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  1. I was hoping they were going to update this after somehow maybe working out a likeness deal with Betsy Palmer's daughter
  2. Just cut her speed and it will be fine, no more trolling from her.
  3. Just credit suicides as kills to Jason, they died trying to get away from him. This crap would stop fast.
  4. Getting UE-4 Fatal Error! even when launching offline bots or wiating to get in a lobby, anyone else getting this?
  5. Fatal error when playing the game or waiting on lobbies/offline bots mode. Is anyone else getting this too or is it my old computer?
  6. I want the old grab with meat shielding back. Also I want the original window smash back.
  7. Throwing knives do not break the window from the inside next to the door that faces the lake in the Ned's death cabin on both Crystal Lake maps. It's a bulletproof window.
  8. Jason has trouble smashing windows (both open and closed) in combat stance and sometimes throwing knives do not break windows on crystal lake small.
  9. Jason cant get the second throwing knife from his shack on pack small as its stuck.
  10. This. Jason is way too easy to kill. The counselor gang stuns have been replaced by mass demaskings by groups of weaker to mid strength counselors.
  11. The devs had seem to have a counselor bias since the October 2017 patch that nerfed Jason. It is wayyyy to easy to kill Jason. I even trapped my shack with all 7 traps one match and they still managed to kill me.
  12. The devs might have based it off the figures your custom figure spawned, congratulations!😁
  13. Suicides credited as kills to Jason to stop trolls.
  14. That's the "Twitter bird" shirt that's meant to look like the Twitter logo without breaking copyright laws.
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