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  1. Cannot do context kills in Higgins cemetary, counselor choke floats in air until they break out of Jason's grab. This happens in other spots too. Jason intro in offline bots is still not synched with sound.
  2. A shrunken version of the phone fuse and the standard repair check could be added to avoid the no new content rule.
  3. Wont see it. This is small soldiers meets iRobot with a cosetic version of childs play as the cosmetic coating.
  4. VC 1 and 2 were scary in fp perspective when Jason chased you. This would have made the game more scary. Why didn't they add the SPC mechanics to multiplayer such as the stalk points and precise map morph locations? These would have added a true scary F13 movie experience.
  5. Jog jog jog jog SPRINT! can't catch due to grab, jog jog jog jog jog. The old grab needs to come back. Taunting and name calling. Exploiters and speedhackers.
  6. Pamela Voorhees. Another idea, a giant SOON in red Friday the 13th font that chases you and has Wes's face when it goes in to rage mode.
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