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  1. Revenant- vengeful spirit in corporeal form due to curse.
  2. I love this game! It's the only officially licensed game to have a Jason (Ghost Jason) from a fan film in it, Never Hike Alone and Kyle from the same film!
  3. Can't get Uber unless you hack and break the TOS, why is he even an option?
  4. They need to patch out exploits. If you use any glitch to gain an advantage, you're a cheater no matter what side you play on.
  5. I saw it (combat stance cutting on walls)had been changed on walls and taken out to balance things so jason couldn't cut through the cabin walls as fast.
  6. I cant believe people are supporting the use of exploits instead of playing honestly.
  7. So you admit to using exploits? Not cool.
  8. The Never Hike Alone Jason, Kyle and Camp Crystal Lake that they were going to add before the lawsuit. They are both in the F13 Killer Puzzle game.
  9. Thanks! I saved and bookmarked! How do people get the SKU codes?
  10. Brickseek? Which app? I have not heard of this. Also $51.98 was too much for a figure with light up packaging with non changeable batteries.
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