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  1. Redcat345

    Best Jason Music?

    2,3,4,5, retro and savini "hell wailing chorus". Wish they would have added some of the actual part 2 music, as it has a unique "freight train rushing sound". The music we have is the Pamela final showdown music from part 1, which makes sense as Jason is taking revenge for her death.
  2. I love to smash out the window in Packanack that people try to glitch in and set a counselor beartrap to increase the chances they die when attempting to glitch.
  3. Redcat345

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Trapping the outside door of the jarvis house basement when i have cornered a counselor in there. They have no choice but to trip it or they run blindly into after stunning me when i have gone in there.
  4. Thank you for keeping this in mind and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!
  5. This times 1000. I'd never thought I'd see the day a thread like this had to be created. But they nerfed Jason's grab back in October 2017, which lead to all this.
  6. Zombie Pamela from part 3 and hallucination Jason from part 5.
  7. Thats my take on it or the curse itself seems to posess those who have died at the lake or have lost a loved one in the vicinity of the lake and gives them supernatural powers to avenge their losses. Tina's father was even brought back by the lake to stop Jason. Last note: Tina showed that psychic phenomena was real, so what Alice may have seen was Jason projecting psychic attacks on Alice's mind as she slept in the boat after he witnessed her kill Pamela. I love Roy, I was wrong for hating part 5 because he got some cool kills, and hes the closest we will get to Pamela in game, due to lawsuit and likeness rights. Hes the only human and non-Voorhees killer in the game. If things change with the lawsuit, they could ask permission from Betsy Palmer's daughter for the likeness like with Fox or just add zombie Pamela from part 3.
  8. I love the spear on part 2, good sub until we can get the wooden spear. It has extended range in attacks.
  9. Redcat345

    Rest in peace Steve Dash!

  10. Redcat345

    Jason is weak

    Make the Jason morph maps as detailed as the spc maps.
  11. Redcat345


  12. Redcat345


    Op killed a thread and wasted board space starting this thread because he cant stand not being able to troll Jason with pocketknives. Let that sink in.
  13. Redcat345

    NECA Releasing Zombie Pamela Figure

    I have! This is cool and wish we could get her in game I hope NECA asks Betsys daughter for permission for likeness rights to an Ultimate Pamela. Also would like to see a figure of Pamela from the 2009 remake.
  14. Also add Pamela before adding any non franchise Jasons: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13126-game-mode-pamela-voorhees-4-vs-1/
  15. Me too. I would love to see the Art Bully version. But they may not have the likeness rights to Betsy Palmer, as NECA toys does not have the rights either.