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  1. Added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prevent players from being able to multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors Personally I feel like this is bullshit for all the Objective-Control Jasons. If you want to use all your traps to prevent one objective from being used you should be allowed to do so...that's how that Jason works. If your a counselor and need to get through all those traps then find some first-aid or pocket knives and deal with it or you know REPAIR THE CAR/BOAT!
  2. Anyone getting groups togeather yet? Mine needs 3 more! DeadManJoe33 Ps4
  3. If your on PS4 and need a Hard Mode for Jason add me DeadManJoe33, I usually get 7/8-8/8 kills.
  4. Honestly I always saw Part 7 as Hard Mode for the Jason player. You have to be really talented to get 8/8 kills. I like the challenge every know and then of using him =)
  5. Will Jason be able to follow footprints in the mud? Will counselors leave muddy/wet prints in cabins?
  6. Can I just be able to have Kenny wear full-length jeans and an open flannel so we can see the undershirt?
  7. The new trailer got me pretty hyped for Part 4 Jason but not as much as having the weather effects added into the game. Anyone who has watched the movies can tell you that as Jason slowly kills off people a storm begins a brewin. So my question is does this include wet textures for the environments and characters? Will there be puddles and mud (leaving footprints?) and will the storm effects also build as Jason kills more people?
  8. Did the issue with Jason getting stunned and then repeatedly getting hit, thereby increasing the stun time get fixed?
  9. "to team kill just so you can play House and dress up with Jason Voorhees and shit on other gamers around you." You're retarded...
  10. I have none of his character traits except for killing someone to save myself.
  11. I never said he was my role-model, I just used the example of hobbling someone else so I could survive.
  12. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT POINTS, I think it's pretty clear you don't understand the way I approach this game.
  13. Yes their are other ways to escape and I will attempt them but AGAIN, if Jason is beelining it for me and there's not enough room I'll take the coward's approach. So what? I'm a coward but at least I'm alive and can continue enjoying my life and seeing my family again. My life is the most important, if it comes between me and a stranger I don't know you better believe it's going to be me. I love playing this game and won't be deleting it anytime soon. Also if Jason isn't around and theirs room for more people I will happily wait for them to join me in escaping before taking off, I only TK when I have to.
  14. "unacceptable reasons"?? I'm trying to escape dismemberment and there's only two seats with 3 people at the fucking dock! How is killing a random stranger so that I can get a seat live to see another day UNACCEPTABLE!?
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