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  1. Jog jog jog jog SPRINT! can't catch due to grab, jog jog jog jog jog. The old grab needs to come back. Taunting and name calling. Exploiters and speedhackers.
  2. Pamela Voorhees. Another idea, a giant SOON in red Friday the 13th font that chases you and has Wes's face when it goes in to rage mode.
  3. I never received my digital soundtrack order. Were the soundtrack orders sent by link in email or in backerkit itself?
  4. An announcement that lawsuit is settled and content can resume+ Jason X being realeased with kills and pajama packs.
  5. Amazing well written reviews! Wait till Friday the 13th: Vengeance comes out!
  6. This and the block is fucked up on the pc. Jason can be stunned by Tommy with a shotgun.
  7. Is there plans for a sequel?
  8. Like alices neighborhood in part 2 and nyc in part 8.
  9. Disagree, would make game more frustrating and negate the purpose of the rage mode buff, stopping jason from being bullied, hard pass on that.
  10. If things are settled, I could see this happening. CFG would be fun and isnt there a CFG sign in VC 2.0?
  11. Tommy is 10/10 for all stats, no buff needed.
  12. I support Hudawg in this, the old grab was perfect and made the game less stressful for Jason players. They need to bring the grab back. Oct 2017 ruined the game. We get the old grab back, we can filter out the DBD trolls from this game who like to gang on Jason.
  13. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13126-game-mode-pamela-voorhees-4-vs-1/?tab=comments#comment-175113 Read this
  14. Higgins Haven. It perfectly captures the spooky atmosphere of part 3 and the trees whip up with the wind caused by Jason's supernatural presence. Wish we could have gotten the part 1 map seen in the menu lobby screen that has the lifeguard tower and maps based on the overgrown ones in the splash screens.
  15. Please get Roy into VC 2! We need all Jasons in. Can we also have a glass case in the VC 2 with Pamela's sweater and head that laughs like she does in game when you press E? It would be using existing assets since the cutscene/rage mode laugh would be used.
  16. The way jason hits the radio, it permanently disables it, you would need several hours to repair the parts inside in real life. If this was implemented, only someone like deb or lachappa could fix it and youd have to find a parts kit for the radio repair. But for game sake, it would be fun and you press the E key after finding the repair kit. Since no new content, smart counselors could press E. https://images.app.goo.gl/3W8E3acAF9afognd9
  17. Not true, some of them do it to piss people off in the game.
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