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  1. @mattshotcha It appears impossible after Rage Mode activates. After using the sweater, I haven't seen any weapon bring Jason to his knees and it's a bit much having people on the clock to try kill Jason as a first priority, rather than attempting to escape, which I assumed was the point in buffing rage. I've also noticed an interactive lock occur after catching a Counselor at the window, in some instances. Other than that, I've enjoyed the challenge as a Counsellor and having the freedom as Jason to prey on Counselors more, before killing them. It's made for a more genuine experience.
  2. Also, as I've posted in the past, increasing Jason's pros/cons to four each, so they can feel more unique to each other, more balanced and movie accurate, killing three birds with one stone. Just the way I like it.
  3. I think that percentage of rolling better perks as you progress is definitely key, but obviously, if you're a low level, the feeling of getting an epic, or legendary perk would be great. Remembering that players can stack perks, you don't want to give them too many pros and I have tossed some perks that have con percentages for its level "too" close to the pros percentage level in favour of rolling ones with 0-5% negative effects, but 30-40% in the positive. Adding the legendary pros/cons to every level sounds like a good idea. It gives each level of perk that extra uniqueness, as some perks feel closely related, with minor differences. I think rebalancing the perks might be in order, though, as some feel like they don't add much, where others are overpowered, especially when stacked. This doesn't come with some caveats, though. Each Jason also needs to be balanced each time Counselors are rebalanced. Thinking back on the Beta, Counselor movements were very different and there were things like weaker Counselors having their stamina chewed up by carrying goal items. I understand that Counselors needed a better chance against Jason, but it felt like everything that was holding Counselors back was removed. The flare gun was weaponised, fireworks were weaponised (these are fine). Changing one or two things was okay, but it all added up to not a lot of tension. Putting some things back in, now that more people are working as teams, it means Counselors are going to step in and take a swing at Jason, when another Counselor is grabbed. It means, if you are all alone, a Lone Wolf perk and a pocket knife is going to mean something, or if you don't have one and you're AJ carrying a fuel can and Jason spawns near you, you have reason to fear, because your stamina is gone. One of the things that I liked about this game, was that each match against strangers was different. Sure there were (are still) trolls, but some people played as small teams of 2-3, whole teams of 7, or selfishly, but even then sometimes beneficially. In some movies, you die right at the start, alone and scared. Some movies, you get caught up in the middle and die. Some you make it to the end, but Jason makes one last effort and nabs you. Some... You make it out alive. I think adding in some of the elements that made people selfish sometimes added tension. If people think they're going to die helping you, the decision to save someone isn't as easy as it is now. Only the brave should be taking on Jason and maybe toss some (once per match) XP at someone for breaking Jason's grip on a Counselor. Basically, reward people to work towards escaping alive, even if it means ditching a friend (as opposed to just beating on Jason and dancing on him for 20 minutes). If they want to save them at the risk of their own death, that's on them, not you. Some of the funniest, high tension moments I used to remember were accompanied by the phrase, "Nah, I'm getting in the car and getting outta here. Bye, bitch. Good luck with Jason!" Sometimes, sacrificing strangers and friends is a strategy.
  4. That would be the last one in the pic, then, which was previously the first in the pic. The medical machete was only ever wielded by pre-Uber, until he got the other back.
  5. You mean the regular machete, but upgraded with Uber Jason, or the machete that he carries through 70% of the movie? There's 3 machetes. The one he has at the start. The surgical one, until he gets his original back and that machete, now upgraded.
  6. There's a lot of "good" Jason players out there, that I've seen struggle. But there's good and then there's using just running Jasons, or Jasons with high shift and/or traps and darts coupled with head punches and choke kills. You know, cheap Jason players. They get the job done, I guess.
