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  1. Added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prevent players from being able to multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors Personally I feel like this is bullshit for all the Objective-Control Jasons. If you want to use all your traps to prevent one objective from being used you should be allowed to do so...that's how that Jason works. If your a counselor and need to get through all those traps then find some first-aid or pocket knives and deal with it or you know REPAIR THE CAR/BOAT!
  2. Anyone getting groups togeather yet? Mine needs 3 more! DeadManJoe33 Ps4
  3. If your on PS4 and need a Hard Mode for Jason add me DeadManJoe33, I usually get 7/8-8/8 kills.
  4. Honestly I always saw Part 7 as Hard Mode for the Jason player. You have to be really talented to get 8/8 kills. I like the challenge every know and then of using him =)
  5. Will Jason be able to follow footprints in the mud? Will counselors leave muddy/wet prints in cabins?
  6. Can I just be able to have Kenny wear full-length jeans and an open flannel so we can see the undershirt?
  7. The new trailer got me pretty hyped for Part 4 Jason but not as much as having the weather effects added into the game. Anyone who has watched the movies can tell you that as Jason slowly kills off people a storm begins a brewin. So my question is does this include wet textures for the environments and characters? Will there be puddles and mud (leaving footprints?) and will the storm effects also build as Jason kills more people?
  8. Did the issue with Jason getting stunned and then repeatedly getting hit, thereby increasing the stun time get fixed?
  9. "to team kill just so you can play House and dress up with Jason Voorhees and shit on other gamers around you." You're retarded...
  10. I have none of his character traits except for killing someone to save myself.
  11. I never said he was my role-model, I just used the example of hobbling someone else so I could survive.
  12. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT POINTS, I think it's pretty clear you don't understand the way I approach this game.
  13. Yes their are other ways to escape and I will attempt them but AGAIN, if Jason is beelining it for me and there's not enough room I'll take the coward's approach. So what? I'm a coward but at least I'm alive and can continue enjoying my life and seeing my family again. My life is the most important, if it comes between me and a stranger I don't know you better believe it's going to be me. I love playing this game and won't be deleting it anytime soon. Also if Jason isn't around and theirs room for more people I will happily wait for them to join me in escaping before taking off, I only TK when I have to.
  14. "unacceptable reasons"?? I'm trying to escape dismemberment and there's only two seats with 3 people at the fucking dock! How is killing a random stranger so that I can get a seat live to see another day UNACCEPTABLE!?
  15. Don't care about XP, I made it home safe. Yeah maybe one or two strangers I've never met hate me for choosing my life above their own, tough fucking titty. If they do start "revenge" killing then I leave the lobby and start a new game. However if they kill me to survive and escape, I applaud their decision.
  16. Yeah I'm going for the cripple, I don't want to kill them but I do want to survive.
  17. YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO KILL JASON! Your supposed to get the fuck out of dodge! Sure you can be a hero all you want and stand up to an immortal 7ft tall machete wielding maniac who can teleport. Me? I'm getting the FUCK out of Camp Crystal Lake.
  18. Well first I think the biggest difference between me and anyone who is arguing against me is that I actually put myself into the shoes of my survivor, I want to live and see my family again and not be dismembered by a maniac, so bear this in mind. With that mindset I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT POINTS, I am trying to survive a psychotic killer and any game-based logic/rules are out the fucking window.
  19. It is NOT a co-op game. It is a survival game, the devs would not have had TK in the game if they just wanted everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbiyah. I don't kill people who help me I try and help them. I'm saying "worse-case" scenario if Jason is beelining it for me and there's a guy who helped me but I know his stamina/speed will outbeat mine and Jason will pick me off for being slower then I'll pull a Shane from Walking Dead and cripple my ally to live another day.
  20. I don't run around just hitting anyone I can find. If a psychopathic killer is coming towards you with intent of disemboweling your insides with his axe your telling me that you will stand there and allow your only escape to leave when you could have killed someone you've never met so that you can live another day? Fuck that, I'm seeing my family again and getting the fuck out of dodge. No that's psychotic. Survival is when your at the boat with 3 people and Jason's coming for you. My logic is survival, mine.
  21. I am not a jerk I swear. I do try to work with everyone to get an objective completed and when I play Tommy I gladly sacrifice myself to save others and be the last to escape. When I TK its because I see there's one spot left in the car and theirs me and another guy...I don't want to die, If a player won't use a key item and their "hoarding" it, or if Jason is chasing me and I know I don't have enough speed/stamina then I'll attack another survivor so I have a better shot of escaping.
  22. 1. If gas and Battery are in and I have the keys and I'm going to start it for the escape and I get Tk.. Like why? Why would you TK the person trying to start the car. A: Because their aren't enough seats and you want to live. Or you know the person driving is awful at it and will get everyone else killed. 2. If the car is on and you're having a TK session to see who can get in the car that is dumb.. Standard gamesmanship is everyone that installed/found a part should have seat priority.. if there is till open seats due to few people doing that or players dead then a seat is first come first serve.. Not whoever survives a TK session. A: This is a SURVIVAL game, If a psychopathic killer is heading towards you with intent to remove your spleen with an axe, your telling me that because you didn't help fix the car your going to let him?! THAT is dumb. I'm taking your ass out so I can live to see my family again, enjoy being a hero. 3-5: Same as my previous 2 statements. A: Same 7-8. A person blocking something is dumb, but find another way out or a work around.. TK is not the solution.. ever. A: If I have motherfucking Jason Voorhees walking towards me and its between slicing you with my axe to get out or attempting to run around him to hopefully another exit...your ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower. "You want to kill people to get in the car or boat or increase you chances, that's dumb." A: It's survival "If you want to TK because you are the one that did all the work for it and they stole your spot, I get your frustration but TK doesn't solve anything. You kill them, next round they try to kill you and just creates an endless cycle that now the whole lobby has to dodge TK and Jason. It's just not worth it. Yeah it would suck you were stranded after doing the work but at least you survived long enough and gained some XP." A: If it gets to the point of revenge TK, leave the match. If the parameters I suggested are implemented then revenge killing isn't possible. "The game isn't all about the escape as Counselor. It's not even about Kills as Jason (For People who think Jason should be more powerful so he can kill everyone like he does in the movies..blah blah). The game is about having some fun and personally the best way to have fun is to stay alive for at least 5-6 minutes and work toward an objective and to not die by any circumstance of TK." A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXLEr0eQLzQ (Fastforward to 1:07), you were saying?
  23. I had a long debate with a friend of mine about TK in F13 and we came up with a set of rules, what do you guys think? These are a set of rules that should always be active and make it fair to Team Kill if the circumstances are met, If Gas and Battery in Car, Player has Keys = TK ON Player If Car is ON, Player(s) within 5 foot prox of Car = TK ON Player(s) If Gas in Boat, Player has Propeller = TK ON Player If Propeller in Boat, Player has Gas = TK ON Player If Boat is ON, Player(s) within 5 foot prox of Boat = TK ON Player(s) If Player has Fuse = TK ON Player If Player standing within 1 foot prox of Phone Box = TK ON Player If Jason inside current Cabin, Player(s) blocking door or window = TK ON Player(s)
  24. "Ill clarify, its 8 testers total; 4 internal and 4 external. " Clearly you don't have enough or through their "commendable" work they missed all the issues were experiencing now.
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