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  1. Finally got the material. I enjoy the art book and sound track, I wish it had some of the unreleased material - it also seems short and rushed.(I noticed some typographical errors). Either way its a cool addition to the game. I only wish there was more coming down the pipe.
  2. It would be nice for an official response. It's been two weeks+ since I received the last email. They should just release the digital content(to all who ordered the physical) and then the physical arrives when it does. No more delays, and everyone is happy.
  3. Finally a response: " Art Books and Soundtrack are Printed and On the Way to Ship! Art books and CDs have finally finished printing and will be out the door and on the way to you, our backers, here in the coming days. While an earlier timeline had hoped these would be finished about a month ago, a couple delays in printing and final approvals on the art book to ensure the correct printing was done helped to turn these backer rewards out right! The books and CD cases are currently with our shipping partners over at Limited Run Games and will be shipped out as soon as possible, though do keep in mind the holiday season is in full swing. You should be receiving your items over the course of the next few week as LRG packages and ships to each of our backers around the world. We'll begin to send out digital versions of these rewards the moment we get word that physical items are being shipped out to allow all backers to enjoy and experience the art and sound of Friday the 13th: The Game near the same time. This has been a long and arduous campaign, but our team is happy to announce that these items going out represent the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort from everyone at Gun Media, and our development partners at the various studios we worked with to make these rewards a reality. We hope you enjoy these collector's items to help supplement your backer collections with Friday the 13th: The Game! Sincerely, Gun Media
  4. Well, we've only been waiting over a year! Maybe it'll come out to soon .. ...
  5. There is NO reason they can't release the digital versions* as a stop-gap to the backers. I'm disappointed, this was my first foray into kickstart/backerkit and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I doubt i'll ever back anything again. At least we got a game out of it. *unless there is some unforseen legal reason
  6. @ShiftySamurai is there anyway to deliver digital copies until the physical copies arrive? It would be a good stop-gap, similar to the physical game when it was released.
  7. @ShiftySamurai, FYI still spawning in as random characters... also, now getting more interaction locks.
  8. Random Counselor + spectator glitch. Makes the game hard to enjoy when you load in as a random counselor and then get stuck in spectator mode.
  9. I was in and out too quick to really get a good look at anything. I suspect it was some kind of painted foam/light material just how he handled it in the pics.
  10. I was at the panel. It was pretty uneventful. I can't remember too many details other than it was mostly about the creation of the game, and experiences. The 2nd to last question was about some of the bugs in development, and the last question was mine about the possibility of seeing new content. Wish I had a better response(or even better a video to share). Yeah, it took him about 45mins+ to get into costume. He couldn't move, see, and barely talk. Ronnie had to come up and adjust his costume before my picture. I spoke to Kane afterwards and he could barely remember/see anything from the photo-ops. The mask made his head look a bit funny, i think it was the lighting, but the whole atmosphere was fun, and still a pretty cool and unique pic. How often do you get a chance to see Kane Hodder dressed as Savini Jason, AND get a picture. I wish i had gone on Sunday, but real life prevented me from seeing retro jason.
  11. @Dogmatic FYI they finally uploaded the Kane Hodder photo ops to the mad monster facebook page. Apparently he dressed up as Sack Head on Friday - photo ops are expensive... wish I could have gotten all 3. *edit* Forgot the link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mad-Monster-156479414375098/photos/
  12. Thanks, sadly I did not take any video. The panel itself was uneventful, it was surprisingly cordial, given the state of reddit/forums. There wasn't anything shocking or new from the panel. The only response I got was to my question about sharing unreleased content and it was a "maybe" type of response.
  13. Didn't get a good long look at it unfortunately, we were in and out in 30-45seconds.
  14. As promised, here is the picture* of Savini Jason(and myself). https://imgur.com/a/ktpF31h It looked really cool in real life, poor Kane could barely see or move in the costume. In the photo op area they recreated Jason's shack - complete with a canoe outside, with tons of props inside and laying around - Not green screen. Even had the game lobby music playing in the background. *Sorry for potato quality - it's a picture of the glossy picture they provide.
  15. The photo op with Savini is today! Can't wait. I wouldn't expect anyone to be dressed up - it's like 110 outside... The poor F13 cosplay girls were complaining about the heat. It's a dry heat!
  16. For the record, I suck at photos and was pretty burned out after a 2 hr drive + 10 hour day of work and I'm too lazy to edit myself out. Feel free to ignore my ugly mug. I had a lot of fun though! https://imgur.com/a/y3UJ7je I didn't count, but it the room was maybe 60-70% full, ~100ish ppl. There was Thom Matthews, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, Larry Zerner. For the record, Vasquez(Jeanette Goldstein) is the best.
  17. Well, I was lucky to get a question and asked about unreleased content and got a rather vague response (either that or it was the beer I had:P). I will post some pics shortly once I censor myself out.
  18. I will share any concrete information that I learn. I want to avoid anything that is speculative or conjecture - there's been enough drama and vitriol lately. My goals this weekend are: 1)Have fun/Enjoy the 13th 2)Savini Picture with Kane 3)Learn more about Art Book/Soundtrack 4)Enjoy the F13 Game panel, hopefully it'll be enlightening, I really want to see cut game content and other things that may never see the light of day. They spent a lot of work on the game for it to disappear into the ether.
  19. I plan on doing the Savini one. I rarely attend conventions and figure this would be one of very few(if any) chances to get a picture of Kane as Savini. I've always loved Friday the 13th, and can justify this as an early Birthday gift for myself. For me, I think it'll be a bit of closure, plus I would like to know more about the Art Book and Soundtrack.
  20. I still find the enjoy game fun, the bugs from the latest patches are rough - but when it works(which is most of the time for me) I enjoy it. Play on PC mostly QP, matches are taking longer to find, but still able to get a full lobby within ~5 minutes.
  21. Yes! I'm really psyched to see Savini Jason in real life. Although, I think part 7 will always be my favourite. @The Doctor People get to keep the props?
  22. I doubt they would be able to speak about most things that people want to know about(i.e. lawsuit matters). It is generally a bad idea to discuss ongoing litigation. It would be nice to know the agenda ahead of time, but I am personally interested in what plans they had for the game, cut content, etc. Also info sneak peaks at art book and/or soundtrack. *I forgot to add: I also want to meet Kane Hodder.
  23. Just curious is anyone else planning on attending the panel? I was originally going to skip on it, but this panel plus the list of attendees pushed me over the edge.
  24. Multiple sources have confirmed that they are still planning to deliver them. I hope it includes some of the unreleased DLC/content, it's a shame most of it will never see the light of day.
  25. If there is no more content... is there no more art book/sound track?
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