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  1. Playing on the Public Servers has been annoying due to the XP bug. People get killed right off the bat for thinking they can fight Jason, then leave, and nobody gets any XP for the round except for actions during the round. Still, had a lot of fun. Nobody expects to outlive Jason, so we did stupid stuff like hang out in the house with the radio in all talking at the top of our lungs. Some of us run off into the woods and hang out "drinking beer" and seeing if we can knock over gravestones, stuff like that. The game's a lot more fun when you remember: You don't survive a Jason movie, you just get killed in a good way,.
  2. We Douchingtons have a long history of worrying about our own family safety rather than the plight of the poors. As I was telling my butler: Of course I escaped carrying the battery, perhaps the police may need one, and the Douchingtons always consider the welfare of the police and their fellow upper crust members over that of the filthy poor people who attend such a squalid camp. Why, If I hadn't had to do community service for merely improving property values (They called it arson) by removing that homeless person's shelter, I would not have had to been forced into exile to languish at the dirty forest surrounded filthy poverty ridden camp. That I, Chad Douchington the III, should be worried about the plight of others is to laugh. Ah ha. Ah ha. Ah ha. Now if you excuse me, I have a ham with mayo dinner waiting for me.
  3. HIt Tab. Mute him. I like hearing Jason sometimes. Hearing the other counselors when they're actually playing Friday the 13th rather than a survival simulator is funny. Walked into a cabin as Jason, heard the AJ and the girl with the sweater screaming at each other in a cat fight right out of the 80's. Slowly backed out...
  4. But how will Thad, Chad, and Brad Douchington carry on the legacy of the Douchingtons? CHAD AWAY!
  5. Sometimes I'll pick one person to live and hunt everyone but them. I'll chase down my chosen survivor, grab them, drop them. Or just corner them and stare at them. Sometimes I'll just stalk everyone, see if they can get away. At the 15 minute mark I'll try to go on a slaughter-fest.
  6. Yeah, this posted here for some reason. Not sure why.
  7. You could solve Vanessa with one thing. Let Jason throw the axe or machete. Of course, he'd have to go get it. But just have it red. She starts to run... WHAP!
  8. Played Chad Kensiston the THIRD last night quite a bit. There's just something about playing someone you know is a total douche-nozzle for fun. The right lobby, and it's a blast. "I hate searching poor kid's cabins, there's never anything good." or when Jason comes at you: "Do you know who my father is? You'll never work at a summer camp... aaaargh!" When Jason shows up yell, "KILL HER, SHE'S POOR!" and just run away. You know, act like an asshole. That way when you finally get killed the whole lobby cheers. And honestly, of COURSE Jason is overpowered. You've watched the movies right? Unstoppable killing machine versus 7 teenagers? It isn't IF you survive, it's how long you survive, how much fun you have, and how cool you die. And if you get a chance, spitting a good one-liner as he kills you.
  9. Lots of love to the guys I played with tonight. (Rusted Scrap Metal) I leave you with these words from Chad: "KILL THEM, THEY'RE POOR!"
  10. My problem isn't so much Vanessa, is that Jason can't reach over a knee high fence and grab her by the face, or kick that little roadside fence apart. Playing "Run around the fence" gets stupid and seems to be the go-to strategy.
  11. I've got a couple of friends who would like to opt out of playing Jason. We just roll dice and manually assign who is Jason.
  12. A "Kill Cam" would be cool too. At the end of the match, it does instant replays of all the kills.
  13. Except look at the date. 1984. Camps had like basic first aid. Bug bites? Betadine. Big cut? Bandaid/bandage and Betadine. Broken bone: Betadine. Caught on fire? Betadine. And to be honest, I wouldn't trust the 80's camp counselors with much more than a bandaid and Betadine anyway.
  14. The preppy counselor? He need to be "the Third" or "III" on his name. He's totally a "The Third..."
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