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  1. You must be playing the Earth-35 multiverse version.
  2. And that is why they should release him, even if unfinished.
  3. Redcat345

    Jason bullying

  4. This is the most hilarious glitch since home run Jason!😅😂
  5. That's an understatement. It's a shit movie that looks like something the sci fi channel barfed up to make money.
  6. I agree. I used stalk as part 4, then busted through a wall that 2 counselors were behind in a cabin. Their reactions were priceless!
  7. These, along with the original film scores and songs, plus The Sentinel by Judas Priest, since the lyrics fit Jason to a T.
  8. I would like to see Jason be able remove these out-of the way. I feel it's an exploit because Jason cannot place traps and move the counselor bear traps when they are deployed. Can you clarify on this @ShiftySamurai? It would be cool if Jason could use them only outside like remake Jason did.
  9. Redcat345

    Buff Jason.

    This cubed
  10. Redcat345

    Buff Jason.

    Buff Jason, fix grab, improve combat, make counselors afraid again.
  11. I was watching a video of this the other day and thought the same thing.
  12. Give old grab back with current animation and it's perfect. Original had broken animation. There would be fear in counselors again.
  13. Give the old grab back, plain and simple, fix block, add in some stun resistance.
  14. I like this idea and combined with a fixed grab and reduced stun, would make this game terrifying again. We would get more jump scare moments.