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  1. But the devs implemented a -1000 xp deterrent for doing that! Are you telling me that isn’t enough?!?!?! If you team kill more than 1 person in a match it should be an instant 24 hour ban. Do it multiple times in a month and a perma ban. Ive been in games where I have to table loop Jason because I can’t run outside because his friend is in a car waiting to run me down. But keep ignoring these issues, I’m sure it is going to turn out great for the game.
  2. Complain all you want. The devs don’t do anything about it even when you offer video proof. Why do you think the game is dying so rapidly?
  3. I still play but I am starting to see more cheaters again lately (Jason and counselors teaming up). Ran into 3 players cheating last night and it completely took me out of the game for the rest of the evening. Thankfully I record all my gameplay and have posted it for the devs to hopefully see so they can ban these losers.
  4. These 3 kids need to be banned ASAP. Completely ruined this game, and I am sure it is all they do when they play. Starting at about 2:18:44 You can clearly see these 3 players (1 of them being Jason) are all playing together. https://youtu.be/ARuurQ0Rn4c?t=2h18m44s http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974263459 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168636842 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198193059857
  5. I only ever quit as a counselor before being killed if the Jason player was using the blocking exploit to block my traps and stuns. Shit players like that don't deserve points.
  6. Did I miss in the hot fix list where they are going to fix the garbage Frame Rate since the patch? 20FPS is no way to play this game when I was playing at a steady 40-50.
  7. Mine was 40+ stable before the patch on Steam (I have my game on low settings and my PC is plenty beefy), now it is constantly in the low 20s no matter what I do. It's beyond awful.
  8. Possibly. I didn't try to enter the tent but maybe just being in the tent area is part of the glitch equation. I haven't been to recreate it though. Definitely a fun glitch.
  9. So I recorded this gem of a glitch a few nights ago. I was being grabbed while really injured and my character glitched into limbo. While I wasn't shown on the map anymore and technically not shown as dead on the player screen, no one could see me anymore and my body was on display for them, not me. Also the living could still hear me. Have to admit it was pretty funny also in this clip were a Jason and counselor working together. Hope they get banned
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