direction and combined the horror elements with that of cheesy sci-fi and for me it worked. Much like Freddy vs Jason just worked for me. When it was announced that there was going to be an official Friday the 13th game there was no doubt that I would be getting it, but then I found out it was going to be funded through Kickstarter I knew I had to make it my first pledge.
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