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  1. Myself, for the following reasons: 1: In my love for spoilers of this game, meeting my streamer heroes and trying too hard to fit in and impress them by bad jokes, bragging during kills and reason # 2. This only made me look like an ass to them and others. 2: projecting emotional pain from a bad day into a game, amplifying it from the clunky mechanics of the game. This has caused me to lose friends more than anything in this game, including pissing off some of my heroes mentioned earlier. Apologies to those out there I have upset. Other reasons: 1: Clunky mechanics of the game. The biggest frustrating change to the game was Jason's grab. Not being able to do a quick grab on someone is frustrating as hell when a counselor does the old "jog jog sprint! STUN! jog jog jog" combo followed by looping. 2: Hackers/exploiters, enough said. 3: Anything I can't think of at the time of this posting.
  2. Redcat345

    Legendary Perks

    This sounds like the game we should have gotten.
  3. I'm stuck after leaving as Jason due to the beartrap phonebox exploit. Half a day wasted because I cannot get into a regular match and just stuck in an empty lobby as host.
  4. Redcat345

    An Idea...

    Pamela Voorhees from Part 1 and Ghost Jason from Never Hike Alone
  5. I'd rather have a NECA Savini Jason, but it can't be done because Gun does not have merchandise rights. This may apply to Funko figures as well.
  6. Explain in more detail please. I thought Gun and others could not sell or give away merchandise related to the game due to WB owning the merch rights.
  7. Redcat345

    An Idea...

    I like the idea of a new kickstarter to get Uber and Grendel out.
  8. They get too much into leftist politics for my taste and inject them into gaming when it should not be. Will not read stuff by them.
  9. How is this shirt not being shut down for being unauthorized like other F13 game shirts in the past?
  10. It works, try it on the one window cabins.
  11. Redcat345

    My Retirement

    Why are people just leaving and giving up????
  12. This is why I like to save and set a trap at the door before I break it down, because they will rush out without looking first and get caught/injured.
  13. Redcat345

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Happy Friday the 13th!!!!
  14. Redcat345

    Jason blocking

    What exactly is the "quick toss"?