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  1. As Jason, if I find you I will kill you. Stay true to his name. We must make Mother happy and be a good boy.
  2. There are children literally starving to death. You backed a game, they are giving you what you agreed to. Let us gain some perspective.
  3. I only play as him and I absolutely wreak havoc. His shift is fast enough and long enough for me to stop cars and with a couple hits buggsy/vanessa are not so fast anymore.
  4. Game worked fine for me on PC. Considering EA and Ubisoft have issues whenever they launch a game......maybe yall should cut Gun Media some slack.
  5. When rage activates there should be an action prompt on doors and walls for you to break them.
  6. I'm 31 and a serious gamer and hardcore Jason fan. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041389742/ The Clint
  7. PC is down as well. At least it means people are buying it.
  8. The Clint is my steam name. I have a headset and mic. I don't quit matches.
  9. Thank you Wes and the whole team at Gun Media for giving us this amazing game that we will all be able to enjoy in mere hours. I find it sad you had to apologize or explain anything to these people who have a general lack of appreciation and a ridiculous sense of entitlement. You can't make them all happy, but you sure can make them all die. See you at Camp Blood.
  10. Jason can't put a trap at every possible exit strategy, I think it is more than fair.
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