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  1. TAKE OUT POWER BOXES TO REDUCE STAMINA!!!! Kill and trap the tommy cb radio house power box first and trap the shit of it!!!!
  2. I agree with this whole heartedly. Another tactic is to waste the sweater early on in game to foil their plans.
  3. Me too. I have a feeling they would drop Uber/kill packs and the pajama pack if this happens.
  4. Bring back the original window smash system and fix the window hitboxes. The pickax does not seem to smash certain windows in vertical attacks.
  5. Just give us Uber Jason, his machete X, and his kills and I would be happy.
  6. 1st rule: STALK MORPH SHIFT. This will help you stop cars by keeping counselors from seeing you on the mimimap. Go into stalk, morph ahead of moving car or counselor, shift to stop the car or grab a counselor with sense on. IT IS POSSIBLE TO MORPH STOP A CAR!!!!! I have done this twice and the key is precise timing and morph blob placement ahead of the moving car! 2: take out the Tommy CB radio power box first and trap it. Look for thecred and white tower with the red light at the top. 3: trap the phone, take out all forms of communication first. 4: take out windows. This creates a risk for counselors. You can use throwing knives to take out windows from a distance for scares or to stop a counselor before they reach it. You can also throw knives from outside a broken/open window to take out another across from it to avoid wasting shift. 5: learn long distance knife throwing. Aim the knife reticle higher above the target the further away it is due to the knife dropping in an arc over a distance. Compensate for distance and direction of moving targets. Offline bots is a perfect training mode for this, practice hitting open and closed windows from far as possible. It may be possible to hit counselors from outside of chase music radius.
  7. Nerf the medic perk to make it work on one can only so counselors can't do run jog spray stay out of reach of Jason using 3 cans to make 6 sprays.
  8. I love this update! Finally Jason is no longer a joke!!!! Been playing since beta day 1.
  9. Unlock these kills already! Killer Puzzle just flips a switch!
  10. Critters or Nancy Pelosi, she looks like a horror movie monster.
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