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  1. Redcat345


    I would like to say the same for any counselor who exploits the bullshit feature of jogging just out of reach, stopping to recharge and repeating to avoid being killed by Jason. Shit like that is why im glad theres a stumble, otherwise it would be counslor wins all the time.
  2. This would be better as its own game mode, a hunger games mode where last counselor alive has to survive Jason.
  3. Just make a deal, give us Uber, Lan mode, sandbox, Lazurus, and all clothing/kill packs.
  4. Vote kick system= trolls in private parties kicking people they dont like abuse or if you kill me as Jason= kick! abuse.
  5. This thread = BAD IDEA: TROLLS IN GAME
  6. Redcat345

    Jason Perks

    Snare trap, bow and arrow, speargun, claw hammer perks. Stalk endurance, makes stalk last longer.
  7. What's the deal with delays now? It feels like we threw away $49 to never see what we paid for.
  8. I'd like to see the stalk points from SPCs added into multiplayer inaddition to a longer stalk, also make Jason undetectable when using these with stalk.
  9. This is very true! Gun, fix your game!!!!!
  10. Redcat345

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I dont want Pamela stuff removed from the game. I hope they reach an agreement and that things will stay unchanged character/canon wise.
  11. Redcat345

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Agreed. And uber whether finished or unfinished.
  12. Limited powers: if its me as Jason and there's only one counselor or two, I will limit myself to waiting until stalk or only using running and the lake to get around, no morph or shift.
  13. Match join ban for 60 seconds upon rage quitting.
  14. You must be playing the Earth-35 multiverse version.