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  1. Easy fix: Zombie Pamela from part 3 with Jason's powers. Also Betsy Palmer's likeness rights. But if they could have added her the game would have been mindblowing!
  2. But not fun, they dont run or give any challenge to sharpen my skills on.
  3. Jarvis House bots dont do anything and stay in place on offline mode.
  4. Im sorry, you didn't hear about how there were plans to add NHA Ghost Jason if the lawsuit hadn't happened.
  5. Pamela Voorhees, Zombie Pamela part 3, Remake Pamela, Ghost Jason Never Hike Alone.
  6. They can add in the clothing and kills /stalk features from the SPCs into multiplayer and it would not be new content since they are existing assets.
  7. Ok then we would also add the remake Pamela from 2009. All of my versions would be able to run,hide,stalk, and sabotage.
  8. I disagree, she should be able to break doors because she did so with a machete to get at alice. We could only have part 3 Pamela due to likeness rights of Betsy Palmer unless her daughter gave permission. Pamela would be in a special MP mode designed for her stats and gameplay.
  9. Check this thread Beware of Bears and I made a long time ago http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13126-game-mode-pamela-voorhees-4-vs-1/?tab=comments#comment-175113 no new content and likeness rights of Betsy Palmer issues sadly, but part 3 zombie Pamela could be done if no new content rule after lawsuit wasnt an issue.
  10. You win the Crystal Lake edition of The Price is Right! Indeed, its a hacker using code from the game to put the wheelchair in the game to cheat. Jason X has been popping up too.
  11. Its Copy on the road there Pete, 10-4, 37. Someone clarified this a long time ago, i forget who.
  12. No. You favor counselors by claiming you play jason. Jason is fine.
  13. Update: despite NES toony terrors jason being made and ready, lawsuit is gonna block its release http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/09/rights-battle-kills-toony-terror-jason.html?m=1
  14. I was let down too. But we are getting Lady of the Lake retro Pamela and NES Toony Terror Jason! I want to know what the canceled F13 accessory pack was gonna be.
  15. I love this map because its within the spirit of the original dev videos about how challenging the game was going to be before it was released.
  16. Its easy, credit suicides as kills to Jason since they died fleeing from him, problem solved.
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