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  1. Kick system is bad because groups of players will create rooms with rules like "no grab kills or "no slashing" and boot people for just playing the game, much like how you would see in COD games with servers that said "grenade launcher=kick!!!" Kick system is a good idea on paper, but a terrible idea in execution due to abuse by trolls who want to force others to play how they want to.
  2. He looks like redneck Jason. Interesting design.
  3. Make all item spawns 100% random and unpredictable.
  4. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    I want the door added for screen accuracy, I've noticed a lot of missing things from the maps that throw off the looks of the game from the movies, like the missing silo and basement on Higgins Haven.
  5. This is exactly why bear traps on vehicles and fuse boxes are exploits, it stop Jason from trapping them because he cannot move counselor bear traps, making it one sided and blocking the game mechanic that Jason uses. It is an exploit of this flaw.
  6. Fixing Future Perk Nerfs

    Fuck no! The grab is fine. A counselor should not be able to insta-heal a knife or any hit from Jason Voorhees!
  7. Debate: Jason Voorhees Isn't A Deadite

    Jason is a revenant. The boy in the lake may have been a psychic attack from Jason's mind to Alice after seeing her kill Pamela, much like in part 8 with the psychic projections to Rennie. Also Pamela may have had a psychic link with her son. Or, Jason was a revenant, just saw his mom being killed by Alice, no psychic stuff, just decided to get revenge. (I lean more towards this theory). There was some sort of supernatural force that brought Jason back, it's not a book of the dead. The lightning and electricity seen in part 6&8 indicate this, along with Tina having telekinesis.
  8. Fixing Future Perk Nerfs

    Nerf medic. Too many damn med sprays.
  9. Because a solid door with no holes should not allow a solid object to clip through.
  10. That's where the objective trapping/ "morph trapping" comes into play, it blocks Jason from trapping and is exploiting because he can't move the trap. Give him an e prompt to kick an unarmed trap out of the way without being able to arm it. Door clipping through a solid, unbroken door is an exploit and needs to be fixed by making it where a bat or other weapon will bounce off until Jason makes a hole in the door itself.
  11. What changes were made? I'm excited for this news and have waited since beta for J7 to be fixed.
  12. What this guy said. Also I like the idea of jumpscare items
  13. Not another "please Nerf Jason in this way" thread. 😖 If you get caught by Jason in the beginning, that's on you and should not be a reason to weaken Jason to appease feelings, it's a damn slasher game. TLDR: "Oh hey guys it's unfair I get killed first , so let's make Jason weaker!"