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  1. AmberPlaysGames

    Allison Road

    I heard this a few months before it popped up on Kickstarter, I was pretty sad about the fact that they removed their game from KS but they did manage to get backing from another company so that's all well and good. I really think it has potential to take over from where Silent Hills has left, albeit it wont be a Silent Hill game (sad times). I hope the developers can do everything they want to with it an create an amazingly freaky atmosphere.
  2. AmberPlaysGames

    Good Black Friday Scores?

    Here he is, here's Bruce. Excuse his positioning, I'm redecorating.
  3. AmberPlaysGames

    Good Black Friday Scores?

    I got Until Dawn for £18 but I'm saving that until Christmas, so I can treat myself to a snow filled night playing it! Also picked up a new streaming microphone for £89.99, a Rode one. A pair of Beyerdynamic headphones for £79.99. Finally, the craziest purchase of all, a 31" 1952 DC style Batman figure. Yup.
  4. AmberPlaysGames

    It's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

    I'm redecorating my game room at the moment, it's not going to be as amazingly horror filled at yours OP but it will be christmassy and such! Will make sure I come back to this thread when it's 100% done!
  5. AmberPlaysGames

    Awaiting Jason

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  6. AmberPlaysGames

    Creepy stuff that is REAL

    The first video about the Suicide Forest wasn't creepy, more heartbreaking. The second video about the Doll Island was very creepy, I don't like dolls to begin with, I'm more of a cuddly teddy bear kind of person. That would actually be my worst nightmare realised, or at least ONE of my worst nightmares.
  7. I'm always up for something like this be implemented in a game, even though I myself am not colour-blind.
  8. AmberPlaysGames

    achievement ideas

    I came up with a good one on Twitter, that's if the head crushing kill move was implemented. Crush(ed) - Kill a female counsellor by crushing her head. Crush... female... get it? Ha. I will leave now.
  9. AmberPlaysGames

    The topic... of my introduction

    Hello Rodzac and welcome to the forum!
  10. AmberPlaysGames

    I'd be the 1st to die in a horror movie!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I love dogs, own a West Highland Terrier myself. She will be 10 years old this coming Sunday, they grow up so quickly!
  11. AmberPlaysGames

    Good afternoon, campers.

    Hello Hex and welcome to the forum!
  12. AmberPlaysGames

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! That looks amazing, wow!
  13. AmberPlaysGames

    Ts sh sh...... hah hah hah......

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  14. AmberPlaysGames

    Until Dawn

    I ordered this today, just over £18 on sale which I didn't think was too bad. Wont have the game room redecorated until close to Christmas so I will most likely be playing this over my Christmas break. I hope it snows, then I will feel one with the game!
  15. AmberPlaysGames

    Zombie Army Trilogy

    I've played Zombie Army 1 & 2 on PC and I loved it, it was a nice twist on the zombie genre. Especially when you've run out of pistol and MP40 ammo and all you have left it a few trip wires and your sniper rifle - zombies at that point have never been so terrifying. Ramping up the zombie count as far as it goes and only have either yourself or a second player makes for an entertaining and curse word filled few hours.