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  1. All jasons unlocked in offline if internet is down Uber Roy added to virtual cabin Original grab back Meat shielding back Original window smash back
  2. Conspiracy theory: this was a setup by the devs all along to trigger an artificial shutdown of the game by making people so unhappy the shutdown could be justified and the devs walk away and wash their hands of the game.
  3. Source? I missed any news they put out.
  4. Here's the mask for cheaper:https://www.amazon.com/NECA-Friday-13th-Replica-Jason/dp/B005IBVUYG
  5. On normal, it seems multiple bots have 2 knives each.
  6. Give Jason his original grab back with current animation and people will fear him again.
  7. These are bad, adding more items takes away the hard mode on Jarvis. It buffs the counselors and makes the game more easy for trolls.
  8. Fix the block, Nerf the double medic spray perk, and allow Jason to fuck up troll mobs up close.
  9. @ShiftySamurai can you guys fix this so we can play with all Jasons if we lose internet connection?
  10. They used to light up the cabins red in Jason's sense.
  11. Saving money for the NECA F13 figures instead.
  12. You gotta show me a gif of these frames you are describing in slow motion.
  13. It's called a slasher movie, stop complaining about slashing. When did the developers say slashing breaks the rules & is a bannable offense? If not, stfu and don't tell me how to play in game, crying about slashing makes you come off as a call of duty tryhard. So true! To hear and feel the sound of Jason's blade cutting the flesh of a troll is satisfaction supreme!
  14. This! So true. The slash crying snowflakes are back in matches lately, crying about Jason slashing, even one leaving a match before being killed as the last counselor.
  15. Redcat345

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    Crystal Lake Special Warfare team!!!! "The machete's edge"
  16. This makes sense. Why won't they just give it away for free now? Might as well give it away since the lawsuit stopped the game.
  17. I have Savini. If I go and buy the physical version, will I get emailed the bloody skin code? Also why was bloody Savini excluded from PC?
  18. We need the spear & pitchfork from part 2, &the pitchfork from part 3.
  19. You guys are some creative MFers, I will have to try some of the ideas you guys have posted in the thread. The door traps sometimes works because you corner a counselor, they play ring around the furniture, then run out the door into the trap because they weren't paying attention.
  20. Myself, for the following reasons: 1: In my love for spoilers of this game, meeting my streamer heroes and trying too hard to fit in and impress them by bad jokes, bragging during kills and reason # 2. This only made me look like an ass to them and others. 2: projecting emotional pain from a bad day into a game, amplifying it from the clunky mechanics of the game. This has caused me to lose friends more than anything in this game, including pissing off some of my heroes mentioned earlier. Apologies to those out there I have upset. Other reasons: 1: Clunky mechanics of the game. The biggest frustrating change to the game was Jason's grab. Not being able to do a quick grab on someone is frustrating as hell when a counselor does the old "jog jog sprint! STUN! jog jog jog" combo followed by looping. 2: Hackers/exploiters, enough said. 3: Anything I can't think of at the time of this posting.
  21. Redcat345

    Legendary Perks

    This sounds like the game we should have gotten.
  22. I'm stuck after leaving as Jason due to the beartrap phonebox exploit. Half a day wasted because I cannot get into a regular match and just stuck in an empty lobby as host.
  23. Redcat345

    An Idea...

    Pamela Voorhees from Part 1 and Ghost Jason from Never Hike Alone
  24. I'd rather have a NECA Savini Jason, but it can't be done because Gun does not have merchandise rights. This may apply to Funko figures as well.