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  1. We go trough this discussion every day here. If I'm right problem concerns only ps4 players. Dev's are working on it. Private matches works and you can find players here: Here you can get the latest news and info from devs https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame
  2. I understand how players feel. I've been quite lucky with this one but I play lot of games and these problems can't surprise me anymore. It's every time when new release comes out - stuff happens. Same thing with much bigger companies. GTA V online was unplayable almost a month! Battlefield 1, servers kicking out and crashing. Heard a lot about Diablo 3, The Division... list goes on and on. Maybe we should stop buying new games
  3. I was missing dll too. Check that you have Windows updates installed and then try reinstalling or repairing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages (google'd that 2015 packages might be the important ones but who knows) from control panel > programs... Fixed it for me. It sucks and I hope devs can do something to this.
  4. Happened to me too on PC. Two or more animations pushing on at the same time causes weird things to happen. Player playing as Jason and hitting interaction key while you're getting inside one of the hiding places can get you stuck and impossible to kill
  5. Can't find it either. I mean from Microsoft but it's on my computer and I don't know where it came from Maybe it's best you refund for now. It needs to be done within two weeks from purchase and I don't know is there any patches coming that soon for pc.
  6. Yes, soon according what devs have said in Twitter. Patch needs to go trough platform testing and other Sony stuff or something like that.
  7. Ps4 matchmaking is broken. Find people for private matches or wait for the patch. It's coming soon.
  8. What can you even gain using glitch to stay alive whole round? I don't think it's worth anythin and it isn't even fun. Those players are really afraid I guess
  9. Looks like everyone has Windows 10. Anyway I understood that devs are aware about this.
  10. Re-download didn't help. Though there was nothing new in Windows update I saw new stuff in installed programs from yesterday. Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable. Clicked remove and then repair. Game is working now. Found a lot of discussion that these error 10018 problems are somehow (not an expert) related to those Visual C++ stuff. Try re-install or repair those you can find.
  11. Suddenly I'm having something similar too except error says I'm missing a dll file. Then it gives me same error code 10018. Game has worked 16 hours for me since they fixed the servers. Now this :/ Uninstalled game, deleted files and folders I could find from Steam folder and user folder. Booted pc and now downloading and let's see if nothing changes. Game worked yesterday and nothing has changed. No Windows updates etc. Only thing I did was I installed FileZilla. If it's somehow causing this that would be wild
  12. Cool! I've never got any problems with this game and I've been trying to help out others. But now suddenly my game just broke. Doesn't work. MSVCP140.dll is missing, 1 file failed to validate. Oh well... I'll keep trying.
  13. Ok. I've seen others have had this problem too but with other games. I found a suggestion "Please try downloading the game again, and if you reach the error message again, try pausing the download after you receive the error message. (You will press X on the error screen, and your download will try to resume. Quickly press X again to pause the download) Then try waiting 10-15 minutes with the download paused, and then resume the download, and see if you are able to complete the download successfully." If it doesn't help, try setting your internet connection manually from settings and set DNS to and
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