  7. There are a lot of regular, active users and that could be perceived as cliquey, but I've had people join a month ago and within the month, they've always made a good impression and they earned mod status, another earning mod and then admin status, as the Discord was gaining numbers and we needed more mods, while other mods that have been around for ages may not have moved up so quickly. Even in a general sense, there's members that are quickly well-received within the Discord. There's a lot of different timezones and sleep patterns, so there's really no need to limit yourself to the same handful of people, especially when there's a lot of awesome people to talk with and some make top-tier Friday the 13th memes. I can't get enough of that. Ass-kissing doesn't get you very far, either, it's just about being active and friendly with everyone else and recognising bad behaviour and bringing it to light, without being toxic yourself. There's been examples of ass-kissing from some members and while they've been active for months, they get argumentative with people and are closer to getting muted or banned, than modded, so, it's hard to really pin-point where it's "too" cliquey, but when you've got a Discord server filled with inactive users that don't necessarily talk about the game, or the movies, or anything for that matter and only show up when someone from Gun, or IllFonic show up, you're gonna see a lot of the same names. I haven't seen people say bad things about the Discord in the sense of being cliquey, so I don't know whether I'm on the same page. I just try to remind members, mods and admin to all be as inclusive as they can, try not to have conversations that could alienate people and try not be dismissive of other people, unless someone is just complaining too much about a release date, or something equally asinine, or topics that just devolve into toxic arguments. Sometimes I've seen people say that they feel ignored, but the chat does move fast, sometimes and people are already going full-speed on a particular topic, but I try to catch it and try to get a conversation going with them. It's become harder, now that some rooms that I've implemented have been removed. The complaints may even be that they are just salty for some other reason. I've only ever seen the odd posts on the Steam forums from bad eggs that got themselves banned from Discord 10 minutes prior. Some of them were new and didn't read the rules and/or just kept rubbing everyone the wrong way, so of course they're gonna see a lot of active users get mad at the same time and that's not necessarily cliquey. They just said the wrong thing at the wrong time and it's usually not the first time they've said it, or something else either. Some people cross the line sooner than others and there are people right now that have been walking a thin line for weeks, or months and eventually everyone's going to get tired of it. There was someone the other day that joined and wanted to ignite a console war out of boredom. He was banned by another mod, rather than muted, so I unbanned him. He re-joined and I put him on mute, and DM'd him so I could explain that, that behaviour is not tolerated and that he should read the rules (where you are sent, when you first join). He apologised and re-joined. 24 hours later, he started using homophobic slurs over and over and got banned for good. So, I have been making an effort for people to have second chances, but some overstay their welcome. There's even been instances where long term mods have been de-modded and even banned. Same for long-term active members. I'm the kind of person that'll say "That's a shame. I really of liked you, too." and then click ban, if someone really crosses the line (or give the okay to a mod that's brought them to my attention, or review a ban, if I wasn't there at the time), because I put the integrity of the server before everything else. If someone has an issue with cliquey-ness on the server, they are more than welcome to DM me (because I don't get those kinds of DMs) and let me know, because I will happily look into it. Since the mod meeting, there has been a new system that we're trialling, that hopefully better handles people better, before they get out of hand, so they can be given a proper second chance and so far, so good. Out of the 1000s that have joined since around the BETA, only about 50 have been banned and about 10 of them have been the one person rejoining with a new account to try spam the chats with inappropriate images and links. (which are thwarted by the fact that we use a levelling system to unlock the ability to post images and links, as you have to prove you are there to participate in conversations) <--- Way to bring it back to the thread topic. Level-to-Unlock, ftw!
  8. I just want to chime in as well, as someone that supervises the Discord. I wasn't witness to someone shutting down that conversation. If it was a matter of talking in absolutes, like "Devs don't know what they're doing. I know better" attitude, I would understand, but I'm all for discussing the game and that leads me to another thing Inclusiveness: I've been aware of some of the cliquey-ness in all corners of the Discord and it's something I discourage on the whole and expressed very passionately a few months ago (but it seems like there needs to be a reminder), because I've always been of the mind that people should be able to look at the chat and see that it's fine to just jump straight in and join in on the discussions without feeling pushed out by others for one reason, or another. That being said, if you are the one that's pushing others out with insults, things mentioned in the rules, or using language that shuts them out of being a part of the conversation, that could get you shut out. There is going to be a mod-meeting soon today to discuss again, some of the things that have been troubling me.
  9. I do like this idea, but obviously the weapon would then be broken an useless and it would absolutely get Jason's attention. Or maybe ONLY the stick/tree branch weapon can be used.
  10. I love all of these ideas; from the pocketknife, to the luck affecting getting trapped, disarming the trap and not losing the knife; if luck should have it, to luck determining Jason being alerted. This whole post makes me happy in the... machete.
  11. Maybe counselors could go through the minigame to disarm it and if they fail one, their arm gets trapped in it :'D
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