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  1. TL;DR - I think the game would be more fun if the counselors had more variables to deal with. 1. Not all doors can be barricaded or locked 2. The environment becomes scary if Jason can hide (eg, armoire w/ warning music fade away) and then burst out for massive fear and possible kill 3. Jason can jam a door or window shut/open with a throwing knife 4. Jason can break lights 5. Jason can destroy hiding places if he wants to waste that time 6. Jason can destroy the battery if he finds it first 7. Kiting mitigated by generating more fear, more chance of stumble the longer someone is close to Jason 8. Unless broken, windows are safe exits so add random thorn bushes for damage on the outside 9. If Jason disconnects, do a Final Friday Jason Goes to Hell possession so a random counselor disappears and spawns as Jason 10. Jason can sometimes do a "reverse barricade" by moving obstacles in front of a door on the outside 11 The more light that falls on a body, the more fear it generates 12. Jason can pin up a body to a door for extra fear and to make the door unusable 13. Jason should be able to break windows more quickly 14. Jason can puncture tires to reduce car speed / control 15. Jason can bludgeon kill a counselor with one he's grabbed because there's no fear for a counselor to attempt an intervention 16. Shift / grab / kill is not fun for counselors Numbered for efficient yes/no feedback.
  2. It was a Backerkit buy in, if I recall. That ship has sailed.
  3. Haven't kept up with announcements but I was a backer ($129) and chose a Steam code and PS4 physical copy. Are they sending some sort of PS4 download code since the physical copy isn't going to be available at launch? If so, it's not yet in my backerkit and I'm trying to figure out if I just need to be patient.
  4. New logic: if Jason's last movement > 2 seconds, reset Jason's health to max Or give them an "achievement" of Fish in a Barrel if it's more than two seconds?
  5. I understand the logic. It just hurts to hear streamers constantly refer to Jason as "the killer" as if this is Dead by Daylight.
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