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  1. so is this code my physical copy then the physical part comes later? Or is this essentially a free copy of the game, a litttttle lost atm.
  2. Here's my thoughts. Noticed the phone was clipping through her hand in the video at the end. It also still feels like not as much love and care was put into the camp counselors models as there was for Jason. Also why are there no dents are the car? Why did the car start to back up when he clearly just blew out the engine. The fireplace kill clearly has a frame problem as demonstrated in the video. And why is it when Jason "Crushes" body parts they aren't actually crushed?Tommy Jarvis running directly at Jason, who even thought that'd be a good scene to have in the trailer, this isn't Mortal Kombat. Why is it when Jason chops/destroys the power box there's no visible damage? When the characters are setting the bear traps they aren't hooking them into the ground, so how in the world does it STOP Jason from moving. Seems to me zombie Jason would just ignore it and keep walking as it really can't impede his movement when it's not attached to the ground. Also whats with the ridiculous bat destruction animation, the thing flies out of his hands like it was coated in butter, if ANYTHING the top half should fly off and the counselor should then take a moment to visually DROP the hilt of whatever weapon they were using. Even the video itself feels rushed, like something made in movie maker. There are a lot of red flags in the video that have me extremely concerned for the quality of the game. I don't know, just some of the stuff shown in this seem lazy. Now don't get me wrong i AM excited for this game, this is just my opinions drawn from the trailer presented before us.
  3. does this mean if we don't use the code we essentially have another copy? cus id be down to not play day 1 and instead give the code to a friend.
  4. it's always possible to just do a decaying effect where the stuns are significantly shorter when done in succession.
  5. glad to see this ability is getting added in, one of my BIGGEST complaints about the beta was definitely the inability to catch people off guard. It frustrated me that just being near players played the music completely giving you away.
  6. Hey guys, so apparently octobers loot crate is going to includ stuff themed to friday the 13th, awesome right! http://looted.by/ee0f2 that's my referal link IF you want to use it if not https://www.lootcrate.com/subscription-crates/lootcrate
  7. even with the most recent update i continue to experience rendering issues for no apparent reason. Doesn't matter what i do the cabin continues to look like complete garbage on my pc.
  8. there is a MAJOR difference between the two. This started the moment i'd connected my t.v to my computer with a hdmi cord, i set the tv as the standard screen then when it loaded everything looked disgusting, blurry, and not fully rendered. After unhooking my t.v and changing my main monitor back to my regular one the disgusting blur and unrendered looking effect remained. Then on top of that the CONSTANT screen tearing is annoying. I'm failing to understand how you cant see the massive difference between the 2. http://i.imgur.com/k5rOAM3.jpg this is how the new room looks on Epic settings. also if your looking at the 2 videos in the small screen stop make them full screen and watch them.
  9. tried all of that, even with the update there's been no change to how blurry it is, It's the only game doing this. best way of putting it, when the cabin boots up it looks like it just stops rendering halfway through. this is how it looks now.
  10. that's when i filmed it when it was first released, however now with the update where the jason room was added everything is super blurry and pixelated.
  11. i dont know how else to put it. It's just super blurry when i filmed this everything was fine the game looked sharp and nice, i havn't altered any settings yet now it's all pixelated and blurry. i tried a bunch of the fixes posted on steam for issues similar to this but no dice.
  12. for some reason the virtual cabin isn't rendering properly. it was working fine before the update, but now everything's super blurry and low res as well as getting a lot of screen tearing.
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