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  1. It can be because it violates the EULA and is cheating by going faster than a game mechanic intended.
  2. A BROKEN DOOR, not a bat through a door that Jason has not damaged.
  3. I want the sp kills added to MP, especially the electric box kill. That was one of the stretch goals.
  4. May, just change suicide to kill on the scoreboard, it's the easiest solution.
  5. http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Alice_Hardy's_cat
  6. Easy fix, when Jason shows up, Muffin runs off and has to be found and picked up again to restart the parts ferrying mission again.
  7. Same. No easy mode for counselors. Learn to accept a challenge.
  8. Jason did use Alice's cat in part 2 and the cat in part 7 to scare and lull his victims into a false sense of security before striking. Jason can find a cat, pick it up with an e prompt, then release it with an e prompt so the cat will create a jump scare when he is near a window or inside a cabin. Jason does not hurt the cat at all. This will require a small tweak to the fear mechanic, it would cause the counselor to have a large fear reaction like when they find a dead body.
  9. @EspionageCosmoBad idea, defeats the whole purpose. Just credit window suicides as kills to Jason, because they ran from him. Then the suicide trolling stops. Your idea of permanent limping allows them to troll Jason by giving them time to hurt themselves, then rage quit when Jason approaches to do the kill, whereas suicide kill credits kills them instantly before they can troll.
  10. Redcat345

    Turning off the Lights :)

    I like this idea, a simple e prompt to turn off the lights. It wouldn't work if Jason has taken out the power box.
  11. Redcat345

    My wishes for Retro Jason / Breakdown

    Thread soundtrack: