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  1. Okay thank you for clarifying! Right now my Savaini Jason can Sprint as oppose to breaking doors fast XD haha Again. thank you for being active on the forums! It really makes this whole process easy :-) ~T
  2. With all of this said, For those who backed the game who got it on one platform.... (For instance I got it on xbox one) Is there anyway for those people to get the DLC (even if they have to pay again) on a different console (like PC) so that they can have the content on both platforms? Or would that be handled case-by-case? Also side-note: I noticed that the Savini Jason stats on my account (which is on Xbox One) were different than the stats seen when watching streamers play.... was that intentional, like did you make stats different based on the platform it was played on? Or was this a glitch in the matrix? Thank you for your time spent in these forums!
  3. Database login failure?

    That's what I thought was the issue
  4. Database login failure?

    Same. It tells me to verify internet connectivity but I have no packet loss when I check connectivity. I've unplugged/repllugged Ethernet cord, restarted game, and restarted system. My guess is the servers are taking more than they expected to handle.