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  1. From what I have played so far, it seems most of the AI counselors spawn with pocket knives now.
  2. Hopefully this gets fixed soon so i dont have to keep switching my slot one.
  3. Ive talked to a few friends about this. I was going with the idea that if two councilors have sex in a match, it royally fucks up jasons sense. As in he can only pick them up and has to deal with them before he can get his sense working properly again.
  4. ive had that problem too. I think it was because someone set up a bear trap near the car.
  5. If this has been reported already in another section, I apologize. Anyways it looks like if someone leaves mid game, they have a chance of spawning as Tommy Jarvis still. With that being said, the game cannot end unless Jason finds the Jarvis at his spawn point(which is difficult considering he wont move and show up on sense).
  6. I hope there will be multiple ways to kill him at least.
  7. I wont lie that im a little irked about the streaming early. But what kills me is that they will not only get further progression (saw someone level 19 already) but they also posted how to kill Jason.
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