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  1. This is the attitude that is ruining the game. This advocates becoming the very thing your post is complaining about.
  2. I want screen accuracy. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16140-make-roy-green-again/
  3. Because in game you either get dark blue or faded green when it should be spruce green like in the movie. The movie lights made them look blue. Thete was a thread about this a while back.
  4. That sucks, why? Also give us correct spruce green overalls for roy and add roy to virtual cabin
  5. They should add SPC gameplay features to multiplayer, such as stalk points, island map, electrical kill, and precise morphs. Its in the game, so its not new content and would refresh multiplayer.
  6. What about if we start with a free savini and a counselor named darren who weakens jason with every forum post and then the counselors win automatically?
  7. Stop trying to weaken Jason because you want counselors to win all the time.
  8. Im a backer that still plays using Savini. He is cool looking! I do not regret buying him to back the game.
  9. Easy fix: Zombie Pamela from part 3 with Jason's powers. Also Betsy Palmer's likeness rights. But if they could have added her the game would have been mindblowing!
  10. But not fun, they dont run or give any challenge to sharpen my skills on.
  11. Jarvis House bots dont do anything and stay in place on offline mode.
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