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    New content today?

    Where is this trend of updates being released on the 28th? I don't see it. Two releases out of seven were on the 28th. I wouldn't call that a trend. 5/25 - Game Launched 5/27 - Patch - 1.01 6/02 - Patch - 1.02 6/16 - Patch - 1.03 6/20 - New Content: Retro Jason, New Clothes, & CP 6/28 - Hotfix for bugs 8/28 - New Content: Small Maps - added more bugs 9/21 - New Content: Emotes, Swimsuit DLC - even more bugs I would prefer more fixes, that actually fix more than they break, than new content.
  2. I'm sure they will be selling you the ability to flip off Jason, Soon™.
  3. This could be easily be resolved if the devs would actually implement keybinding that should have been implemented before the launch of the game. They've stated that it was a priority, yet here we are several months after release and it is still not available.
  4. Shadwell


    Don't get me wrong, because I am actually looking forward to seeing rain implemented into the game. I wasn't terribly affected by the recent drop in performance, but there are many players that were. And they certainly have a need to be concerned. You say, "People felt since the game is already pretty system intensive..." But it wasn't that bad until the last patch. I am glad to see that you have spotted these issues and are making good strides with getting performance up. But you also say "We hope to have this all resolved by the time rain launches." Which is also highly concerning. This leads me to believe that you may still release rain and all the other stuff (ie: textures, wind to trees and lightning, etc) even if you have not worked out all the issues with the recent dive in performance. I feel it would be an extremely bad idea to release the rain until all the issues with the drop in performance are dealt with and there is significant improvement. I sincerely hope that you can get the issues worked out before you release the rain. With all that said, I would still much rather see more game-breaking bug fixes implemented long before rain and possibly more bugs and lower performance are added.
  5. Can you provide a link to where they have stated that Jason IV would be free? I'm not claiming they haven't, but I have not seen it anywhere. I know they stated that maps would always be free, but I have not seen a similar statement about Jasons.
  6. Should we theorize whether or not this Jason will be free DLC or paid DLC, since it is apparently against the moderators' discretion for us to simply ask the question?
  7. Absolutely not. Rare perks should not be for sale at all, much less in a rigged gambling system with "boxes/crates" bought with real money. I don't have a problem with devs selling cosmetic DLC, but I despise the bullshit rigged gambling real money for any item. Gambling with in-game currrency that can be earned is one thing, and I consider it a bit more acceptable, but I am still not fond of it. I like to know what I am getting for my money when I spend it. I refuse to gamble in a rigged system. This system is cancer for the whole gaming community.
  8. Shadwell


    How long do you think the patch has actually been submitted and waiting for certification?
  9. The Spring Break DLC is not exclusive. It will be sold to anyone that wants to waste their money on it. Where did you see that it would be available for purchase today? It won't be.
  10. The host of a private match can still select what map to play, but there is no option for players to choose not to join lobbies that are hosting the smaller maps.
  11. They should have included an option to opt out of playing on the smaller maps. But I guess we can't expect Gun/Illfonic to have anticipated that players would want that option. Afterall, they added support for several languages and didn't even give players the option to change it themselves.
  12. Yea, one achievement fixed. Not a single game-breaking bug was addressed with this patch. They also added new intro and outro scenes and didn't bother to address the loud audio in the logo animation intro, that was fixed at one time, but came back with the very next patch.
  13. That is why they need to concentrate on fixes rather than adding more broken shit to the game and to the list of bugs to be fixed. I'm not saying the artists should stop working, but they don't need to add that stuff to the game before they fix the major bugs.
  14. I read quite a few reports that players are suffering dramatic FPS loss from this patch. I haven't bothered to try it. Still waiting on more important fixes before I start playing again.
  15. I have read the patch notes. There are still plenty of game-breaking bugs that have not been addressed and are far more important to fix than achievements.