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  1. Original grab, new content inlcuding uber jason, ghost jason from nha that was planned, zombie Pamela from part 3 as a killer, LAN mode, offline data save, new maps, Lazarus mode aka Virtual Cabin 3.0, sandbox mode.
  2. That and they have bias that favors counselors since the beginning.
  3. Youre not supposed to do that, thats just trolling to be annoying in the game. You're supposed to fix stuff and escape, not taunt an undead killer.
  4. A person who is sane and doesn't want to tip off jason that he is fixing an objective.
  5. No, nust no. Counselors are tresspassing on Jason's campgrounds and deserve to die Darren.
  6. I just want the original launch grab back with current animation and meat shielding back. Itll put cocky trolls back in their place.
  7. I want Jason to be able to close and barricade doors like in part 3.
  8. He was previously banned and used to make very outrageous posts under a different name. This seems to be a sock puppet account he is using.
  9. We need Savini Jason released as an exclusive to make up for no Uber Jason being released due to lawsuit. /thread nuke.
  10. This is the attitude that is ruining the game. This advocates becoming the very thing your post is complaining about.
  11. I want screen accuracy. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16140-make-roy-green-again/
  12. Because in game you either get dark blue or faded green when it should be spruce green like in the movie. The movie lights made them look blue. Thete was a thread about this a while back.
  13. That sucks, why? Also give us correct spruce green overalls for roy and add roy to virtual cabin
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